Chapter 265: Truth and falsehood

Fang Yi seemed to have finally had a clear understanding in her heart. When she was thinking about it, she heard Song Qingshu speak again, “Miss Fang, may I know why you are looking for me so late?”

Hearing his words, Fang Yi stood up, looked into Song Qingshu’s eyes, and suddenly knelt down, “I’ve come to seek forgiveness from Brother Song!” She didn’t care about how humiliating it would be.

With Song Qingshu’s level of martial arts, he could have stopped her, but he had seen many martial arts TV dramas in his previous life that had similar scenes, where someone would take advantage of the opportunity to attack. Song Qingshu was not sure what Fang Yi’s plan was, so while he was hesitating, Fang Yi had completely knelt on the ground.

“Miss Fang, how can this Song deserve such an act, quickly get up!” Song Qingshu saw that her expression was natural, and she didn’t look like she had any malicious intentions, so he hurried over to help her up.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yi lightly broke free from Song Qingshu’s hand, looked up at him and said, “If Brother Song doesn’t forgive me, I won’t get up.”

Song Qingshu was getting a headache and helplessly said, “What exactly do you want me to forgive?”

Fang Yi’s beautiful eyes filled with tears, she choked up and said, “I was threatened by Madame Hong last time, and poisoned Brother Song and Shuang’er. Originally, I had been helpless and in despair because of the poison in my body. But during these two days, I really suffered from the condemnation of my conscience. I understand that it was only because I was greedy for life and fearful of death that I hurt Brother Song, and I really can’t forgive myself.”

Song Qingshu sighed, “Miss Fang, in fact, I never blamed you.”

What Song Qingshu said was also true. The more one expects from someone, the disappointment that comes with betrayal is also as great. Because of the plot of the original book, Song Qingshu never regarded Fang Yi as a pure little white flower, nor took her that seriously. Song Qingshu had expected her to do such a thing from the start, so there was no disappointment in his heart at all. But if Shuang’er did the same thing, Song Qingshu’s heart might already be full of resentments.

“Brother Song, what you just said proves that you still haven’t forgiven me.”

Hearing Song Qingshu’s answer, Fang Yi was obviously taken aback. Although she didn’t know the truth behind what he said, at the moment, Fang Yi was so moved that she wanted to cry. Actually, she herself hated her behavior a little all along, and was worried about what Shuang’er and Song Qingshu would think. She was really overwhelmed by this heavy burden, and Song Qingshu’s calm words untied her knot. But Fang Yi still kept her purpose in mind, so of course she would not leave just like that.

Song Qingshu was actually feeling a little impatient in his heart, but after looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, he couldn’t bear to harden his heart, so he softly said, “How can I make Miss Fang believe that I have forgiven you.” At the same time, he secretly despised himself, ‘If she wasn’t a delicate beauty, would I waste my time talking nonsense with her?’

Fang Yi didn’t answer directly, but said, “Brother Song, I have another reason for coming here today. I have something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Song Qingshu moved to help her up again, “You’d better get up first and then we can talk about it.”

Fang Yi shook her head, a trace of shyness appeared on her face, “I…I want to make it clear to Brother Song that Wei Xiaobao and I are not husband and wife, it was just that Wei Xiaobao took advantage of my silence at the beginning.” Then she proceed to narrate how she was injured at the imperial palace and Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to blackmail her.

“Not only did Wei Xiaobao and I not get married, but I am still pure.” The latter sentence was as faint as a mosquito, but with Song Qingshu’s skill, he could still hear it clearly.

Fang Yi had just finished taking a bath, and from her slightly wide neckline, Song Qingshu could vaguely see her blush-stained skin. Her dress was designed in a way that it seemed that he would be able to see everything at a glance, but in fact he couldn’t see anything. Song Qingshu thought back to those modern beauties in his previous life, and secretly admired the talent of this tailor.

Noticing where Song Qingshu’s gaze was, Fang Yi’s heartbeat accelerated a bit. She originally planned to pretend that she didn’t notice at all, but she changed her mind, and pretended to raise her hand to brush the hair beside her ear, thus blocking Song Qingshu’s gaze.

Awakened by Fang Yi’s actions, Song Qingshu felt a little embarrassed. He didn’t want to stare at the young woman’s chest, but he had suddenly remembered his previous life, so he was lost in his thoughts for a moment, causing the other party to misunderstand. So he showed a bitter smile, “Miss Fang, why are you telling another man, such… a private things.”

“Because, in my heart, Brother Song is not just another man.” Fang Yi raised her head with a firm voice.

Song Qingshu was taken aback, not knowing how to respond to her for a while.

Fang Yi gently said, “Brother Song, do you know that when I came here tonight, it was actually the Madame Hong who ordered me to come here?”

The charming thoughts in Song Qingshu’s heart were interrupted by her words, and he asked as if he had realized something, “What does Su Quan want to do?”

“Because she was not willing to be led by the nose by Brother Song all the time, Madame Hong is planning to scheme against you, and after she borrowed ten thousand taels of silver from you today, so she threatened me to come here… to come here and seduce you, then take the opportunity to steal the IOU back.” Fang Yi said with her head down, her expression hidden from the eyes.  

“Miss Fang, aren’t you still poisoned by Su Quan? Then why did you decide to betray her this moment, and telling me all this?” Hearing that Fang Yi’s mission was to seduce him, and then thinking of Su Quan’s aggressive method of sending a beautiful woman here, Song Qingshu didn’t know whether to praise Su Quan for her big breasts or despise her for being brainless.

“Because I’ve lied to Brother Song once, I don’t want to feel that heartache a second time.” Fang Yi pursed her lips, trying not to let herself cry.

Song Qingshu felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, so he quickly laughed and said, “Su Quan, if you want to seduce me, why don’t you just do it yourself? Why did you insist on intimidating and using another ordinary woman? It’s really despicable and shameless!”

Unexpectedly, Fang Yi’s face turned pale when she heard his words, and her body trembled, “Sure enough, in Brother Song’s eyes, I am just an ordinary woman, and naturally, I can’t compare to the charming Madame.”

Song Qingshu didn’t expect that his casual words would cause the other party to misunderstand, and he quickly explained, “How could that be? I was saying that Su Quan is really despicable. Why did you take it like that?”

Fang Yi stayed kneeling, and remained silent. 

Song Qingshu had no choice but to continue, “If Miss Fang is considered mediocre in appearance, there may not be any great beauties in the world.”

Even though she knew that he was just coaxing her, Fang Yi was still very happy, and then broke into a smile, “How can that be, there are many women who are far more beautiful than me in the world.”

Song Qingshu chuckled, and the room fell into silence again. Fang Yi gritted her teeth, raised her head and said, “Brother Song, the Madame Hong forced me to do many things that I didn’t want to do. However, if it were any other man tonight, this Fang Yi would rather die. I wouldn’t agree to her, but when I thought that it was Brother Song, I…I…”

Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat. Although he knew it was wrong, but looking at this woman who was actually extremely proud in her heart, he couldn’t help but ask, “What?”

“I just nodded and agreed!” Fang Yi seemed to be desperate, “Ever since I saw Brother Song for the first time, your figure has been lingering in my heart. Every time you came to the Wei Mansion, I had the happiest time. I hopelessly fell in love with you, but I also knew that with my identity, it would be impossible for us to be together, so I have been suppressing this feeling until today. But, when Madame Hong forced me to come… here, I could no longer suppress all my feelings…”

Song Qingshu was dumbfounded, and wished he could slap himself. He didn’t mind sleeping around with women, but he didn’t want to fall in love with them. Love was a thing that could easily hurt people. A man’s heart may seem strong, but his true love was something that could only be reserved for a single woman. Song Qingshu himself thought that considering his abilities, he could share his true love with several women, but Fang Yi would definitely not be among them. Seeing that Song Qingshu’s expression had turned complicated and he did not express anything, Fang Yi knew that she would not succeed today, so she went all out, “Brother Song, didn’t you ask how you could prove that you forgave me just now?”

“What?” Song Qingshu replied in a daze.

“Brother Song, I am willing to use my pure body to wash away the harm I have caused you, and beg for your forgiveness.” Fang Yi said with a blushing face.

“Miss Fang, I really forgive you. I’ll also give you the IOU right away, and you can just go back and tell Su Quan that you have completed the task.” Song Qingshu said awkwardly. He didn’t mind this being a one night stand, but she was still a vir*gin. In this ancient era where purity was so important, Song Qingshu really didn’t want to cause endless troubles for a moment of pleasure.

“Brother Song, don’t you understand? I didn’t come here to complete Madame Hong’s mission at all.” Fang Yi sighed quietly, “This Fang Yi has shamelessly presented herself to you tonight. If Brother Song refuses, I really have no face live on.”

While Song Qingshu was still thinking of words say, Fang Yi took his hand and stretched it into the lapel of her clothes, “Brother Song, I have nothing else to ask but for you to be merciful overnight. Please don’t reject me.”

Feeling the warm and soft touch, Song Qingshu was about to withdraw his hand when he raised his head and met Fang Yi’s eyes. Her eyes were full of water, and tears seemed to fall at any moment. Those eyes were full of pleading.

Song Qingshu was taken aback. Fang Yi’s words just now were just too shocking. She had given up all her self-esteem. If he really rejected her tonight, she would really die of shame and anger. As the saying goes, women pursued men with everything one the line, let alone a beauty like Fang Yi. Seeing Fang Yi’s charming face up close, and breathing in the faint fragrance of her body, Song Qingshu’s heart had already moved, and the only thing he was worried about was the responsibility.

“Miss Fang, why bother? You know I don’t have any affection for you.” Song Qingshu sighed.

Fang Yi’s expression darkened, and she finally realized that this man had never had her in his heart. But she quickly collected her mood, and noticed that Song Qingshu’s words were no longer a direct rejection, she quickly said, “Brother Song, I only know that I love you, that’s enough. It doesn’t matter if you love me or not. This Fang Yi has nothing else to ask for, if I can get Brother Song’s mercy tonight, I will have no regrets in this life.”

Because of the plot of the original book, Song Qingshu didn’t really like Fang Yi very much before, but after seeing her give so much of herself now, he was unavoidably touched. He was confident that, compared to Wei Xiaobao, it would be easier for him to win her heart.

Song Qingshu was not an all-knowing god. He didn’t know that all of this was a part of Fang Yi’s strategy of becoming his woman first. Fang Yi was confident that with her own methods, she could occupy a place in his heart in the near future. Taking a step back, even if Song Qingshu never loved her, Fang Yi knew that with his character, he would never let a woman who had a physical relationship with him be bullied in the future.

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