Chapter 215: A chess piece

“Miss?” Song Qingshu wondered in his heart, ‘Does Zhang Zhaozhong have a daughter? It was not mentioned in the original book.’

Then there were two more sounds of breaking something. Zhang Zhaozhong seemed as if he had a severe headache, and muttered to himself as he ran to the inner house, “Hahhh, that girl…”

Song Qingshu was left alone at the banquet. After thinking for a moment, he decided to go over and take a look. When he came to the backyard, he saw a young girl who was desperately smashing things.

The young girl was holding a blue-and-white porcelain vase above her head when she suddenly saw Song Qingshu and became stunned.

Song Qingshu was also quite surprised, wasn’t this Li Yuanzhi? 

Last time she had disappeared from the palace, and he had thought that she left after hearing that Yu Yutong had been rescued, and ran to find her sweetheart. Why was she in Zhang Zhaozhong’s house now?

Zhang Zhaozhong took the opportunity to grab the vase in her hand, carefully handed it over to the servant beside him, and then said, “Yuanzhi, why are you throwing a tantrum?”

Li Yuanzhi rolled her eyes, but acted as if she didn’t recognize Song Qingshu, and replied directly, “You let me go, I want to go home!”

“I can’t do that, ask for something else.” Zhang Zhaozhong said with a dark expression.

It turned out that, on that day, Li Yuanzhi wanted to contact her father’s friend in the capital to see if there was any way to rescue Yu Yutong, but she accidentally met Zhang Zhaozhong on the street.

Li Yuanzhi’s master Lu Feiqing and Zhang Zhaozhong were martial brothers. Zhang Zhaozhong had met this little martial niece by chance a year ago. He was shocked by her beauty and even tried to propose to Li Kexiu for her hand in marriage, but he never considered Li Yuanzhi’s thoughts.

At that time, Li Yuanzhi was still an ignorant young girl. She wanted the sweetheart in her fantasy to be a prince on a white horse, so she certainly couldn’t accept a stranger like Zhang Zhaozhong. Seeing his show of love, she felt extremely disgusted in her heart.

Li Yuanzhi’s father, Li Kexiu, has always been at odds with Prince Bao and his son. Naturally, he was unwilling to betroth his precious daughter to a dog under their feet. Although Zhang Zhaozhong had Hongli’s favor, in Li Kexiu’s eyes, he was really just a dog. That’s it. From Li Kexiu’s point of view, even if his daughter couldn’t become a concubine in the palace, at least she had to be married to a prince.

After Li Kexiu was transferred to the south by the imperial court, Zhang Zhaozhong never saw Li Yuanzhi again. Unexpectedly, when he went to the capital last time, he saw the person who he was thinking about. 

Over the years, he had figured out that Li Kexiu would not give his daughter to him, so he decided to take Li Yuanzhi back to cook the raw rice. It just didn’t occur to him that Li Yuanzhi was quirky and strange, and he couldn’t take advantage of her at all. On top of that, he had to be careful to treat her like a little ancestor. (C: Cooking the raw rice is an idiom, meaning doing the deed.)

Of course, all of that was out of his true love for her. So of course, he would never agree if Li Yuanzhi wanted to leave.

Hearing Zhang Zhaozhong’s words, Li Yuanzhi pouted again, and silently went to the servant. She snatched the blue and white porcelain vase, and slammed it directly to the ground.

“Even if you demolish this entire house, I won’t let you go!” Hearing the sound of breaking porcelain, Zhang Zhaozhong’s eyelids twitched, and finally he threw down a cruel word and turned to walk away.

Song Qingshu looked back at Li Yuanzhi, and saw that the other party silently said the words ‘Save me’. He subconsciously nodded, gave her a reassuring look, and then followed Zhang Zhaozhong out.

“I have made Brother Song laugh.” Back at the banquet, Zhang Zhaozhong said awkwardly.

“This little girl has such a big temper, is she your daughter?” Song Qingshu decided to deliberately hurt the guy.

Zhang Zhaozhong really blushed, and said with an embarrassed expression, “No, she is the disciple of my Second Senior Brother, Li Yuanzhi, and my Second Senior Brother asked me to take care of her for a while.”

Although Song Qingshu understood that Li Yuanzhi was mostly imprisoned by him, but he didn’t know the ins and outs of the matter. Moreover, this was a time when there was danger everywhere, so it wouldn’t be wise to act rashly for the moment, so he decided to secretly check on Li Yuanzhi at night.

‘I may not be able to break into Prince Bao’s iron-clad Palace, but a mere Zhang mansion is not an issue.’ After saying goodbye to Zhang Zhaozhong, Song Qingshu sneered in his heart as he looked back at Zhang Zhaozhong’s courtyard.

‘I want to save Xia Qingqing, I have to steal the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters, and I have to save Tian Guinong, and now I even have to save Li Yuanzhi. If there is a god, save me!’ On the way back to the Sifang Pavilion, Song Qingshu felt that his head was about to explode.

Suddenly his ears twitched, and there seemed to be a sound of fighting on the street behind the corner in front of him. Song Qingshu became curious and quietly approached the place.

The shops on both sides of the street seem to have received the news long ago, and their doors and windows were tightly shut. A chivalrous woman who looked quite young was running away in a panic, followed by a large group of soldiers.

“Wah, who is putting up such a dramatic scene here in broad daylight?”

Song Qingshu didn’t know why he was still thinking so much when he saw this woman, especially because she was the one who had caused the difficult situation he was in now. It was the “Mandarin Ducks Saber” Luo Bing.

Luo Bing staggered and was obviously injured. She couldn’t run for long. Knowing that she had no hope of escape, she quickly stopped. She held two sabers in her hand, and watched the soldiers in front of her with vigilance.

The two masters with huge temples tried to deliberately anger Luo Bing and said,

“Hehe, I’ve heard for a long time that Luo Bing, the ‘Mandarin Ducks Saber’ of the Red Flower Society, is a beautiful and attractive woman. I became certain of that fact after today, she really lives up to her reputation.”

“That’s right, I say, little lady, your husband has been arrested by us, and now he can die at any moment. If you are willing to accompany us for one night, we might show some mercy on him.”

“They call him the ‘Thunderbolt Hand’. Heh, that Wen Tailai is no different from others. He vomited blood after being hit by my two palm strikes. He hardly matches his reputation.”

“Brother, you don’t understand this. He has such a beautiful wife, so naturally he has to satisfy her every day. So, Wen Tailai’s body has already been hollowed out! As the saying goes, there is never less ploughed field, only an exhausted bull. If you were in his shoes, you would naturally also vomit blood.”

Luo Bing’s face turned ashen, and she trembled with anger, but there was nothing she could do.

In the morning, when the members of the Red Flower Society were discussing how to use the beauty trick to deal with Song Qingshu, countless soldiers suddenly rushed in, and almost all the masters under Prince Bao were there. The members of the Red Flower Society were quickly defeated and were captured.

“It must be because Hongli wanted to hide the fact that he has Han blood in his body.” Luo Bing still remembered what Yu Wanting had said. 

Chen Jialuo managed to escape with Yu Wanting first, but they were surrounded by the masters under Prince Bao as soon as they left the house. In desperation, Chen Jialuo used himself as bait and tried his best to drag away the masters, so that the rest of the members could escape.

“I don’t know how many of us could escape in the end.” Luo Bing felt a chill in her heart, realizing that the Red Flower Society might cease to exist after today. She originally wanted to stay and die with her husband, but her other brothers fought for her with their lives, and she couldn’t bear to let their blood go to waste. She made up her mind, she had to first find a way to make Hongli’s secret public, and then end her life to accompany the people of the Red Flower Society.

It was a pity that at present, it seems that she was doomed to die before she could do anything. On the verge of death, Luo Bing became extremely calm, she held the Mandarin Duck Sabers tightly in her hands. ‘I have to end my life to preserve my chastity.’

While thinking of chastity, Luo Bing’s mind suddenly froze. She realized that her chastity had already been ruined by Song Qingshu when she was in the imperial palace. She suddenly felt a heat coming from her lower abdomen. Biting her lips, Luo Bing desperately suppressed the strange feeling in her heart. She didn’t know why, but after that incident in the palace, in the dead of night, Luo Bing would always recall the feeling of being penetrated by that hot hard rod inside her body. Sometimes, she would wake up from a dream and find that the place between her legs was soaking wet. She couldn’t help but feel panic and bewilderment.

Song Qingshu noticed that Luo Bing’s situation was getting more and more disadvantageous. When the two masters besieged her, their moves were extremely vulgar, and a little anger rose in his heart, ‘Although this woman is annoying, it should be up to me if I want to punish her. Who said you could lay your hand on her?’

After tearing off a piece of clothing and using it to cover his face, Song Qingshu jumped out, kicked the wretched hand of the soldiers stretched out to grab Luo Bing’s chest, and protected her behind him.

“Who is your Excellency?” The soldiers were shocked when they saw a masked man suddenly appear before them. Noticing his skill just now, it seemed that this man should not be underestimated, so they quickly spread out and surrounded the two of them.

Luo Bing was also stunned for a moment. Even though Song Qingshu covered his face, she still recognized him at a glance. Women always have a mysterious sense of familiarity with the men who have entered their bodies. Although the two of them had only united for a short period of time, Luo Bing still remembered Song Qingshu’s body shape and his smell.

Although she hated Song Qingshu to the extreme, his presence still made Luo Bing subconsciously relax her nerves. In any case, it was better to fall into his hands than to fall into the hands of the Manchu soldiers. Thinking that the Red Flower Society had planned to use the beauty trick to deal with Song Qingshu, Luo Bing felt an absurd sense of reality.

Song Qingshu stared at the two masters for a moment. He was a little surprised by their martial arts skills which were unlike ordinary masters, so he spoke up, “Who are you? I don’t want to kill any strangers.”

The two masters suddenly scolded out loud,

“Your grandfather, I am Hai Lanbi, the number one master in Liaodong.”

“Your Father, I am Debu. the number one master in Liaodong.”

“Idiots!” Song Qingshu’s expression turned dark, these people were simply hopeless.


At about 100 meters away from scene, in a shadow, Wen Tailai turned his head to look at Yu Wanting next to him, “Old Chief, we deliberately used such a trick to hide our plan from Luo Bing, was it really necessary?”

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