Chapter 247: Loving Firewood

“These two maids are really sultry…” A wretched voice was heard, accompanied by a woman’s whimper.

“It’s enough to enjoy with your hands, don’t go too far, they were captured by the young master.” Another voice persuaded.

“Hehe, the young master has his eyes on the widow from the Wei Mansion. Although her two maids are good-looking, there are quite a few such beautiful maids in the Tong Mansion, so these two are not enough to catch the young master’s eyes. The young master won’t take them. He just captured them so that Madame Wei would come here to rescue them, and now that she has been captured, these two maids are of no use. So why not just enjoy them before they are discarded?” The obscene voice continued.

“The young master is really clever. He knew that Madame Wei used to be from the Wulin, so she would choose to rely on her own martial arts skills, and she would definitely sneak into the Tong Mansion to rescue them. But how would she know that the Tong Mansion had already prepared an ambush with a large number of masters! She would just be throwing herself into a trap!” The other person expressed his feelings.

Song Qingshu saw Tao Hong and Liu Lu curled up in the corner through the window. Their hands were tied, and their mouths sealed, as they watched the two men gradually approach with their eyes full of fear.

Knowing that there would be no valuable information even if he continued to listen, Song Qingshu pushed open the window and rushed in. The two guards tried to react, but it was already too late before they knew it, and they found that their acupoints were sealed.

“Where is the Madame Wei who you mentioned just now?” Song Qingshu looked at the two of them and asked in a deep voice.

The two guards were stubborn, and neither of them had any intention of opening their mouths. Song Qingshu had expected this situation long ago, so he tapped one of their sleeping acupoints, leaving the guard with the wretched voice awake.

“You… what did you do to him?” The guard’s voice was full of panic.

“Just made him unconscious.” Song Qingshu smiled and continued, “This way he won’t be able to hear our conversation. If you tell me where Madame Wei is now, I’ll let you go.” Seeing the other party’s face showing a look of disapproval, Song Qingshu sneered, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it, I will kill you and ask him again. Let’s see if he will talk.”

“If he doesn’t say anything, you won’t have any clues!” The guard was terrified. He was not a tough guy by nature, but he understood that if he talks today, with the power of the Tong family, his fate might not be better than death.

“When a person he used to know dies in front of him, I think he’s more likely to cooperate with me.” After saying that, Song Qingshu grabbed the guard’s neck, increasing his strength little by little.

“Let go, I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” The severe pain coming from his neck made the guard tremble, and he quickly begged for mercy.

“Just say it like this, I’ll let go when you’re done talking.” Song Qingshu chose to interrogate this guy first, largely because the guy was more lecherous, and lechers generally tended to cherish their own lives. 

Under the intimidation, the other party really gave in. However, Song Qingshu didn’t mean to let him go. He knew that this kind of person was the most cunning by nature. If he had a chance to breathe, it would be impossible to guarantee that he would not have any clever thoughts. Only the words spoken between life and death were the most credible.

“She was taken to the young master’s room.” The guard felt that he could hardly breathe, and was coughing non-stop, so how could he dare to be negligent, and quickly talked.

“Where is your young master’s room?” Song Qingshu was very worried about Shuang’er at the moment, and he increased his strength a little.

“East…northeast of the mansion.” The guard’s face became flushed, the veins on his neck started to bulge, and his tongue began to stick out of his mouth.

“Northeast?” Song Qingshu memorized the location, and knocked him out with a palm strike.

After untying Tao Hong and Liu Lu, Song Qingshu wanted to help them up, but who knew that the two little maids were terrified by his actions just now, and subconsciously shrank back.

“It’s me.” Song Qingshu tore off the mask and looked at the two women.

“Lord Song, is that you?” The two maids wept with joy when they saw a familiar person.

“Time is running out now, so I won’t waste any time talking. I’ll rescue you first, and then go find your Mistress.” Song Qingshu said quickly.

“Lord Song, go save our Mistress first, she is in more danger.” The two maids said in unison.

“It’s too dangerous for you to stay here. If someone comes, you won’t be able to run. Don’t argue, I’ll send you out first.” Song Qingshu shook his head, and without waiting for the two to argue, he directly hugged them, then took the two maids out of the Tong Mansion.

Song Qingshu was in a hurry to save Shuang’er, so he used the Traceless Sand Treading Steps to the fullest, and the two maids only felt the whirring of air in their ears, and by the time they realized, they were already on the street outside the Tong Mansion.

“You two should go back to the Wei Mansion first, and I’ll go save your Mistress now.” Song Qingshu disappeared from the spot as soon as he finished speaking, and sped to the northeast side of the Tong Mansion.

The maids fell silent at the same time. In their view, servants should have the mindset of sacrificing themselves to save their masters. So both of them had asked Song Qingshu to save their Mistress. What they didn’t know was that Song Qingshu was someone who came from modern society and considered every life as equal. Because of his values, he didn’t want to just leave the two maids there and abandon them.

“Lord Song is a little… a little different compared to other people.” Tao Hong sighed.

“Yeah.” Liu Lu’s eyes were also a little dazed, “I hope Lord Song will rescue the Mistress safely.”


Now that Song Qingshu was using the Traceless Sand Treading Steps, it could be said that he had changed gears. He passed through the Tong Mansion like a night owl gliding silently through the woods.

When he glided in the air, he could see the layout of the entire Tong Mansion at a glance. Song Qingshu quickly found the courtyard in the northeast corner. Noticing the several guards who were looking around vigilantly at the door, Song Qingshu frowned, then stealthily landed on the roof.

According to the sound coming from the rooms below, Song Qingshu finally found Orundai’s bedroom. Pulling up a tile on the roof, Song Qingshu leaned over to look inside.

“Little lady, you don’t have to bear it. It’s quite surprising that you can still keep your mind clean and bright for so long when you’ve been dru*gged.” Song Qingshu was startled after hearing what Orundai said. ‘Shuanger was dru*gged?’

“I have no grievances with your Tong family, why do you keep targeting me again and again?” A woman’s trembling voice was heard. Song Qingshu moved his eyes, then saw a beautiful young woman sitting beside the bed. Her face was flushed red and her forehead was drenched with sweat. Both of her hands tightly grasped one of the legs of the bed, and her fingers were too white because of using too much force.

Who could it be, if not Shuang’er?

“No grievances?” Orundai sneered, “Of course Miss Shuang’er has no enmity with our Tong family, but your dead husband is different.”

“Xiaobao?” Shuang’er felt lost for a moment, and asked suspiciously, “How did he offend the Tong family?”

“Back then, that scoundrel Wei Xiaobao had just helped the Emperor get rid of Oboi, and he was very popular. He didn’t take our Tong family seriously, and even made fun of the names of my grandfather and father!” 

“My grandfather and father are broadminded, so they won’t worry about that kind of upstart, but I am young and energetic. I don’t have such good self-discipline. Unfortunately, Wei Xiaobao is dead, and I can’t get revenge on him, so I have to focus on his two wives.”

“Xiaobao doesn’t really pay attention to what he says sometimes, but he definitely didn’t mean it. I apologize on behalf of him for offending the Tong family.” Shuang’er finally understood the ins and outs of the matter and calmly apologized.

“If an apology was useful, why are there so many lawsuits in this world?” Orundai disdainfully waved his hands, “It’s too late! Wei Xiaobao is a sinner, since he can’t atone for his sins, let his wife do that for him.”

“It’s clear that your Tong family didn’t dare to seek revenge when Xiaobao was alive, and now you are just talking big. It’s just ridiculous!” Shuang’er quickly interrupted the other party, and said in a cold voice.

“Whatever Madame says…” Orendai didn’t mind, but looked at Shuang’er and said, “Does Madame feel soft and hot right now? Do you feel like the flood has cracked the dam and it’s seeping out?” He looked obscenely at a place between her legs.

“Shameless!” Shuang’er cursed angrily, but unfortunately due to the effect of the dru*g, her scolding voice seemed more coquettish, “What kind of dru*g did you give me?”

“This drug has a very interesting name. It’s called ‘Loving Firewood’, which doesn’t even lose to the world’s number one aphrodis*iac ‘Wonderous Joyful Deprivation Drug’. Even I can’t stand it after smelling just a little bit of it, not to mention Madame, who just took so much…” Orondai gave a loud laugh, then asked, “Madame, do you know where I got this dru*g from?”

Shuang’er blushed and said, “How would I know about such an obscene thing!”

“This was given to me by your good husband.” Orendai smiled very proudly.

“What?” Shuang’er felt her heart go cold, and immediately shook her head and said, “Impossible, you are lying to me!”

“Madame, what you said just before was quite right. Wei Xiaobao used to be the Emperor’s favorite when he was alive. Not to mention Suo Etu from the Suo family, among the Eight Great Families, even the current head of the Nalan family, Nalan Mingzhu was quite close to him.” 

“I also had to act respectful towards him. At that time, I really didn’t dare to act rashly, so I could only befriend him, and see if I could find any flaws in him.” 

While recalling the past, Orondai’s expression turned dark, “He gave me this dru*g when we went shopping together one day. He also told me that they used this dru*g in the Michun Wine from the Spring Beauty Pavillion in Yangzhou.”

Hearing him mention the Spring Beauty Pavillion, Shuang’er understood that it was really Xiaobao who gave him the dru*g, and she felt her hands and feet turn cold.

“It’s really ironic when I think about it…” Orondai stood up, and approached Shuang’er by the bed, one step at a time, “I used all the dru*g Wei Xiaobao gave me on his own wife… I wonder if he would die again with regret, if he knew this! Ha ha ha ha!” Orondai burst into laughter.

Seeing Shuang’er’s increasingly blurred eyes, he felt even more proud, “It’s a pity, it’s a pity…it’s a pity that the bit*ch surnamed Fang ran away. Originally, I planned to capture both of Wei Xiaobao’s wives and play a game of ‘one dragon and two phoenixes’. Only after I broke his two wives can I get rid of my hatred!”

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