Chapter 249: Disaster

Seeing that Song Qingshu had remained silent, Shuang’er didn’t know what to think, her expression became a bit unnatural, and she said, “Song… Brother Song, did you see my two maids in the Tong Mansion just now, Tao Hong and Liu Lu?”

“Shuang’er, don’t worry, I have rescued them already.” Song Qingshu assured her.

Shuang’er nodded and wanted to stand up, but because of the effect of the dru*g, she felt weak as if she had just recovered from a serious illness. Her body swayed, and Song Qingshu quickly reached out, then grabbed her shoulders to support her.

“Brother Song, can you take me back to the Wei Mansion? I’m worried that Orundai will not let things go. If he attacks there, Miss Fang, Tao Hong and Liu Lu may be in danger.” Shuang’er said while refusing to use Song Qingshu’s body as a support.

“Ah…I almost forgot about that.” Song Qingshu came to his senses. If Orondai couldn’t find them, he might go to Wei Mansion to make trouble!

Shuang’er was feeling quite anxious in her heart. Although she wanted to hurry up, she was feeling extremely weak all over. She felt that her feet were too weak to walk. She had to stop and rest for a while after walking a few steps, and she was constantly gasping for breath.

Song Qingshu couldn’t bare to watch her struggle so much, “Shuang’er, we are still quite a bit distance away from the Wei Mansion. In your current condition, I’m afraid you won’t be able to move for a while. How about I carry you?”

He was about to explain that he didn’t intend to take advantage of her, and he just wanted to hurry back. But contrary to his expectations, Shuang’er simply nodded, “Then I will be relying on Big Brother Song.”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, but soon realized that Shuang’er wasn’t someone who would act pretentious like ordinary women at the critical moment, so he couldn’t help show a smile. He hugged her by the waist, and rushed to the Wei Mansion using his movement technique.

Maybe it was because she was scared too much tonight, or maybe it was because the dru*g had put too much strain on her body; Shuang’er rested her face against Song Qingshu’s chest, and she could feel a warm and comfortable breath. After some time, she couldn’t resist the tiredness washing over her body and slowly closed her eyes. 

In order to not wake her up, Song Qingshu deliberately controlled the frequency of his steps to keep his stance as flat as possible.


“Shuang’er, wake up…”

Shuang’er opened her eyes in a daze, and saw Song Qingshu’s face was very close to her own. He appeared to be calling her. When she found that she was still lying in his embrace, she quickly jumped down in embarrassment. Looking at the traces of her drool on his clothes, she felt extremely embarrassed, “I’m sorry, Brother Song, I couldn’t hold on just now, and fell asleep.”

“It’s okay.” Song Qingshu shook his head with a smile, but his mind was still in a trance, ‘When was the last time a girl had drooled in my embrace?’

“We have already arrived near the Wei Mansion. If I directly carry you back, it would damage the reputation of my Sister-in-law.” Song Qingshu quickly woke up from his recollections.

“Thank you Brother Song for being considerate.” Shuang’er said gratefully, and the two fell into silence at the same time.

Suddenly there was a loud noise from the corner of the street, and Song Qingshu’s expression changed, “No, it seems to be from the Wei Mansion.” Then he hurried over with Shuang’er.

The Wei Mansion was already surrounded by soldiers, and the leader was Orundai, the young master of the Tong family. Di Yun was leading the members of the Pole Arms to protect Fang Yi, Tao Hong and Liu Lu, as he nervously confronted the soldiers.

“Young Master Tong, I’m afraid it’s inappropriate to surround the mansion of an important court official in such a blatant manner” Song Qingshu said loudly.

“Brother Song!”



When Di Yun, Fang Yi and the others saw their appearance, they were overjoyed and cried out.

Orundai looked back at the two of them, and his eyes couldn’t help but condense. Song Qingshu’s figure was exactly the same as the masked man who had rescued Shuang’er before. And, he almost burst out in rage when he saw Shuang’er’s clear eyes and a flushed face, as she stood beside Song Qingshu like a little bird. He was very clear about the medicinal properties of “Loving Firewood”, and it didn’t take him long to come to a conclusion.

‘Dam*n! I worked so hard to plant trees, but the fruit was picked by this basta*rd!’

“So it’s Master Song, can I help you with something?” Some of his subordinates had already reported Song Qingshu’s identity to him, and Orundai naturally knew that Song Qingshu held quite a bit of power, so he didn’t dare to act disrespectful.

“Secretly mobilizing troops at night, does Young Master Tong know whether this is a big incident, or a small one? Nevertheless, it can become a very big incident very soon.” Song Qingshu stretched out his fingers and gently pushed away the sword in front of his eyes, as he walked to Fang Yi and the others while protecting Shuang’er. All the soldiers were afraid of his reputation as the number one master in the capital, and they did not dare to stop him.

Seeing the situation in front of him, Orundai couldn’t help but choke on his breath. If it was an ordinary person, he would directly force through with his subordinates, but thinking of the legendary martial arts of Song Qingshu, Orundai had to change his strategy, “Master Song has misunderstood, it’s just that two female thieves had entered my family mansion tonight. We chased the thieves, then caught up to them here. We also just happened to meet the Guard Captain on the way, and he dispatched a team of soldiers to help me.”

Song Qingshu naturally knew that this guy was just talking nonsense. Shuang’er and Fang Yi did break into the Tong Mansion tonight, but that happened a few hours ago. Fang Yi had escaped a long time ago, so how could they chase the female thief all the way here. Meeting the Guard Captain was even more of a nonsense. Who in the capital didn’t know that the Guard Captain had always been closely related to the Tong family, and it was a trivial matter for Orundai to mobilize a hundred soldiers.

But Song Qingshu didn’t intend to expose his lies. Firstly, because there was no evidence, and secondly, it wouldn’t be very effective. So he just sneered and said, “May I know if Young Master Tong has found the female thieves?”

“Of course we found them!” Orundai said with a half-smile, “When the two female thieves escaped, one of the female thieves was injured in the shoulder by the guards of the mansion. Master Song, it seems that  Madame Fang has a wound on shoulder, and my subordinates also found the bloody night clothes in Madame Fang’s room! It can’t be just a coincidence.” As he spoke, he took the night clothes handed over by his subordinates and shook them in front of everyone. The size and style clearly showed that it was a woman’s clothes, and there were marks on its arms that had been cut by a sword. By the light of the fire, the faint blood stains on it could be clearly seen.

“Why did you let them enter the house to search!” Song Qingshu gave Di Yun a stern look. If he had been present at the time, he would definitely not have let them search the house, and such a situation would never have happened.

“There were so many people rushing in at the time, so we couldn’t control the situation. We had to protect the safety of the family members in the mansion first.” Di Yun felt quite ashamed, he didn’t expect that he would fail on the very first mission that was entrusted to him.

Song Qingshu also realized that Di Yun was not to blame for this situation. He never expected that Orundai would bring a large number of soldiers in such an open manner, so he sent a dozen experts to guard the Wei Mansion, thinking that it would be more than enough to deal with ordinary thugs.

“Young Master Tong is joking. The injury on Miss Fang’s shoulder was accidentally caused by me when we were practicing martial arts during the day. As for these night clothes, maybe the female thieves put it in Miss Fang’s room with the intention of putting the blame on her.” Song Qingshu said.

“Is that so? I think the size and style of the night clothes seems like it would fit Madame Fang. Just to make sure, we can let Madame Fang wear them and see if her wounds match the sword marks on the clothes.” Orundai put the night clothes on Fang Yi’s body from the air, and made a ‘tsk tsk’ sound.

Song Qingshu knew that doing so would be very detrimental to his side. It seemed that this guy was determined to take Fang Yi no matter what. And, he found that it would be unwise to dwell on the matter of the female thieves, so he quickly changed the subject, “Miss Fang is the widow of Lord Wei. He has passed away, and now his bones are still cold. Young Master Tong’s actions will make all the officials’ hearts grow cold.”

Orundai didn’t care, shook his head and said, “This Young Master is not deliberately making trouble. I found out that this Madame Fang is actually a member of Prince Mu’s Residence, a remnant of the former Ming Dynasty!”

“Prince Mu’s Residence has always been doing activities against the Qing Dynasty and is on the side of the restoration of the Ming Dynasty. It is possible that they sent such a flower-like woman to lurk beside Lord Wei for nefarious reasons. Moreover, the death of Lord Wei was also very suspicious, and this Young Master has reason to believe that Madame Fang may have played a role in that. Come, take Madame Fang away for interrogation!”

“Haa!” All the soldiers roared loudly, making Fang Yi’s face turn pale.

“Who dares!” Song Qingshu stretched out his hand and stood in front of Fang Yi. The soldiers who stepped forward couldn’t help but look at each other and hesitated for a moment.

“Could it be that Master Song wants to defend this criminal? This crime is much more serious than mobilizing soldiers at night.” Orundai sneered.

Under the eyes of everyone, Song Qingshu had to provide a valid reason for actions. So, he began to think quickly in his mind, and soon came up with an idea, “Young Master Tong must have heard that the Emperor has recently established a new division called the Pole Arms. I am the one who is in charge of Miss Fang’s case. Let me take her to the Pole Arms.”

Orundai became stunned for a moment, he hadn’t considered the existence of the Pole Arms till now. This newly formed organization was quite mysterious, and he didn’t know much about it.

Just when Orundai was struggling with what to do, a subordinate whispered something in his ear, and Orendai became overjoyed, then said, “Master Song, don’t forget that the Emperor only gave the Pole Arms the right to investigate and arrest, and did not give the right to interrogate.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback. The Pole Arms indeed didn’t have the right to interrogate, but it would have that jurisdiction sooner or later.

“Then did the Emperor give Young Master Tong the right to interrogate? If you represent the Tong family, then I am afraid even the Tong family does not have that power. If you represent the Guard Captain, it is not impossible, but the public security in the capital has always been under the jurisdiction of the Grand Secretary, so Young Master Tong might be overstepping his boundaries.”

“Very well, I’ll send someone to invite the Grand Secretary right now.” Orundai coldly snorted, and rushed towards the Grand Secretary’s Mansion.

Song Qingshu turned around, looked at Fang Yi and said in a deep voice, “Miss Fang, things are going to be quite difficult today, and I am afraid that Miss Fang will have to stay in the Grand Secretary’s Mansion for a few days. The Grand Secretary’s Mansion is the Nalan family’s territory, so the Tong family’s hands can’t reach there. I will meet with Nalan Mingzhu, the Grand Secretary, and he won’t do anything to embarrass you. Miss Fang, don’t worry, I will find a way to rescue you.”

If it was just the matter of the female thief, it wouldn’t be a big deal if Song Qingshu forcefully protected Fang Yi. Unfortunately, Orundai used her identity as a member of the Price Mu’s Residence. Under such circumstances, Song Qingshu couldn’t do anything directly, so he had to find a better solution to protect Fang Yi.

Seeing that Fang Yi’s face had turned pale, and there seemed to be a hint of panic in her eyes, Song Qingshu leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Miss Fang, don’t worry, if all the obvious methods fail, I will rescue you even if I have to break into the prison.”

Fang Yi’s eyes finally lit up, she was aware of how powerful Song Qingshu’s martial arts was, and nodded gratefully, “Thank you, Brother Song.” 

Shuang’er on the side also took her hand and kept comforting her.

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