Chapter 299: On the verge of death

“Haha, I’m relieved to hear you say that.” Song Qingshu was overjoyed and ran happily out.

But Song Qingshu fell into a dilemma as soon as he left the room, whether to go left or right? At the left side was Zhou Zhiruo’s room, and at the right was Xia Qingqing’s room.

Thinking back to his messy relationship with Zhou Zhiruo, Song Qingshu let out a sigh. His feelings towards Zhou Zhiruo have been quite complicated all this time. At first it was the anger from being deceived, but after realizing that everything was just a misunderstanding, he felt a bit of guilt.

It’s just that Zhang Wuji was like a mountain, which left a huge shadow in his heart. So Song Qingshu had always wanted to become stronger and suppress that so-called rival in love.

Later, as Song Qingshu’s martial arts advanced to higher realms, along with the recent experience of being the emperor, he realized how narrow his previous thought process was.

Thinking that what he did before was just for revenge, Song Qingshu helplessly shook his head. Now he had learned to face everything with a light heart, and even if he wanted to deal with Zhang Wuji in the future, it would only be because he was a powerful opponent and had to be eliminated, not because of their personal grievances. ‘I don’t even care about Zhang Wuji anymore, so why should I worry about facing Zhou Zhiruo?’

Song Qingshu suddenly felt relieved, and decided to deal with Zhou Zhiruo first. As for whether the other party was willing to forgive him, it was all up to her.

When Song Qingshu pushed open the door and found Zhou Zhiruo lying quietly under the quilt like an orchid in the empty valley. He remembered that her clothes were all taken off by the maids following Duo Long’s order, and his heart skipped a beat.

Seeing him enter the room, Zhou Zhiruo just glanced at him lightly, and her eyes remained extremely calm.

Song Qingshu couldn’t help being surprised at her demeanor. He sat down beside the bed, and asked curiously, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Why should I be afraid?” Zhou Zhiruo coldly replied.

Song Qingshu was at a loss for words for a moment, and he felt quite depressed in his heart. Dongfang Muxue was not afraid as well, and it was due to the fact that she had guessed his identity. So what was the matter with Zhou Zhiruo, could it be that she had also seen through his identity?

“For example, you are lying naked on my bed now, and We just need to gently lift the quilt to enjoy your tender and supple body. Aren’t you afraid of that?” Song Qingshu held the corner of the quilt with his fingers, as if he was about to lift it .

Focusing all her attention on his actions, Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned red and then pale, and finally her voice revealed a slight fluctuation, “Could it be that my fear can stop you? Since it can’t, fear won’t help anyway, so why should I make a fool out of myself?”

“Huh?” Song Qingshu withdrew his hand upon hearing the words, “You are an interesting woman.”

Zhou Zhiruo remained silent.

“We heard that you are Song Qingshu’s wife. Did you come here to avenge him?” Originally, he planned to let her go without hesitation, but Song Qingshu’s heart suddenly moved, and he couldn’t help but use Kangxi’s identity to find out Zhou Zhiruo’s thought about him.

“You are the Emperor of the invaders, so getting rid of you is a righteous deed. As the leader of a well-known and upright sect belonging to the Han Chin*se martial arts community, it should be considered normal that I came to assassinate you.” Hearing him mention Song Qingshu, an incomprehensible feeling flashed across Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes. Was it love? She would definitely not agree, or was it hate? It didn’t seem like that either.

“So you won’t admit that it was because of Song Qingshu.” Hearing that Zhou Zhiruo didn’t mention him at all, Song Qingshu felt a little annoyed, “Then why didn’t you come to assassinate Us before, but you came after We killed Song Qingshu?”

“I don’t know either.” Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes flashed with confusion after being questioned repeatedly, and she herself began to rethink why she had come here today.

“If you came here to take revenge for Song Qingshu, We can’t let you go…” Song Qingshu cold snorted, “As the saying goes, if you cut the weeds, you have to get rid of the roots as well.”

Song Qingshu continued observing Zhou Zhiruo’s reaction as he spoke. Seeing her staring at him coldly, he changed the topic and continued, “But, We already know that you two were just husband and wife in name. As long as you say that you didn’t come here for Song Qingshu, We shall consider that you are very brave, and We can make an exception and let you go.”

“How do you know about me and him?” Zhou Zhiruo frowned. She had indeed married Song Qingshu, but they didn’t have the relationship similar to a normal couple— of course, the two times they connected was forced by Song Qingshu, so it didn’t count. 

‘I didn’t tell that to anyone, so how did Kangxi know it?’

Song Qingshu was startled, and knowing that he had slipped his tongue, he quickly explained, “In fact, We have always admired Song Qingshu, and We once intended to offer him a marriage, but he refused without hesitation.”

“Why, could it be that he thought the woman you gave him for the marriage was too ugly?” Zhou Zhiruo sneered, and thought that considering Song Qingshu’s lus*tful and shameless nature that really might’ve been the reason.

“Uh…” Song Qingshu was insulted by her and almost choked, so he depressedly said, “Of course not, he said he already had a wife.”

Zhou Zhiruo’s eyelashes trembled a few times, and she continued to calmly listen to him.

“That’s when We found out about Master Zhou.” Song Qingshu sighed, “We asked him, since he has a wife, why didn’t he bring her to Yanjing to live with him, and We can reward her with a official title.”

“He remained silent, and We found out about the complicated relationship between you and your husband after a bit of investigation.” Song Qingshu secretly let out a sigh of relief, “We told him, if that was the case, then so what, but he still refused without hesitation, saying that his wife in this life could only be Zhou Zhiruo of the Emei Sect.”

“Sometimes We wonder if Song Qingshu had agreed to my marriage offer back then, he might not have betrayed Us, and he would not have chosen a dead end.”

Listening to Kangxi’s slow narration, Zhou Zhiruo could not stop two lines of tears from falling down her cheek, and she asked, “Did he really say that?”

In fact, Song Qingshu was just spewing nonsense, so he couldn’t help but blush in shame even though he had a thick skin. But fortunately, he had a mask to hide that, so no flaws were revealed, as he quickly nodded and said, “Of course We don’t need ot lie for such a trivial matter. We have not reason to deceive you as well.”

Zhou Zhiruo recalled the past, and her mood became extremely shaken. She thought of Song Qingshu’s love for her before, and thought of the words he had said to her. 

[This Song Qingshu can betray the world, and he will not betray you, Zhou Zhiruo.] 

She stretched her body, and thought of the last of their time she had spent on the bed with him in the palace.

Song Qingshu saw that Zhou Zhiruo smiled for a moment, then her expression turned frosty, and then she began to heave, and at last she let but a sigh.

He had transmigrated and occupied the real Song Qingshu’s body. Although it was not intentional, he was still full of guilt for that lost soul. Since the original Song Qingshu had loved Zhou Zhiruo all his life, he wanted to take this opportunity to make Zhou Zhiruo remember him forever. And, he could also take this opportunity to make a final break with Zhou Zhiruo.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Zhou Zhiruo suddenly looked at Song Qingshu curiously.

“We don’t know either…” Song Qingshu smiled wryly, “Maybe I miss him a little bit.”

“Have you thought about the reason why you came to assassinate Us?” Song Qingshu stared closely in Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes, and found that he was suddenly feeling a bit nervous.

“I… I came here to avenge him.” Zhou Zhiruo hesitated at first, but she became more and more determined as time passed.

“Are you sure?” A hint of joy flashed in Song Qingshu’s heart, “You should know, We originally wanted to let you go.”

A faint smile appeared on Zhou Zhiruo’s icy face, “Although I wished for his death, I am the only one in the world who could kill him. If other people killed him, then I will naturally have to avenge him.”

“Why would you risk your life for a dead man?” Song Qingshu said with a frown, “It’s still not too late to change your mind.”

“I originally planned to kill him before committing suic*ide. Now that he is dead, no matter how great the hatred is, my wish is over. I will seek my revenge after death.” Zhou Zhiruo’s expression suddenly changed, and she spoke in a cold voice, “If the Emperor gives me a simple death, I will be very grateful to you. But if you want to do something shameless to me… even if I turn into a ghost, I will not let you go!”

“Shameless thing?” Song Qingshu rubbed his nose. ‘Do I really look like that kind of person? I blame Duo Long, people keep misunderstanding me for his deeds!’

“Master Zhou does need to be worried.”

“Actually, no matter what you choose, We did not intend to embarrass you considering my friendship with Song Qingshu in the past. You can go.”

“You are letting me go?” Zhou Zhiruo looked astonished, she clearly never expecting this kind of result.

Song Qingshu stood up, looked out of the window with his hands behind his back, and said,”Go, don’t come back after you leave.” 

At the same time, he said to himself in his heart, ‘Today I will break up with Zhou Zhiruo completely.’

There was silence behind him for a while, and suddenly a faint voice was heard, “How can I go like this?”

Song Qingshu understood her meaning, and quickly ordered the maid to bring a set of palace clothes. He put it on the bedside, and took out a gold medallion and put it on the clothes, “After you get dressed, you can leave the palace smoothly with this gold medallion… I will be leaving first. “

After speaking, he got up and was about to leave, but he heard Zhou Zhiruo’s slightly anxious voice, “My acupoint was sealed by you!”

“Almost forgot…” Song Qingshu slapped his head, and suddenly hesitated again, “You won’t try to kill me again once your acupoints are unsealed, right?”

“I escaped with much difficulty, I’m not that stupid.” Zhou Zhiruo sneered.

“That’s right.” Song Qingshu leaned over and was about to unseal her acupoints, but at that moment, a sudden change in the situation occurred… as a slender finger shot out from under the quilt and tapped his waist.

“You unsealed your acupoints?” Song Qingshu was taken aback, and soon came to his senses. 

Zhou Zhiruo had also studied the Nine Yin Scripture, and one of its chapters was about the method of unsealing acupoints. He was too immersed in the emotion of parting from Zhou Zhiruo, and unexpectedly forgot about this important information!

Zhou Zhiruo didn’t answer, she pursed her lips, and quickly tapped a few major acupoints on his chest before she finally feeling relieved. She then sat up and carefully wrapped her body with the quilt.

“You’re really too daring, you’re not even afraid of showing you skin.” Zhou Zhiruo’s snow-white skin was exposed for a moment when she had raised her hand to tap the acupuncture points just now, and with Song Qingshu’s skill, he could naturally see it clearly.

“It doesn’t matter if you look at me a few times, you’ll die soon anyway.” Zhou Zhiruo blushed, and subconsciously pulled the quilt around her body again.

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