Chapter 27: Conflict from Desire I (part 1)

All around, it was already dark. 

As the sun slowly set over the horizon, the sky was covered with red acacia petals. 

It was a beautiful sight, as if the goddess of the night had her red skirt hanging in the sky. Against the backdrop of such a sunset, several wagons gradually moved away from the island.


On the top of the castle wall surrounding Lumentium, Ariel watched the carriage getting smaller and smaller in the setting sun. She took a step forward, the sound of her clothes scraping softly.


Time passed as the carriage became a dot and then completely disappeared over the horizon. The setting sun had vanished entirely, and the surroundings were filled with a quiet silence. 

Even though pitch-black darkness enveloped the area, Ariel’s gaze remained fixed on the northern sky where the carriage had disappeared.


Ariel closed her eyes involuntarily. Even at this moment, when she closed her eyes, a clear scene came to her mind. 

A meadow with the fragrant smell of grass. A small valley with a winding stream of water. A field filled with a feast of unknown flowers. And a small flower crown, woven from those flowers, just for herself. The touch of affectionate lips against her cheeks.

She remembered. No, she had to remember. 

The time spent with him in the small and cute hut built on the meadow was the happiest time in Ariel’s life. She was very, very happy. She abandoned her sense of duty as the foremost servant of the goddess, her responsibility as a saintess who led the church, and the admiration of countless people, only pursuing that one thing. 

No regrets, none. 

There was no one by her side anymore, but he was by her side. He filled the void. He loved her, and that was enough. Because he was like everything in the world to Ariel.

“…I miss you.”

She still remembered his smell when he held her in his arms, how his hand stroked her hair while whispering love to her. He loved stroking and brushing her hair, even when she told him not to tickle her. He would smile and brush her hair without saying anything, complimenting her on how beautiful her hair was. That was the greatest feeling a woman could feel. She knew for sure that she was loved and that she loved him.

But at the same time, it was all just a dream. 

A daydream…it was lost in time like a bubble, a delusion that couldn’t happen in reality. 

If only she could go back, if only she could return to those days, she would split her own heart to do so. Even so, she dreamed of reuniting. Once again, she wanted to see his face smiling just for her.

However, that was impossible. Everything was buried in the soil of time. She realized that even if she stretched out her hand as hard as she could, it wouldn’t reach. Everything was going far away, like that carriage that had disappeared from view.

“…ah, Cain.”

The piercing solitude that rose up in her heart made Ariel wrap her arms around herself. Her legs lost strength. She didn’t want to be here. She wanted to go north right now. She wanted to go to him, to run to him and whisper words of love. 

She wanted to beg for love, asking him to look back at her. However, she couldn’t do that. It didn’t make any sense. Nothing was prepared. It wasn’t the time to be with him yet. So, she had to be patient.

Desperately, she came up with another idea. She recalled the events at the banquet hall a few days ago, and smile came to her face again. 

She remembered when she first met him. His dumbfounded face as he mistakenly called her a ‘saintess’ was really cute. If it was possible, his appearance was so cute that she wanted to transfer it to the canvas as it was at that time.

However, the smile that appeared on her face was short-lived. Ariel’s eyes cooled down as she recalled what happened next.

“Iris el Devhart.”

Ariel laughed as she recalled the woman she had met at the banquet hall. 

It was funny…the girl who acted like a pure v!rgin during the expedition was dressed up like a wh0re at the banquet, and Ariel almost burst into laughter. 

Really, it was obvious. For what purpose was she wearing a dress like that? 

Ariel could clearly see her intentions. Even if she wanted to pretend not to know, she couldn’t. After entering the banquet hall, that woman’s gaze was focused on only one man.

That’s why Ariel didn’t bow toward her. She could bow down to the imperial princess, but she couldn’t just bow down to a wh0re. Especially since that wh0re was a conniving woman wagging her tail at him.

Come to think of it, when she thought of the banquet hall, she recalled the white-haired girl who followed him like a puppy. Perhaps her name was Aria?

“…ah, Cain. Really, you’re too kind.”

He even gave a name to ‘it’. As soon as Ariel saw it, her heart turned, but she didn’t intervene because it was like a treasured toy. To be precise, it wasn’t worth using. That didn’t mean she liked it. She didn’t want to add one more worthless obstacle to the overflow of trivial things in her path to love.

“No, that’s not it.”

If she lived alone with him, the house might be quite lonely. It didn’t seem too bad to have a pet on this occasion. She didn’t like it very much, but this time she decided to put up with it. 

Ariel was a woman called a saintess in the world. She could at the very least have that much mercy.

More than anything, it was decided by him. And Ariel was quite reluctant to interfere recklessly in the affairs he had decided.

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