Chapter 229: A wonderful profession

“What exactly is it?” Fukang’an was taken aback.

Song Qingshu hesitated for a while, and as if after a great internal struggle, he said, “The Madame’s illness is due to her mil*k being too abundant, and as they were not excreted in time, the remaining mil*k remained in the meridians in the chest, and finally accumulated. As a result, the various meridians in her chest were blocked, and it turned into inflammation, which eventually led to Madame’s current condition.”

“The only way to treat it is to perform a massage with special techniques to loosen the blockage and unclog the meridians in her chest. That will save Madame’s life.”

In fact, in the final analysis, the illness that Ma Chunhua was suffering from was just a common case of breast blockage usually seen in lactating women, which eventually developed into mastitis. If a woman has this illness, her chest would often become swollen and painful, accompanied by high fever. If it’s not treated in time, it could develop into a very serious problem.

As for Song Qingshu, as a bachelor, why did he know so much about this? 

That was also a coincidence. It was again thanks to that friend in his previous life who pursued his wife by asking her to teach him to swim. It just happened that his wife also developed the same illness, and in the end, an experienced elder asked him to invite a professional, who cured his wife.

That was also the first time Song Qingshu learned that such a sacred and beautiful profession existed in the world. Their job was to massage the breasts of different women every day. After a session of wanton kneading, not only the couple would have to thank them, but also pay them a few thousand dollars!

Song Qingshu became very interested in this, and he deliberately found some materials to study it, intending to make his mark in this profession in his spare time, and of course to relieve the women who were suffering.

The first thing Song Qingshu did after he finished his studies was to find that friend, and stated that he didn’t need to be paid, but would help his wife unclog the breasts and relieve her pain. This act was mainly for the purpose of linking theory with practice and trying it out himself. 

As a result, Song Qingshu was bombarded by the curses of his friend’s wife with a blushing face. That marked the death of a great ideal before it could even see the light of day. However, he didn’t expect that after coming to this world, he would have the opportunity to put that great knowledge into practice!

In fact, Song Qingshu only realized at this moment why so many famous doctors had failed. This was the woman of the Heir of the dignified Prince Bao, they didn’t even have the courage to touch her skin with their hands to feel her pulse, let alone massage her breasts. It was most likely that they were worried that they would be killed by Fukang’an afterwards, so they simply said that they couldn’t cure her.

Fukang’an gave him a fierce glare, but seeing his clear eyes, he had to suppress the anger in his heart, “Can I ask the Honored Elder to teach the method to the maids in the palace, and then let the maid to massage my wife?”

Song Qingshu frowned and shook his head, “Women are naturally weak, and it would be difficult to achieve any results. Furthermore, his method is extremely complicated, and if one does not understand medical principles, I am afraid it would be difficult to learn it. If the Lord does not want me to treat her, this old man will take his leave.” 

In fact, Song Qingshu actually didn’t lie. This was a very laborious process, and it often lasted for several hours. There were very few women who had that kind of physical stamina and wrist strength. So in his past life, the professionals were almost all men.

Fukang’an hurriedly said, “Honored Elder, please stay, this one has been disrespectful. You are skilled and have a benevolent heart. Naturally, you won’t have any nasty thoughts. Please save her.” But he thought in his heart, ‘I’ll let you save Chunhua first, but I won’t let you get out of here alive after that!’

“Alright then, please instruct the servants to prepare a large bowl of scalding hot water and a few clean towels.” After saying that, Song Qingshu stretched out his hand in front of Ajiu, “Jiu’er, help your teacher roll up his sleeves.”

Seeing that Song Qingshu was taking advantage of the situation, Ajiu gritted her teeth in anger, but as Fukang’an was present, she had to obediently help him roll up his sleeves.

“Will the disciple stay here as well?” Fukang’an’s face darkened a bit.

“That’s natural. I need Jiu’er to help me with many things later.” Song Qingshu replied.

“Okay.” Fukang’an gave a strained smile, but in his mind, he thought that it wouldn’t be a big deal to deal with one more person later.

Soon a maid brought hot water. After Song Qingshu cleaned his hands, he approached the bed and looked at Ma Chunhua, who was lying on the bed in a semi-conscious state, and said, “Madame, it might hurt a lot later, so you have to be mentally prepared.”

Ma Chunhua had heard the conversation between the two just now. She felt shy, turned her head to the side, and gave a faint answer, “Yeah.”

Watching Song Qingshu stretch out his hands to untie Ma Chunhua’s clothes one by one, Fukang’an’s eyelids twitched. When the two snow-white mounds were exposed, Fukang’an snorted, got a stool, and sat down by turning his back. He was unable to bring himself to watch such a thing.

“Jiu’er, twist the towel for me.” Song Qingshu reached out and probed Ma Chunhua’s chest a few times, and said in a worried tone, “It’s already so serious.”

Even as a woman, Ajiu felt shy when she saw such a scene. She quietly glanced at Song Qingshu, and found that he seemed calm and composed. She really didn’t know whether to call him a pervert or a gentleman.

As she was about to roll up her sleeves, it revealed her two smooth and snow-white arms. Ajiu was startled! She looked up, and found that Fukang’an hadn’t noticed this, so she quickly put down her sleeves, revealing only a small piece of skin, just enough to avoid getting wet with water.

Song Qingshu took the towel, and frowned. He put his hand into the basin to feel the temperature, and shook his head, “The water temperature is not enough, change the basin to hot water.”

“But won’t this burn Madame?” The maid said.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be feeling any heat in this condition. The hotter the water is, the more comfortable she will feel.” Song Qingshu said.

Soon the maid brought a pot of scalding hot water. Song Qingshu was reluctant to scald Ajiu’s jade-like fingers, so he asked the maid on the side to twist the towel to dry for himself.

Looking at the hot maid’s pained expression, the smart Ajiu quickly realized Song Qingshu’s thoughtfulness. She opened her lips to say something, but didn’t make any sound.

Song Qingshu put a few hot towels on Ma Chunhua’s chest. Seeing that her expression had suddenly relaxed, he quickly asked, “Is Madam feeling comfortable?”

Ma Chunhua thought it sounded a bit weird, but she had to tell the truth and hummed.

Noticing the angry expression of Fukang’an on the side, Song Qingshu quickly explained, “This old man first used a hot towel to soften the hard lumps in Madame’s body. These lumps are actually formed by accumulated mil*k remaining in the body. It will gradually melt when it encounters the heat. This is why I needed a hot towel. If the temperature is not enough, the heat transmitted to the Madame’s body will not be enough, and naturally it will not work.”

Fukang’an had no choice but to depressedly nod his head, indicating that he understood.

Guessing that the time was almost right, Song Qingshu said to Ma Chunhua, “Madame, I have to remind you again, it will be very painful later. Although it will not be as painful as when you gave birth to a child, it will not be much worse.”

Then he said to Fukang’an, “Don’t panic when Madam screams.” 

Seeing that both of them nodded, Song Qingshu took off the towel, moved his fingers, and started to act.

He first started from the nipple, as he pinched a few hard lumps with his fingers, “I will first disperse these hard lumps here first, clear the passage of the exit, and then it will be convenient to force more hard lumps out.” Song Qingshu explained as his hands moved. He had to do that because he didn’t want Fukang’an to misunderstand, then push him out and behead him in a fit of anger, which would destroy his plan.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Ma Chunhua’s breathing to become heavier. At first, she gritted her teeth and endured it, but after that, she couldn’t bear it any longer and began to exhale. 

“Lord, please ask the servants to prepare some olive oil… Uh, you probably don’t have this in this era, so prepare some sesame oil.” Song Qingshu used a specific technique to keep rubbing and squeezing the hard lumps around the areola, which was visible to the naked eye. As a result, a little bit of white mil*k started to seep out. Ma Chunhua felt embarrassed and anxious when she saw it, so she could only distract herself by screaming in pain.

When he felt that the small hard lumps around the acupoint in the middle of the breast had been rubbed away and the surface had become softer, Song Qingshu dipped his hand in the sesame oil for a moment, then spread it evenly on Ma Chunhua’s chest. He then explained, “The hard lumps here are bigger and harder to get rid of, and It will probably hurt more.”

After speaking, he started from her armpit, found a hard lump and squeezed it up bit by bit. Ma Chunhua suddenly felt a sharp pain and couldn’t help scream aloud. Fukang’an asked with a frown, “Is it really okay?”

Song Qingshu replied, “Don’t worry, Lord, it’s normal. The glands here are narrow, which are very easy to block. If I squeeze the hard lumps out of the breasts like this, Madame will naturally feel pain. After that, it will be fine, and not only will it make it harder to get this illness again in the future, but the mil*k will also be more abundant, which will make the baby’s health better.”

Hearing him mentioning her child, Ma Chunhua looked up at Fukang’an with tears in her eyes, “Kang’an, our children…”

After his subordinates captured Ma Chunhua back, he learned from her that he had two sons. Fukang’an, who had been childless for many years, was overjoyed, but when he learned that the two children were shot by his subordinates with poison needles. Fukang’an became furious and executed all the dozen or so subordinates who were responsible. Ma Chunhua also contracted this strange disease because of excessive sadness and soaking in the rain that day.

Fukang’an originally thought that he was destined to have no children, but he didn’t expect that someone sent a pair of small children’s shoes not long ago, and bluntly said that the twins were in their hands. They asked Prince Bao’s mansion to exchange them for the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters. 

Ma Chunhua took a look and recognized that the shoes belonged to her sons, and her heart that was already in ashes was rekindled. If it wasn’t for the sake of her sons, Ma Chunhua would rather die than let another man use this method to help her heal.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely save them!” Fukang’an said while holding Ma Chunhua’s hand.

“I believe in you.” Ma Chunhua nodded weakly, and squeezed Fukang’an’s hand tightly.


Fukangan was surprised by the sound and looked back. It turned out that due to Song Qingshu’s fondling, Ma Chunhua’s mammary glands had opened up a lot, and a large lump was squeezed out. It resulted in a stream of mil*k being sprayed on the face of Ajiu who was helping out.

Ajiu was unprepared, and she only felt a sweet and fishy taste in her mouth. She quickly stood up and wiped the things on her face.

“Lord, the Madame’s breasts have been unclogged by half, and you should be able to tell with your naked eyes.” Song Qingshu secretly laughed, and applied more strength in his hands, sending streams of mil*k shooting at Ajiu.

Fukang’an didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry. At that moment, the voice of the guard was heard from outside the door, “Master, the lord asked me to inform you that we are ready to set off.”

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