Chapter 20: Isolda Evergarden VI (part 2)

And, looking at Yuria’s downcast expression, Isolda spoke a little clumsily to comfort her.

“That’s right… it’s unfortunate, but this profession was originally like that. It’s like a battlefield where you don’t know when you’ll be devoured. That’s why you should always be alert. Even if you soar to a high place, all your achievements can collapse in an instant.”

“Yes… that’s right, I guess…”

“Um… ”

Isolda’s words made Yuria even more low-spirited.

Isolda found it difficult to speak any more as she felt that the words she had spoken as consolation had had the exact opposite effect.

At the same time, since Yuria had brought up something that resonated so well with herself, Isolda also began to feel a little depressed without knowing it.

Although she believed that the world of merchants should be like that, Isolda felt sorry for herself now that she was in such a bad situation herself.

‘I tried hard… I did my best… but all of that was blown away in an instant. Yuria’s parents might… no… definitely… it must have been like that as well. And they also couldn’t overcome that fate, so…’

She thought it was cruel.

No matter how cold-hearted the world may be, the thought that it was unnecessary to drive people to the edge of the cliff began to appear in Isolda’s mind.

‘Mercy… yes… I thought I didn’t need that kind of thing at all. But… now that I’m in this situation, I think I understand a little bit… how valuable a little bit of mercy is…’

Ruthlessly burying people alive in the ground.

How big was the difference between doing it and not doing it? The current Isolda finally understood

At the same time, she felt the fire of revenge burn even brighter against Bahamut for making her feel that way.

‘All I have to do is start over. I just need to grow my strength again and take revenge… no matter how long it takes…’

With such thoughts in mind, Isolda once again resolutely reinforced her resolve.

Then… as if she had suddenly remembered something, Yuria cautiously asked her.

“Um… Miss Isera. Then, by any chance… do you know a lot of other famous merchants?”

“Yes? Well… to some extent. I don’t know about the merchants of other countries, but I am know quite a bit about the merchants in the Holy Empire and Schwyz.”

Isolda spoke in a relatively light tone, feeling the need to change the atmosphere.

However, contrary to her thoughts, Yuria asked her again with a slightly calmer voice.

“Then, Miss Isera… do you know about that woman? That… Isolda… with the surname Evergarden…”

“Isolda Evergarden?”

When her name popped up in an unexpected time, Isolda began to feel a little strange.


Suddenly, she thought about telling the girl that she was Isolda, but thinking that it wasn’t really well suited with the atmosphere, she answered appropriately with an awkward smile.

“Oh… that woman? I don’t know too much about the details. But… what do you want to know about that person?”

Thinking that it would be nice if she would be able to hear a praise, Isolda held some expectations in her heart.

And… turning her gaze away from Isolda, who was thinking that way, Yuria slowly opened her mouth,

“That woman… must be dead, right?”


For a moment, Yuria spoke in a terrifyingly calm voice.

Seeing her act like that, which she had never seen before, Isolda began to feel something creepy.

“I don’t know… but considering that there hasn’t been any news since her fall of the other day… maybe…”

Isolda talked carefully while hiding her emotions.

And, Yuria spoke with a sincere cold voice.

“Yes… that must be what happened. It would be nice if that wicked woman… died and went to hell…”

“… ”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Isolda Evergarden VI (part 2)”

  1. I called it. Isolda destroyed Yuria’s parents company. It was interesting. And when Isolda went through catharsis too, now this news, heh.
    So will Yuria join the harem too? If yes the power dynamics in the harem will be… interesting.

    Thanks for chapter

    1. maybe she was the original mc’s harem members, she and mc get together to take revenge and stuff, until Bahamut get taken over

  2. It was very easy guess this was going to happen but its funny reading about it. Did she seriously think people would praise her for all the evil shat she has done and when she herself already knows what she did was evil it just makes it worst that she still had thought of being glorified

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