Chapter 18: Isolda Evergarden IV (part 2)

However, if there was one sticking point about this, it was that she was still a young girl.

Therefore, when dealing with an adult, especially an adult male, she instinctively couldn’t help but feel depressed, and she lacked the courage to overcome that pressure.

The other party knew that, so he was intentionally shouting at her.

It was something Isolda didn’t like.

However, it was also a situation where she would get no benefit from helping her.

She would have nothing to do with this girl once they part ways. 

There was no reason to help a tool that had no special value.

However… even so, Isolda found the current situation very irritating.

‘I am feeling… bad…’

It was quite strange. The one who was in trouble was this girl, not her.

However… for some reason, Isolda was feeling as if Yuria’s situation was her own and she was feeling hesitant to just ignore it.

‘Why do I feel like this… this… it doesn’t make any sense at all…’

While thinking about that, Isolda slowly began to move her body.

It was a completely incomprehensible behavior. A behavior that went against her own principles, which was built upon resolutely discarding useless tools.

However, rather than stopping herself, Isolda chose to find an excuse suitable for herself.

‘Haa… well… but I owe her my life.

There was no contract, no IOU. It was clear that the other party wouldn’t even want anything in return.

Nevertheless, Isolda acknowledged that as a debt.

After convincing herself while trying to ignore the completely illogical parts.

Isolda slowly approached and stood next to Yuria.

“You don’t need to say any more. Sell them elsewhere.”

“What? Who is this lady? What are you to this kid?”

“I am the companion of this child. I wanted to just keep watching, but you are going too far, so I had to intervene.”


The man began to feel a different level of pressure at the appearance of an adult woman than when he was dealing with a young girl. This woman seemed quite formidable even at first glance!

Seeing that the opponent’s momentum had weakened, Isolda said to Yuria, who was looking at her with a slightly surprised expression.

“Come on, let’s leave. There’s a suitable vendor I know around here, so we’ll sell it there from now on. At least we will make more profit there than here. Don’t ever come here again.”

“Ah… yes… I got it Miss Isera.”

With those words, Isolda and Yuria prepared to leave the trading house without hesitation.

At that moment..

“Now… wait a minute, wait a minute. Okay. Got it. I… I think I made a mistake, so don’t go and come back!”

Hearing the buyer’s urgent voice, the two of them stopped their steps, and slowly turned around again.

‘Got you!’

Isolda remained calm, but in fact, this was the reaction she wanted.

On the outside, she pretended to be relaxed and showed a coercive attitude, and that put the other party in a disadvantageous situation.

In the current situation, where the supply of iron ore was extremely short, it would be a loss even if he let go of  even one lump of iron ore.

The man had tried to proceed with the transaction with a high-handed attitude, and Isolda was able to see through his weak facade.

‘Now then… from now on, I’ll make you pay the price for your stupidity.’

As she succeeded in eliciting the expected reaction, a slightly dark smile began to bloom on Isolda’s lips, but she soon erased it and asked in a cold voice.

“So, how much can you give me?”

“2… I’ll can go until 2200. Will that be enough?”

“2200… you sure are a greedy person. Do you think the world is overflowing with iron ore these days? How could you treat a merchant who consistently brings you the ore that way? If you continue like that… it won’t be long before the contact will be cut off in the future.”

“2… 2300.. that’s what the girl asked for…”

“You’re acting so petty against a kid. How many times have you cheated her so far? I’m a merchant who can sell my conscience, but at least I don’t openly do that.”

Of course, she had done even more dirty things without blinking an eye in the dark, however, she was a villainess in the first place, so this level of evil was beneath her.

“If it’s 2… 2500… would it be okay?”

“Heh… you…”

The moment she talked to that point, Isolda’s face turned cold.

As she brought the situation to this point, her true color as a villainess began to show for the first time in a while, and she stabbed the opponent with one word after another like a sharp dagger.

“You know you can easily go up to 3700, right? Especially in a situation where a war is about to break out, you should be able to make a profit even if you buy at that price!”


The man wasn’t able to say anything in return at the words of Isolda, who knew the situation of the market.

In a situation where the opponent was aware of the overall profit margin, he couldn’t even come up with anything to contradict her.

And… watching him become completely defenseless, Isolda gave him a finishing blow with a voice dripping with cold air.

“We’ll sell it for 3000. If you can’t buy it at this price, it’s clear that you’ll just have to suck your fingers, because the stock is running low today. It’d be much better for you to buy it.”

“Ugh… uhm… I can’t… well … I’ll do that. So, about the future delivery…”

“Of course, if you keep the price the same, we will continue to sell it here. Isn’t that right, Yuria?”

“Ah…yes… of course… I will definitely do that.”


After executing a the man without any mercy, Isolda got on the carriage again.

She hadn’t felt such a refreshing feeling for a long time, and a unique cold smile began to appear her mouth.

On the other hand, Yuria’s eyes began to shine as she looked at the woman who had controlled the situation with just a few words.

‘Miss Isera… you’re so cool!’

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  1. I was disappointed with this novel, because translator said there will be character development but there wasn’t any up till now. Only chatacters completely changing their characters after some events. But now there was some character development. So maybe this novel will deliver? Maybe not?

    But Isolda found joy in teaching, nice.

    Funny because MC bodyguard/lover now won’t be the strongest because she doesn’t have enviroment or reasons to polish her strenght. She doesn’t feel the pressure she felt before. She isn’t under critical situations as before.

    Thanks for chapter

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