Chapter 289: Shocking change

As the sweet moans coming from the cabin gradually became louder, the soldiers standing guard on the deck couldn’t help but look at each other. The raspy weeping moan was extremely charming and seductive, and the soldiers all swallowed their saliva when they recalled Su Quan’s alluring appearance in their minds, and cursed inwardly while burning in envy, ‘The cabbages are all wrecked by the pigs!’

Before landing, the two lovers basically never took a step out of the cabin, and greedily explored each others bodies, which caused the ordinary soldiers outside the cabin immense suffering. They all had red eyes, as if they wanted to eat people.

“This is the third treasure…” Su Quan deliberately paused, looked up at Song Qingshu, with an extremely charming look in her eyes, bit her  lips lightly with her white teeth, and said with a chuckle, “Are you satisfied?”

“It really is a rare treasure, I just wish I could enjoy it all the time.” Song Qingshu sighed sincerely with his arms around Su Quan’s smooth and round shoulders.

“Then will you take the Mystic Dragon Cult as your home now?” Su Quan put her face close to Song Qingshu’s chest, and her fingers mischievously drew circles on his skin, “The Mystic Dragon Cult disciples only listen to me, but I listen to you. If…”

“You have given me the three most precious treasures of the Mystic Dragon Cult, so it is naturally my home.” Song Qingshu couldn’t bear it anymore, and quickly grabbed her naughty palm and held it tightly in his hand.

“It would be great if this ship sailed like this forever.” Thinking that soon, she would go to Shengjing to face Hongli, Su Quan’s expression became shadowed by a trace of loneliness.

Understanding what she was worried about, Song Qingshu patted her lightly, and assured her, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you. At worst, I will grab you and run away. I would like to see who in Shengjing City can stop me.”

“I know that you are very capable, so you can act this confident…” Su Quan rubbed Song Qingshu’s chin with the tip of her nose, “But even if you can save me, you can’t save the entire Mystic Dragon Cult, can you?” Su Quan was a smart person, so she naturally saw through Song Qingshu’s thoughts about the Mystic Dragon Cult.

“I have already obtained the most precious treasure of the Mystic Dragon Cult, so what would I do with the rest of the Mystic Dragon Cult?” Song Qingshu looked at her with sincerity and replied.

“Although I can’t tell if you are lying to me, but I am really moved by your words.” Su Quan buried her head in Song Qingshu’s arms, and quietly listened to his heartbeat.

Song Qingshu smiled faintly, and remained expressionless.

“I gave you such a large dowry, what do you plan to give me in the future?” Su Quan suddenly raised her head and looked at Song Qingshu with a smile.

“It depends on how far I can reach in the end.” Song Qingshu didn’t answer her directly, his eyes became extremely deep, and no one knew what was going on in his heart.

“I hope it’s not too bad, otherwise I will suffer a loss.” Su Quan said with a pout.

“What if I can’t go on and return to my hometown to farm in seclusion?” Song Qingshu looked at her curiously.

“Hey, although the Mystic Dragon Island is not big, it does have a few acres of land. If you come to the Mystic Dragon Cult, I will reward you with the position of a male pet for the sake of old love and I will give you a few pieces of land to plant rice.” Su Quan’s long and charming eyes contained endless mischief.

“That would be too tragic.” Song Qingshu shivered all over his body, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while thinking of becoming the ‘male pet’ she just mentioned, “So you want to raise a male pet!” 

After speaking, he turned over and pressed her under his body, while his fingers proceeded to make a mess of Su Quan’s drenched flower petals down below. The extreme stimulation sent tremors down Su Quan’s spine, as she repeatedly begged for mercy.


Although the voyage was beautiful, the ship had to dock eventually. When Song Qingshu helped Su Quan get off the ship, he noticed the fiery eyes of the accompanying soldiers, and felt a little strange. He didn’t expect Fukang’an to be so popular that even ordinary soldiers looked at Su Quan with eyes full of hatred, ‘It seems that I have to protect her well.’

So his arms around Su Quan tightened even more. However, what he didn’t know that the target of these people’s hatred was, in fact, he himself.

The desolate and deserted streets along the way were very different from the last time he came to Shengjing. Feeling the murderous aura in the air, Song Qingshu frowned, and thought in his heart, ‘Could it be that Hongli plans to attack me in the street?’

Song Qingshu secretly squeezed Su Quan’s hand, signaling her to be more vigilant, and he also readied his skills to be on guard at every moment.

The accompanying soldiers had sent messengers to Prince Bao’s Palace to report their arrival, but unfortunately there was no news yet. Gradually, the expressions of the surrounding soldiers became more subdued. Song Qingshu sneered, understanding what these people were thinking. They must be thinking that Hongli was going to attack him for sure.

“Let’s go. It’s time to visit Prince Bao’s Palace.” Putting the tea bowl back on the table, Song Qingshu decided not to wait any longer. The other soldiers didn’t dare to stop him, but secretly guarded against his escape.

‘If I really want to run, can you people stop me?’ Song Qingshu smiled disdainfully, but didn’t care. He tightly held Su Quan’s hand, and walked towards Prince Bao’s mansion with firm steps.

Looking at the closed gate in front of him, Song Qingshu felt a little strange in his heart. A trace of doubt flashed on the face of the commander of the soldiers who were accompanying them, and he motioned his hands at his subordinates to knock on the gate.

A soldier was prepared to knock, but with just a light touch, the door opened automatically.

“The ‘Empty City’ strategy?”

Song Qing was a daring man, and after thinking that he would have to face Hongli anyway, he didn’t take this seriously. He boldly walked in, and a group of soldiers followed him.

Not long after walking in, Song Qingshu pulled Su Quan to his side and stopped. Although there was no one around, he had already sensed the aura of many people ambushing behind the pavilions.

“What’s wrong? Ah!” The commander was about to ask Song Qingshu why he had stopped, but suddenly a sharp arrow shot towards him, piercing his chest.

The scream of the commander seemed to be the cue to begin the attack, as it was followed by an overwhelming rain of arrows.

“Even shooting his own people, Hongli is quite cruel.” Seeing the screaming soldiers, Song Qingshu almost tried to help, but didn’t act in the end, thinking that if Hongli didn’t care about his subordinates, why should he?

Su Quan was protected by Song Qingshu in his arms. She could see that he was holding only a wooden sword. Sometimes he would tap lightly on the incoming arrow, and sometimes he just lightly flicked them away, all the while maintaining an air of tranquility.

Arrows were quickly piling up around the two of them, accompanied by the sound of arrows falling on the stone slab. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Song Qingshu saw that the last accompanying soldier had also fallen down. Even though they all were enemies and not allies, he still couldn’t restrain a trace of anger from the bottom of his heart. 

Therefore, he no longer kept himself limited to just shooting down arrows, but subtly changes the direction of the arrows, so that the arrows shot towards him would be guided to the source.

Screams were heard one after another, and not long after, a familiar voice sounded from afar.

“Stop shooting, stop shooting, it’s Master Song!”

Seeing that the man who was hurrying over was Duo Long , Song Qingshu was extremely shocked, “Director Duo, why are you here?”

Duo Long’s face was full of happiness, and he said with a smile, “The Emperor himself is here, so how can I not be here?”

“How is that possible?” Song Qingshu’s first reaction was that Duo Long was joking. It was not a secret that Kangxi and Hongli only maintained an act of harmony on the surface, and they wanted to kill each other in private. How could Kangxi come to Hongli’s headquarters in such a brainless manner?

“Lord Song, follow me to pay respects to the Emperor, he had been missing you very much recently.” Duo Long made a gesture of invitation.

“Where’s Prince Bao?” Song Qingshu found it quite hard to comprehend the situation he was in, and he even guessed that the Emperor Duo Long was talking about was Hongli. ‘Could it be that he was bought over by Hongli?’

“Prince Bao was suffering from a serious illness. The physicians couldn’t do anything, and he passed away a few days ago.” Although Duo Long’s words were respectful, it was hard to hide the glee in his heart, and an inexplicable meaning flashed in his eyes.

“Hongli is dead?” Song Qingshu naturally didn’t believe the claim that Hongli had died of an illness. When he heard that Kangxi had appeared in Shengjing City at such a coincident time, a terrible guess flashed in his mind, and he felt as if his hands and feet were going cold.

When he came to the main hall of Prince Bao’s Palace and saw that familiar figure, Song Qingshu’s last hope was shattered.

“Qingshu, the trip to Mystic Dragon Cult must have been exhausting. Is this the new Cult Master Su of the Mystic Dragon Cult?” Kangxi looked at the two people in the audience with a smile on his face.

“Su Quan, greets the Emperor.” Su Quan also felt baffled, ‘How could Kangxi appear in Hongli’s palace?’

“Your Majesty, what’s going on here?” Song Qingshu couldn’t bear the doubts in his heart anymore and asked.

“Official Song, you can congratulate Us. We have finally fully controlled the entire Qing Empire, hahahaha!” Although Kangxi usually had an air of calmness, he still couldn’t hide his pride and laughed out loud.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s silence, Kangxi smiled and said, “You must be very confused now, just ask if you have any doubts.”

“Is Prince Bao really dead?” Song Qingshu asked the most critical question.

A sneer appeared on the corner of Kangxi’s lips, “Of course he’s dead.”

“How did he die?” Song Qingshu asked.

“That’s not something you should ask…” Kangxi looked at him meaningfully, “Do you really want to hear it?”.

“Please tell me clearly.” Song Qingshu boldly replied.

Kangxi remained silent for a long time, and finally smiled and said, “Forget it, Official Song is not an outsider. What’s more, if We don’t share this shocking work with others, it will be like a night walk in brocade clothes.”

Duo Long suddenly trembled, and quickly knelt down and said, “This one will take his leave first.” Seeing Kangxi waving his hand, he quickly retreated, and closed the door on the way.

Su Quan was startled, thinking that there might be a terrifying conspiracy involved, considering that Duo Long, as the head of the inner guards, dared not listen to it! If she continued to stay here, she might get in trouble.

Song Qingshu noticed Su Quan’s worry, and asked her to stay here through voice transmission. Although Su Quan was puzzled, she still obediently stayed where she was, and just looked at him with doubts on her face.

The reason why Song Qingshu stopped Su Quan was because he thought of the rain of arrows that greeted him before. Since those people were all under Kangxi, it would be strange for them to not recognize him, especially when Duo Long ran out as soon as he started to counterattack. It couldn’t have been a coincidence. 

Now that Kangxi had gotten rid of Hongli and completely grasped the power of the Qing Empire, his existence had become quite problematic.

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