Chapter 236: The battle for the seat

Luo Bing stopped, then she hesitated on the decision on whether she should follow Song Qingshu or not. She kept telling herself in her heart, ‘Yu Wanting will definitely find a chance to silence me if I stay, and it might even endanger my husband’s life. So it would be better to stay beside Song Qingshu, and try to find a way to reveal Yu Wanting’s true face…’ 

As for whether she was doing it because she actually didn’t know how to face her husband, it was unknown.

Watching as Song Qingshu and his companions were about to leave through the gate of Shengjing, Hongli said in a deep voice, “Isn’t it time to let my concubine go?”

Song Qingshu was about to refuse, but Xia Qingqing whispered to him, “Let me go back, or I will hate you for the rest of my life!” Her voice was full of determination.

Showing a frown, Song Qingshu was about to forcibly take her away, but Xia Qingqing seemed to see through what he was thinking, and quickly said, “He and I are just using each other! I…would never let other men touch my body.”

Song Qingshu became stunned for a moment, then his heart suddenly burst into ecstasy! 

Xia Qingqing took the opportunity to break free from him and slowly walked towards Hongli. To outsiders, it seemed like Song Qingshu agreed to Prince Bao’s conditions and kept his promise of letting the concubine go. Only Ajiu, who was in Song Qingshu’s embrace, was able to hear everything clearly, and her heart was at a loss, ‘Qingqing, have you two gotten close to this point?’

When Xia Qingqing returned to the Hongli side, she lowered his head and remained silent. Yu Wanting looked at her and gave a cold snort. He then hurried to Hongli’s side, looked at Song Qingshu and his party, who were walking away, and anxiously said, “Hong… Your Highness, isn’t this just giving Yongyan to Kangxi as a hostage?”

Hongli shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, as long as Kangxi is not ready to have a direct confrontation with me, he will follow the agreement and send him to Western Xia’s consort recruitment. If he really becomes Western Xia’s prince consort, we will have gained one more strong aid. Kangxi also won’t dare to touch him easily. Even if he fails to be the prince consort, I can send a master to rob him on the way back.” Hongli’s voice suddenly became low. He looked at the imperial decree in his hand, bitterly said, “Originally this honor should have been for Fu’er. Very well…Mystic Dragon Cult, this Prince will definitely annihilate your little cult and leave nothing on that island!”

Yu Wanting’s eyes fell on the imperial decree, which clearly stated that Fukang’an was appointed as the King of Jiayong County, and he would be sent to represent the Qing Dynasty to participate in the Western Xia’s consort recruitment.


In the suburb ten miles east of the city, Su Quan slapped the ghost-masked man’s hand away with her palm, and angrily said, “I don’t need you to save me!”

“You don’t need me to save you?” The ghost-masked man sneered, “If it wasn’t for my rescue, you would have been brought back to Hongli by the masters of the palace. Hongli’s most beloved son died at the hands of the Mystic Dragon Cult. Can you even imagine what kind of humiliation you would have faced?”

Seeing that Su Quan was silent, the ghost-masked man sighed, “Do you still hate your father so much?” 

If Yelu Nanxian and Yelu Qi were present, they would surely be surprised. The leader of the Hidden Secret Service, which was the most mysterious organization in the Liao Empire, was actually the father of the wife of the cult master of the Mystic Dragon Cult!

“When you heartlessly abandoned my mother and caused her to die in depression, I swore that I would never forgive you!” At this moment, Su Quan was no longer the mistress of the Mystic Dragon Cult, but a pitiful lonely girl .

“I had difficulties. I am a Khitan, and your mother was a Han. Originally for your mother, I had promised to live with her as a Han. I even changed my name to a Han name ‘Su Yin’, and I wanted to grow old with her.” The ghost-masked man said excitedly, “But Song Dynasty’s treachery runed it all! They disregarded the fraternal alliance of Song and Liao for a hundred years, and joined the Jin Empire in jointly attacking my Liao Empire, which almost caused the destruction of my homeland. Naturally, I could not let it happen!”

“Haha, it sounds ridiculous to even say it, the Song Dynasty Emperor became greedy and chose treachery for the sake of a mere sixteen states of Yanyun. As a result, not only did he not get any benefits, but he also ruined his country! He lost his family and the Central Plains. Not to mention the land, even the Emperor was captured by the Jin Empire and was taken to their country. At the same time, there were countless concubines and princesses who were captured by the Jin people! It really makes me want to burst out in laughter!” 

“I don’t understand the important national events you’re talking about. I only know that after you returned to the Liao Empire, you remarried. My mother still had some hope. But, it was after hearing that news that she became ill. She just couldn’t accept it!” Su Quan’s eyes turned red as she spoke.

“At that time, the fate of the Liao Empire was at the most critical juncture, but the aristocrats were still up to their old schemes. My marriage to that woman was just a political marriage.” The ghost-masked man explained, but seeing that Su Quan was still indifferent, he realized that he could not continue on this topic, so he quickly spoke up, “After the situation in Liao Empire was stabilized, I sent people to look around for news about you two mother and daughter, only to find out that your mother had passed away for many years, and your whereabouts was unknown!”

“After inquiring a lot, I finally found out that you were taken by Hong Antong of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and became the cult master’s wife. Hmph… that old man, how could I let him marry my beautiful daughter! If I hadn’t known that he was disabled because of his practice, and married you just to hide it from the public’s eyes, I would have killed him long ago!”

“The Mystic Dragon Cult has existed as a thorn in the Qing Dynasty’s side for so long, and they couldn’t do anything about it. Naturally, it has its advantages. If you think that you can kill Hong Antong, you are overestimating yourself.” Su Quan retorted lightly in a cold tone.

“Although Hong Antong’s martial arts is okay, I still don’t take it seriously. If we were to fight alone, I would definitely kill him within fifty moves.” The ghost-masked man said proudly.

“I have no time to listen to your bragging. If you have nothing else to say, I’ll be taking my leave.” By this point, Su Quan had already adjusted her internal energy.

“What are you going to do in a small place like the Mystic Dragon Cult?” The ghost-masked man stopped her and quickly said, “At present, the Empress of the Liao Empire, Zhen Dinghui, is a Han. The nobles in the dynasty were quite dissatisfied with it from the start, and the Emperor couldn’t stand the pressure from all sides, so he changed his mind. In its more than two hundred year history, the Liao Empire only had its empresses from noble families. Now the daughters of the three noble families are aiming for the position of the Empress. Our family originally sent my daughter…that is your sister, although she is beautiful and talented, she is not so proficient in politics. I think you are a more suitable candidate.”

“Why, is it because I have a seductive technique that fascinates the hearts of men?” Su Quan remained expressionless and continued, “But, why should I help you?”

Seeing Su Quan’s back disappearing into the distance, the ghost-masked man loosened and tightened his hands, and finally sighed helplessly.

“Master Su, are you going to just let her go?” Yelu Qi and Yelu Nanxian came to the ghost-masked man, they couldn’t understand why he let such a big fish go so easily.

“I have my own arrangements, you don’t need to ask more.” Su Yin’s voice came out through the mask, which seemed dull and emotionless, “Although we did not accomplish our goal on this trip to Shengjing, but Fukang’an is dead, and Hongli will most likely focus his remaining energy to deal with the Mystic Dragon Cult. As for Kangxi, because Song Qingshu forced his way into the palace today, his relationship with Hongli has dropped to a freezing point. This result is barely acceptable, let’s go back to the capital first.”


“You must keep an eye on Yongyan, Prince Bao is very likely to send a master to rescue him. Yongyan is our talisman now, if he’s gone, I am afraid that none of us will be able to leave Liaodong alive.” 

Not long after leaving Shengjing, the sky had turned dark, and Song Qingshu was worried about Ajiu’s injury, so he ordered his subordinates to set up camp.

“Lord Song, we are the convoy of the Imperial Envoy. If Prince Bao attacks us, wouldn’t that mean that he is openly rebelling?” Zhang Kangnian asked suspiciously.

Song Qingshu sneered, “After he is done with us, he will just send a memorial back to Yanjing, and casually report that we died at the hands of some bandit. The Emperor will have no evidence, so he will have to endure. The most he can do is punish and demote The Prince.”

Zhao Qixian wiped a cold sweat, “Only the lord can see through it clearly! Don’t worry, we will be watching Yongyan without blinking.”

Song Qingshu nodded and walked towards his tent. Just as he lifted the curtain, Li Yuanzhi’s anxious voice came over, “Brother Song, we have already fed the Snow Ginseng Yuchan Pills to Miss Ajiu, but her breath is getting weaker and weaker!”

Luo Bing had more experience in the Wulin than her. She realized the severity of Ajiu’s injury from her pulse. When she saw Song Qingshu, she also quietly shook her head, indicating that Ajiu would not live long.

“You don’t have to waste your efforts, I know my own injuries well… You all go out, I want to be alone before I die.” Ajiu was lying on the bed, and her voice was extraordinarily calm.

“Sister Luo, Sister Yuanzhi, I have something to tell Miss Aiiu. Can you help me guard the door? No one is allowed to come in without my consent.” Looking at Ajiu, who seemed to be hanging on by a thread, Song Qingshu said in a deep voice.

Luo Bing and Li Yuanzhi looked at each other, and quietly retreated, leaving the two alone in the tent.

“Young Master Song, I really want to be alone for the moment.” Seeing Song Qingshu still staying in the tent, Ajiu showed a slight frown, and showed a weak and powerless look.

“Thank you for saving me today.” Song Qingshu said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to escape from Prince Bao’s mansion in that situation, if you had died. Saving you was equivalent to saving myself. You don’t have to take it too seriously.” Ajiu gently shook her head.

“Miss Ajiu…” Song Qingshu called out to her. Seeing her look at him with her bright and dark eyes, he hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Actually, I have a way to save you.”

“Really?” Ajiu’s eyes lit up. No one wanted to die, not to mention she had many unfulfilled wishes.

“I wonder if Miss Ajiu has heard of the Divine Brilliance Scripture?” Seeing Ajiu’s dazed look, Song Qingshu continued, “I once had my meridians destroyed, and it was this method that healed the meridians of my whole body. Legend has it that it has the effect of bringing back the dead, and I once used it to successfully save a friend who was dying. The injuries she suffered at that time were even slightly more serious than yours.”

“There is such a miraculous method in the world?” Ajiu showed a surprised expression.

“Miss Ajiu, don’t be too happy, there is a certain difficulty in using this skill to save people.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile.

“What’s the difficulty?” Ajiu looked at him with wide eyes.

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