Chapter 218: An oriole in the shroud

Luo Bing suddenly felt a chill run down her spine and gritted her teeth, “You are being too cynical, why have I never heard of these things!” She felt that Song Qingshu’s words only made her more confused.

‘Of course you don’t know what will happen in the future.’ Song Qingshu didn’t want to get too far with her on this issue. He hugged the beautiful woman in his arms, and squeezed the two magnificent mounds of flesh, “It’s start our practice.”

“How can there be such a practice?” Feeling the changes on the lower half of Song Qingshu’s body, Luo Bing felt embarrassed and angry. But, it was a pity that the level of strength between the two were just too far apart, and she was unable to resist his advances.

“I know you must hate me quite a bit in your heart.” Song Qingshu leaned down and whispered in her ear, “But, you can just take it as you are helping me improve my realm so that I can save your husband in the future. Will it make you feel better?”

“I don’t believe that you are really practicing.” Lou Bing refused to believe it, and thought, ‘I dreamed of this scene countless nights.’ 

Although Luo Bing’s mind was still rational, her body slowly softened and gave in to the incoming pleasure.

“Then you can just believe it later.” Song Qingshu stopped speaking, and pressed his hot lips against her smooth skin.


“Is this posture part of your practice?” After a long time, Luo Bing was put into a strange shameful posture by Song Qingshu. She felt so ashamed that she was about to faint.

“This is called the union of King Ming and Concubine Ming.” Song Qingshu said in a calm tone.

At the moment, compared to her hatred of Song Qingshu, Luo Bing hated herself even more. 

‘Why did I give him her body so easily?’

‘Why did I still have a vague feeling of expectation in my heart?’

‘Why did I become so lowly?’

It could be said that she was forced the last time they did it, but this time, her body clearly wanted it as well!

After another bout of intense pounding, Song Qingshu finally let her go and Luo Bing felt a sudden sense of loss. As she struggled to open her tired eyes, she found Song Qingshu sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. He was clearly immersed in cultivating his internal strength.

“Are you really practicing?” Luo Bing was surprised.

“Now you know that I didn’t lie to you.” Song Qingshu said with his eyes still closed, as he regulated the Yin and Yang Qi in his body. He felt that his True Qi had grown much stronger. It really made him feel very happy that he had decided to practice the Joyful Meditation Method.

“How can there be such a lewd method?” Luo Bing asked with a blushing face. But after that, she couldn’t resist the feeling of exhaustion washing over her like a tide, and she fell asleep with her arms around Song Qingshu’s waist.


When Luo Bing woke up, Song Qingshu was already well dressed. He was sitting on the stool, and looking at her with a faux-smile on his face.

Luo Bing pulled the quilt up a bit, and covered her bare shoulders, which made her feel a little more at ease.

“You can sleep a bit more, I’ll send someone to bring dinner later. If you have any requirements, you can directly tell the guards outside. I’m going to attend some banquets. I’m afraid I’ll be back late at night. You don’t have to wait for me. Go to sleep first.” Song Qingshu stood up and walked out.

“Bah, who will wait for you?” Luo Bing was very unaccustomed to this kind of conversation that would only happen between a husband and wife. As she watched him disappear beyond the door, she grabbed the quilt, and covered her face which had become flushed red.


Song Qingshu went to attend a banquet organized by the Governor of Liaodong. During the banquet, he exchanged profound opinions and suggestions on the matter of Prince Bao with a series of local officials of the imperial court. 

Song Qingshu believes that all relevant functional departments and all levels of the government and county officials should further clarify their respective responsibilities and increase coordination. They should strive to do a good job in the ideological work of the people, and demonstrate the attitude and determination of the court and local governments. 

Song Qingshu emphasized that reasonable demands of the lower-level officials and the common people must be implemented as soon as possible to obtain their understanding and support. 

As for the officials and local gentry who were impossible to win over, they must be cracked down in accordance with laws and regulations to eliminate hidden dangers as soon as possible. The governor, admiral and others expressed that they would unite closely around the imperial court and resolutely obey the Emperor’s orders. The banquet ended in such a harmonious atmosphere of laughter.

As soon as Song Qingshu left the banquet, he ordered Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian to lead the guards to escort the empty sedan chair back to the Sifang Pavilion first.

“But it’s too dangerous for the Lord to be alone.” Zhang Kangnian hesitated.

“Hmph, if there are really assassins, I really don’t know if you would be protecting me or I would have to protect you.” Song Qingshu rolled his eyes at him, “Quickly go back, don’t let others know that I am not in the sedan chair.”

“That’s true too. Lord Song has unparalleled martial arts skills, so he naturally doesn’t put assassins in his eyes.” Zhang Kangnian scratched the back of his head, gave an ashamed smile, then he ordered the rest of the guards and left.

Seeing everyone disappearing into the distance, Song Qingshu almost retched while holding the corner of the wall, “Ugh…I drank a little too much! Let’s go and see what happened to that girl Li Yuanzhi.” After speaking, he walked all the way to Zhang’s residence.

When he came to the vicinity of Zhang’s residence, Song Qingshu checked carefully and determined that there was no one around, and jumped in without making a sound. Of course, Zhang Zhaozhong’s mansion was not as well-guarded as Prince Bao’s mansion. Song Qingshu easily evaded a few patrolling guards, and then walked into the rear mansion.

Following his memory, he came to the room where Li Yuanzhi was being noisy during the day. Song Qingshu approached the window and punctured the window paper with his finger to take a look at the situation inside, but as soon as he put his eyes close, he saw a sharp sword stabbing out. In shock, Song Qingshu hurriedly moved back, and at the same time he stretched out his two fingers to tightly clamp the blade.

“Big Brother Song, it’s you!” Before Song Qingshu could react, a surprised cry came to his ear, and when he looked up, it turned out that the person holding the sword was Li Yuanzhi.

“What the hell are you doing?” Song Qingshu secretly broke into a cold sweat. If it weren’t for his quick reaction, he would have already become a blind man! Who would ever expect a sharp sword to be on guard behind the window.

“I thought it was the old pervert Zhang Zhaozhong.” Li Yuanzhi smiled embarrassedly, looked around, and quickly stretched out her hand to pull Song Qingshu into the room.

“Zhang Zhaozhong’s intentions are like that?” Song Qingshu’s expression couldn’t help but change. ‘No matter what, Zhang Zhaozhong was her martial uncle after all. How could he disregard his identity and break the customs of wulin like this? If word of this got out, he would have no place in the wulin anymore…uh, but Zhang Zhaozhong is also quite single-minded. It’s highly unlikely that he will return to the wulin after having joined the imperial court.’

“It’s not only that.” Li Yuanzhi sighed after closing the door.

“In the palace of the capital that day, I lost your trace after I came back. I thought you were looking for your sweetheart, Yutong, but now it seems that there is another reason.” Song Qingshu looked at her suspiciously.

Li Yuanzhi’s eyes turned red, holding back the tears in her eyes, she pursed her lips and told the entire story.

“You were caught by Zhang Zhaozhong and brought back to Shengjing?” Song Qingshu asked in amazement. He also felt quite strange in his heart. ‘What was Zhang Zhaozhong doing in the capital at that time, could it be to help Hongli to find out some news…’

“Hah, I’m so pitiful, no one has come to save me for so long.” Li Yuanzhi opened her eyes wide and looked at Song Qingshu.

“I didn’t know that something like this happened to you.” Remembering another matter, Song Qingshu cautiously asked, “Did Zhang Zhaozhong do something rude to you?”

Li Yuanzhi immediately understood what he meant, and said with a blushing face, “That’s not true! He wants to make me promise to marry him, and climb on my father’s high branch. So naturally he doesn’t dare to offend me. It’s just that it’s really annoying to hear him babble everyday.”

“Have you ever thought of running away? I know that you are not weak in martial arts, and this mansion is not an impregnable wall…” Song Qingshu asked strangely.

“You think I didn’t? I fled several times, but that old pervert stopped me as soon as I left the house, and I couldn’t beat him. Later, Zhang Zhaozhong was angered, and he directly said some harsh words. If I tried to run away again, he would force himself on me! I got scared, so naturally I didn’t dare to run away.” Li Yuanzhi said pitifully.

“Sure enough, every demon has their bane! I didn’t expect that Miss Li, who has always been so eccentric, would also be defeated.” Song Qingshu couldn’t hide the gloating in his voice.

“I’m already so pitiful, and you are still making fun of me!” Li Yuanzhi pouted and turned around.

“Okay, okay, I’ll take you out now.” Seeing her being so lively and cute, Song Qingshu fondly patted her head. (G: A little sister character, I guess.)

Li Yuanzhi’s face turned red, “Brother Song, has no one told you that you can’t casually touch a girl’s head.”

“Was there something like that? I only heard that—‘Don’t touch a man’s head, and a woman’s waist, if they are not your lover’, and I didn’t touch your waist.” Song Qingshu couldn’t restrain the smile on his face and laughed.

“I’m worried that we will disturb Zhang Zhaozhong that basta*d if we go out.” Li Yuanzhi’s mind quickly returned to the issue of escape.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to find out if it’s me.” Song Qingshu smiled confidently.

“I almost forgot how high Brother Song’s martial arts is. Hmph, when I get home, I will make Daddy pull out his tendons and peel off his skin to relieve the hatred.” Li Yuanzhi said angrily.

“Didn’t you always refuse to go home? Are you discovering the benefits of home only now?” Song Qingshu deliberately teased her.

“Yeah.” Li Yuanzhi replied, thinking that she had been away from her father for such a long time and hadn’t even reported to him that she was safe, he must be worried.

“Then pack up and let’s go.” Song Qingshu stood up and made a gesture of invitation.

“What else is there to pack? I was already waiting for you, Big Brother. It’s better to leave here quickly.” Li Yuanzhi said excitedly, and grabbed the sword on the side, without even looking at the rest of the room.

“Don’t you want to bring some change of clothes? I only have men’s clothes.” Song Qingshu didn’t expect her to be so carefree that she would just walk away.

“Brother Song, you are such a big official, so you must have embezzled a lot of money. Just buy me a new one.”

Li Yuanzhi’s reply almost made Song Qingshu vomit blood. Then he thought about another fact, although he was not afraid of Zhang Zhaozhong, but if the guy found out later, the two would have to eventually face each other. In the daytime, they just called each other brothers at the wine table, but he came in at night to steal his things. No matter how thick-skinned Song Qingshu was, he couldn’t think how he would handle such a situation.

“Master Song’s ability to steal the hearts of women is really astonishing!” 

Song Qingshu had just jumped over the wall of the Zhang residence with his arms around Li Yuanzhi, and he suddenly heard a female voice from not far away, which caused the two to look back in surprise.

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