Chapter 18: Riot

As soon as the sword was unleashed, a marvelous sensation followed. Yu Ci felt as if he had returned to the moment he had slain Taoist Yan with his flying sword, but this time, the circumstances were different.

Last time, he had used his self-condensed Seven Yang Talisman Sword. It was more of a flying talisman than a flying sword. He had only managed to break through the barrier of the Bright Aperture in time, able to summon spiritual response with his divine sense, which resulted in that incredible effect.

This time, however, the sword he wielded had no talismanic method attached to it. It was purely filled with the essence and killing intent of his form, naturally integrated with the sword, much like Taoist Yan’s peculiar sword-controlling technique. Yet, his sequence of chasing the enemy, locking on, swinging the sword, and killing flowed smoothly, almost without any deliberate exertion. It exhibited a state of unity between his hands, eyes, mind, and courage, making the sword strike immensely satisfying.

While he was savoring this rare feeling, Ye Tu’s excited cheers erupted from below. Ye Tu was jumping up and down like a madman, waving at him. Yu Ci waved back and slid down the cliff, quickly returning to the slope.

“Uncle Yu, awesome, awesome!”

Ye Tu jumped and repeatedly praised. First, he had seen Lu Quan’s corpse fall from the sky, and then he had witnessed “the world’s most notorious villain” have half his head sliced off by Yu Ci’s sword. After the initial discomfort from the bloodshed, what followed was deep admiration.

In Ye Tu’s eyes, the standards of an ordinary person did not apply. However, in any situation, comparisons matter. He clearly couldn’t compete with the Poisonous Snake Monk, but Yu Ci not only swiftly killed the monk, but also eliminated two companions equally strong as the monk. More importantly, Yu Ci achieved all this despite being at a significant disadvantage in cultivation, winning in such a spectacular manner that Ye Tu couldn’t help but admire him.

“Amazing!” The young man was as excited as if he had killed the enemy himself. “Three initial-stage ascendants, no, the last one was almost mid-stage, and you slaughtered them like chickens, Brother Yu, you’re incredible!”

He mimicked Yu Ci’s sword-swinging posture, exclaiming, “Uncle, your divine swordsmanship is already so refined, it’s unbelievable! With such a divine skill, no wonder…”

“Divine swordsmanship? Isn’t it soul control?”


Ye Tu was taken aback by the question, then he remembered Yu Ci was a newly initiated rogue cultivator. He scratched his head, ready to explain, but suddenly felt dizzy: “You don’t know? If you don’t know, how did you do it?”

“The first time.”

Yu Ci didn’t think it was a big deal. He patted the boy’s head: “It’s just drawing the sword to kill, why so many names!”

“The first time!”

The boy’s eyes went wide, then he seemed to think of something and muttered, “But it’s different…”

“What’s different?” Having just killed three enemies stronger than himself, Yu Ci was in high spirits and lectured the boy, “No matter what sword techniques, they all boil down to killing. Does it matter how you kill? I primarily practiced talismans since childhood, and I barely know sword techniques. Yet, didn’t I still draw the sword to kill?

“In real combat, overthinking is useless. First, you need to raise your blood and courage, making your hands, eyes, mind, and heart one, unaffected by the enemy, with a clear mind. When you get inspired, what tricks can’t you use? For yourself, it’s like this. For the enemy, it’s the opposite—killing is breaking their courage. No matter how strong the enemy is, if you break their courage, they’re just chickens to be slaughtered. Like the Poisonous Snake Monk and that Old Xu, if they hadn’t lost their courage, with their cultivation, how could they have died so easily…”

This wasn’t just a lesson for Ye Tu, but also Yu Ci summarizing his own experience. As he said, he had never systematically learned swordsmanship, had no techniques, but relied on his exceptional courage and a clear, unwavering mind, always seeking survival and victory in danger.

The secret of his swordsmanship lay in “courage” and “danger”—using courage to intimidate the enemy and winning by exploiting danger. His ability to seize opportunities and remain calm in the face of danger formed the foundation of these principles. With such internal and external harmony, his mind and body as one, these were his keys to victory.

After speaking, Yu Ci felt a sense of satisfaction. He understood why people enjoyed teaching—not just the psychological superiority, but the unparalleled joy of articulating one’s knowledge clearly for others.

Unfortunately, Ye Tu, with a different temperament, didn’t seem to absorb much. His dazed expression made Yu Ci feel his words were wasted.

As Yu Ci and Young Master Ye were still discussing, a deafening roar suddenly erupted. Initially, the original roar was distinguishable, but soon, the overwhelming sound waves turned into rolling thunder, sweeping through the gorge. Compared to this, the previous thunder created by the Five Thunder Talismans was pitifully thin.

Yu Ci and Ye Tu exchanged bewildered glances, not understanding what had happened. Suddenly, a loud cry echoed from the mist. Shortly after, a series of similar cries followed, and within a breath or two, a group of howling blood eagles burst out from the mist, rushing upward without pause.

Blood eagles! And not just one, but nearly a hundred of them, gathering together and soaring upwards in a panicked frenzy.

Yu Ci grabbed Ye Tu by the collar, pulling him to the inner side of the slope. Amidst the howling wind, the blood eagle flock quickly passed over their heads, their piercing cries fading into the distance.

But this was just the beginning. Soon, they saw the fierce birds and beasts in the valley acting as if collectively gone mad. The faster ones used all their strength to escape upwards, while the slower ones fought frantically with other creatures. Yu Ci saw two flying demon apes of the same species biting each other as they fell into the deep valley. As for those ferocious beasts that constantly fought, the battles became even more vicious.

“What’s going on?”

Ye Tu was stunned but, unusually, wasn’t scared by the scene. Yu Ci patted his shoulder, signaling him to stay silent. During this time, several waves of beasts rushed up the slope. Fortunately, they didn’t stop but fled even faster.

Yu Ci moved to the edge of the slope, looking down. The sight made his heart clench. He saw in the boundless mist below, a serpent-like creature dozens of feet long, struggling madly like a legendary serpent riding the mist and clouds. Its long tail lashed at the mist, occasionally striking the cliffs, causing large fragments of rock to splash, and even the slope trembled clearly with the impact.

Its appearance was unmistakably that of a creature in its death throes.

Yu Ci recognized this creature, guessed to be a serpent, as one of the most powerful beings within the range shown by the Divine Map. Usually, it leisurely roamed the misty gorge, with no natural enemies. What could have happened now?

The “serpent” struggled for nearly half an hour, during which countless fierce birds and beasts were crushed by its lashing tail. Eventually, it stopped moving and sank deeper into the mist, likely meeting its end. The chaos in this area subsided somewhat, with fewer beasts running up the slope.

Yu Ci breathed a sigh of relief and said to Ye Tu, “We can’t stay here; let’s go quickly!”

Ye Tu, now entirely obedient to Yu Ci, nodded. They started to climb up. However, after just a quarter of an hour, they slid back down, covered in dirt.

They couldn’t make it through. The chaos from the blood eagle flock seemed to have spread to the upper gorge. The area within a few miles above the slope was no less tumultuous. As long as they stayed still, they were fine, but any movement would attract attacks. Alone, Yu Ci could manage, but it was troublesome with Young Master Ye in tow.

Helplessly, they retreated to the slope, waiting for the chaos to pass. They waited an entire night.

Yu Ci wasn’t worried because he had the Divine Map. Even though its nighttime range was reduced to thirty miles, it was enough for him to grasp the surrounding situation. Comparatively, he was more concerned about Ye Tu’s state.

Amidst the mad frenzy of fierce birds and beasts, Young Master Ye suddenly showed an unusual calmness—or more accurately, he had entered a severe state of distraction, completely absorbed in his own world, oblivious to external matters.

You could call it “self-forgetfulness” to be polite; to be blunt, it was madness…

As daylight dispelled the darkness and the Divine Map gradually expanded its range, Yu Ci let out a long breath. The toughest night since entering Tianlie Valley had finally passed. During the night, he had slain four fierce beasts that attempted to invade the slope, temporarily keeping the area safe. Based on his observations with the Divine Map, it seemed that the chaos was beginning to subside. He planned to wait a bit longer, at least until Ye Tu returned to normal.

With nothing else to do, Yu Ci began clearing the slope of shrimp whisker grass. The monotonous and tedious task made time fly by. When he had gathered over four thousand stalks, he heard the boy’s excited scream.

The boy’s voice was full of energy again. Yu Ci turned his head to see Ye Tu waving at him, almost dancing with excitement. The stark contrast between his previous state and his current animated behavior made Yu Ci want to check his forehead for a fever.

Ye Tu didn’t care what Yu Ci thought. He waved enthusiastically, “Come over here, come quickly! This time, Uncle Yu, you’ll definitely understand what I’m explaining!”

Yu Ci’s mind took a moment to catch up, realizing that the boy had been obsessively thinking about how to teach him cultivation knowledge these past few days. Before Yu Ci could react, Ye Tu rushed over, laughing, and pulled him to the flattest spot on the slope. There, a neat circle had been drawn, with a smooth stone placed at the center. The boy pointed to the diagram and proudly declared:

“This is my latest creation!”

Yu Ci stared at the crude drawing for a long moment before looking up, unsure of what to say. “This?”

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