Chapter 257: Silently plowing the field

“Okay!” Song Qingshu couldn’t wait more than this, and simply agreed.

“You just lie down…Hey, why are you taking your clothes off?” Shuang’er exclaimed, then worried that it would alarm Tao Hong and Liu Lu outside, she quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

Looking at her jade-like fingers by candlelight, Song Qingshu couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing them.

“Mistress, what’s the matter?” At that moment, Tao Hong’s voice sounded from the outside, and footsteps seemed to be walking in.

Shuang’er turned pale with fright. If they were to see Song Qingshu on her bed, she would be too ashamed to face them again in the future. In desperation, she pressed Song Qingshu’s head and stuffed him under the blanket.

Song Qingshu was quite cooperative, smelling the sweet scent under the blanket, and feeling the heat from Shuang’er’s tender body, his naughty heart began to beat faster, and he stretched out evil claws.

“There’s nothing Tao Hong, you don’t have to come in.” Shuang’er grabbed the corner of the quilt tightly, and nervously looked at Tao Hong who was standing at the door while raising the curtain. Suddenly feeling Song Qingshu’s movements, her whole body tensed up, and she almost let out a surprised cry.

“Alright Mistress, call us if you need anything.” Tao Hong looked suspiciously at Shuang’er’s bed, she had a feeling that there was something strange, but since her Mistress had ordered her to go leave, she couldn’t ask any questions.

Seeing Tao Hong put down the curtain, Shuang’er finally breathed a sigh of relief, blushed and pulled out the bast*ard man from under the blanket.  She felt both ashamed and angry while looking at Song Qingshu’s fascinated expression, “Have you played enough?”

“Of course not!” After unrelenting efforts, Shuang’er’s clothes were now half untied, her hair was scattered, and her breathing had become heavy. Song Qingshu looked at the result of the battle in front of him with satisfaction.

“Tao Hong and the others are still outside.” Shuang’er cried out, and warned in a low voice while resisting Song Qingshu’s evil hands.

“Does it matter?” Song Qingshu showed a crafty smile, leaned over and blew hot air on Shuang’er’s ear, “It will be more exciting this way.”

It was unknown if it was because her ears were sensitive, or she just understood the meaning behind Song Qingshu’s words, Shuang’er’s heart trembled, and she felt an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

Song Qingshu said with a smirk, “Shuang’er, you are quite accomplished in acupressure. Let’s see if your fingers are better on the bed, compared to my Dragon Claw.” (G: Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique often used in conjunction with acupuncture.)

Amongst all the martial artists in the world, if they fought standing up, the current Song Qingshu would probably rank at the bottom of the top ten, and if they fought sitting down, he probably wouldn’t even make it into the top ten. However, when it came to the battle on the bed, if Song Qingshu claimed to be second, no one would dare to call themselves number one. (G: Sitting down means he wouldn’t be able to use his movement technique.)

Although Shuang’er wasn’t a weak girl, her martial arts was far weaker than Song Qingshu’s. Even if her martial art was stronger, once she got on the bed and was touched by his unique Dragon Claws, she might not be able to use even half of her martial arts.

“Stop doing that, you… are obscene.” Shuang’er gritted her teeth and spat out her words.

“This is just a man and woman loving each other, how can it be considered obscene?” Seeing that she had given up resistance, Song Qingshu didn’t take advantage of the victory to gain more ground.

Shuang’er’s face was flushed, and she let him unbutton her clothes in silence. Just as her chest felt cold, she quickly felt his hot lips pressing against it.

Worriedly looking outside, Shuang’er tightly held the last line of defense, and resolutely said, “I can only let you go this far. It we… go farther than this, Tao Hong and Liu Lu will definitely find out.”

Seeing her coquettish appearance of wanting to refuse but still welcoming the invasion, Song Qingshu felt very hot all over. However, he couldn’t bear to use force on Shuang’er, so he couldn’t help but softly say, “Good Shuang’er, just look at me now, and have some pity on me. I promise to move lightly, just don’t make any noise later, okay?”

From the corner of Shuang’er’s eyes, she saw something that made her face flushed, and she subconsciously murmured, “I will definitely not be able to bear it at that time.”

Seeing that her tone had become loose, Song Qingshu felt overjoyed, and quickly said, “My dear Shuang’er, don’t worry, even if you accidentally alarm them by making a noise, with my movement technique, I can seal their sleeping acupoints before they see anything clearly. I guarantee they won’t find out.”

“Then…you can do it.” After saying that, Shuang’er buried her head under the blanket in shame.

Song Qingshu saw that her hands were not guarding that place that tightly anymore, and understood that she had agreed in her heart. So he readied his shaft, placed it at the entrance of that magnificent garden and boldly entered the gates of heaven.

With an enchanting cry, Shuang’er trembled all over. Song Qingshu let out a long breath, and said with emotion, “Good Shuang’er, why are you so slippery every time?”

Shuang’er naturally knew that he wasn’t praising her skin, so she gave him a blank look with her beautiful eyes, then tightly bit her lips, resisting the feeling coming from her body, and tried not to make a sound.

Although Song Qingshu had said it quite boldly, it wouldn’t be suitable to really alarm the two maids from outside. Doing that would also risk not being able to get close to the two girls in the future, so he deliberately moved softly and slowly to avoid making the bed creak.

After a while, in the originally quiet room, there was a trace of whistling panting and a coquettish moan that was obviously suppressed in the throat. Song Qingshu kissed Shuang’er’s cheek, and his voice became a little hoarse, “Shuang’er, do you know how provocative your moans are?”

“You scoundrel, you killed me.” Shuang’er noticed that she had unknowingly made a sound. But, seeing that there was no movement in the outer hall, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“In the future, you can arrange for the two of them to live in another room.” Song Qingshu knew that this was just a common rule of the wealthy and noble families in the capital. 

Why did young ladies and wives live in the inner bedroom, and maids live in the outer bedroom? It was because even a little shout could wake up the servants and alarm their masters. But this rule really wasn’t that good for Song Qingshu’s future adventures in the various flower gardens.

“They have always had a very good relationship with me, and suddenly telling them to move to another room might arouse suspicion.” Shuang’er finally found a sliver of clarity in her mind. She knew that if there were no maids guarding outside, Song Qingshu’s actions would be basically unhindered in the future. It might trouble him quite a bit, but it would lessen her suffering by quite a lot.

“You don’t want to make them move?” Song Qingshu became a little annoyed when the other party saw through his small machination, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to let them see what their Mistress looks like now.”

After speaking, he lowered his waist, and significantly increased his range of motion.

Shuang’er understood that Song Qingshu was doing this to force her to make noise, so that she would agree to his conditions. But she also understood that as a married woman, she had already taken a huge risk by being with him as long as she had. If she keeps doing this with him for a long time without restraint, their adultery would be exposed eventually, and Shuang’er didn’t want to see that happen.

Shuang’er tried to twist her body, but gave up the struggle after a while. Her movements were restrained, and she couldn’t exert any strength at all. Finally, she tried to exert all her strength in a single push, but in the end, it was the other party who got the better of her, making it look like she was coquettishly catering to his movements. The strange stimulation coming from deep within her body made Shuang’er to immediately stop in fright. However, the man on her body didn’t feel pity for the beauty at all, and he only kept poun*ding without end.

Shuang’er didn’t want to agree to Song Qingshu’s conditions, but she also knew that she couldn’t contain herself for long. So, she had no choice but to put her arm in her mouth, and when she realized that she couldn’t stand it, she took a bite.

Song Qingshu noticed her abnormality very soon. Looking at the red tooth marks left on her snow-white arm, he couldn’t help feeling distressed, and quickly took out her hand, “Bite me if you want.” After finishing speaking, he stretched his arm close to Shuang’er’s mouth.

Shuang’er was already a little annoyed with Song Qingshu, and when she saw him stretch out his arm, she took a hard bite.

“Hiss!” Song Qingshu took a breath, and couldn’t help but slow down, “You are really cruel.”

“And, you’re not cruel?” Shuang’er said bitterly, “You are torturing me like this…”

“You can bite if you want.” Song Qingshu’s temper began to show, and regardless of the strength of her bite, he began to pou*nd with more and more force.

Shuang’er took a few more hard bites, but seeing that he wasn’t showing any signs of relaxing all, she felt angry and pity at the same time, and asked in a low voice, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt, just bite.” Song Qingshu replied with a straight face.

However, Shuang’er was still reluctant to bite him hard in the end, and only took a symbolic bite when she really couldn’t help it. After the bite, she was afraid that it would hurt him, so she quickly stretched out her small tongue to lick his wound.

Noticing her caring behavior, Song Qingshu also felt a deep care in his heart, and put his arms around her, then said, “My good Shuang’er, I won’t force you anymore.” After speaking, his movements became more gentle.

Shuang’er was already extremely emotional by this point, and feeling Song Qingshu’s pity for her, she twisted her waist for the first time, catering to the movements of the man on her body.

Thus, began a process that not only united two bodies, but also two souls…

After reaching the peak, the two tightly hugged each other on the bed. Noticing that Song Qingshu seemed to be wanting to hug her to sleep, Shuang’er struggled to open her heavy eyelids and shook the man beside her, “Brother Song, you can’t sleep here.”

Opening his eyes, Song Qingshu let out a sigh. He didn’t want to scare Shuang’er anymore, so he nodded and said, “Let’s lie down for another incense stick, and talk. I’ll leave after that.”

“Okey.” Shuang’er changed into a comfortable position and pressed her face against his chest. “Brother Song, I’ve already taken out the sheepskin from the two parts of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters you gave me last time, and put them together with the previous map.”

“Really?” Song Qingshu said happily, “My Shuang’er is really ingenious, show me quickly.”

“Didn’t you notice the treasure map when you took off my clothes just now?” Shuang’er snorted, took the inner garments scattered at the foot of the bed, and handed them to Song Qingshu.

“In my eyes, Shuang’er’s body is naturally much more attractive than any treasure map.” Song Qingshu hugged Shuang’er and kissed he on the forehead.

“You really know how to make a woman happy.” Shuang’er clearly knew that this was just a love story, but she was still inexplicably moved in her heart.

Song Qingshu spread out the inner garments and looked at them intently. After a while, he returned the clothes to Shuang’er, “Shuang’er, Xiaobao has been pursuing the secrets of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters for a very long time. Tomorrow we will go to his grave, and burn this complete treasure map for him, and fulfill one of his wishes, okay?”

Shuang’er felt a little weird about discussing Wei Xiaobao while lying in another man’s arms but she nodded and said, “Xiaobao must be very happy that Brother Song still thinks about him.” After a pause, she looked at Song Qingshu with some doubts, “You don’t want this treasure map?”

Nodding his head, Song Qingshu smiled, “It’s all recorded up here.”

“You memorized such a complicated treasure map after looking at it just for a moment? If you remember something wrong, wouldn’t all your previous efforts be wasted?” Shuang’er exclaimed.

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