Chapter 3: You Dare Touch My Brother?

Zhou Feng was taken aback by my shout. He gazed at me with an incredulous expression, as if he couldn’t fathom someone appearing in the woods at this hour.

On the contrary, Xu Xin seized the chance to kick Zhou Feng in the chest and dashed toward me while clutching her clothes. 

Zhou Feng appeared reluctant, and what struck me more was that there was not an ounce of remorse in his demeanor. Alas, it seems that this guy had no hope in his next life.

Xu Xin sought refuge behind me, while Zhou Feng regained his footing. Although the guy was a scu*m, one had to admire him… this guy was really a man!

Initially, Zhou Feng seemed inclined to challenge me, but when he assessed my stature, uncertainty clouded his intentions. He scrutinized me for a while, and then said, “You’re quite brave, there aren’t many at this school who would dare to disrupt my affairs. I’m Zhou Feng. What’s your name?”

Hearing Zhou Feng’s inquiry, I chuckled and put on a playful smile. 

‘Seriously? You want me to reveal my name, so that you can track me down afterwards?’

This guy, Zhou Feng, was truly stupid!

“Hey there! Call me Grandpa. Now let me see you call me Grandpa, my dear Grandson!” I responded while teasingly gazing at Zhou Feng. 

But Zhou Feng indeed proved to be every bit of a dimwit as I had anticipated. He shot me a harsh look and began, “Grandpa? I…” 

I swiftly interjected with amusement, “Oh! What a fine grandson! Receiving such a gratuitous grandson was indeed an unexpected boon!”

It was only then that Zhou Feng was able to comprehend my meaning. 

“Huh! If you’re from this school, you won’t be able to escape my grasp!” He asserted while clutching his hips and limping away from the woods.

After Zhou Feng was out of sight, Xu Xin emerged from her hiding place behind me. 

Tears still lingered on her cheeks, as she softly uttered, “Thank you…” 

Her gratitude caught me somewhat off guard; after all, us normies had little resistance to beautiful women.

I chuckled hesitantly, “N-no problem…” 

Xu Xin retained a composed expression as she cautioned me, “Zhou Feng excelled in his senior year of high school. You ought to be cautious; he’s capable of following through his words…”

Her words worried me quite a lot. I wasn’t afraid of one-on-one challenges, but in this world, such contests were rare. Group attacks were the norm. Reflecting on this, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of regret. 

‘Great! What do I now?’

Nonetheless, I couldn’t afford to lose face in front of a lovely lady, so I laughed it off, “Well, if that’s the case, I won’t mind taking care of him. Hey, if he wants to learn a lesson, then so be it!” 

I was putting on a facade, well aware that if Zhou Feng returned with reinforcements, Fatty, Zhang Yu, and I would be easily overwhelmed.

Xu Xin wiped her tears and introduced herself, “Xu Xin, Class 2, Grade 3.” 

I was taken aback and promptly responded, “Class 4, Grade 3, Xia Tian…”

“Xia Tian… what a nice name. Allow me to treat you to lunch today…” Xu Xin proposed with a smile.

It made me grumble in my mind. 

‘Do you truly find the name Xia Tian pleasing? What an absurd notion! That name sounded excessively effeminate, bordering on the pretentious side of things.’

I was born in the summer, and my surname happened to be Xia, thus my parents bestowed this unfortunate name upon me.

Before I could voice my thoughts, Xu Xin waved her farewell and vanished from my view. 

“Your girlfriend is very beautiful…” She commented before departing.

Only then did I recall that Su Mei’er was still by my side. So I hastily tried to clarify, “No, she’s not my…” 

But Xu Xin had already disappeared from sight.

“Grade 3, Class 2… Xu Xin… I can’t believe it! Isn’t she the number one beauty at No. 3 high school!” 

It only dawned on me after Xu Xin’s departure, why the name Xu Xin sounded so familiar. 

‘Could it be that I had unintentionally saved the school’s beauty?’ 

Now that I mulled over Xu Xin’s features, my heart stirred. Xu Xin was undeniably beautiful, albeit distinct from Su Mei’er’s beauty. Comparing the two, Su Mei’er was superior in my eyes. It was because Xu Xin’s figure left much to be desired…

“Hey, Xia Tian, who is this girlfriend that girl mentioned earlier?” Su Mei’er inquired. 

I responded with frustration, “Don’t worry about it, it’s just a figure of speech.”

“Oh…” Su Mei’er suddenly adopted a sincere expression, “I’m quite hungry.”

My curiosity was piqued, “What kind of food do you like to eat?” 

And Su Mei’er asked back, “How many kinds of food are there?” 

He question left me baffled. 

‘Just how clueless can she be?’

Anyways, I grabbed Su Mei’er’s hand and headed out of the woods.

As we approached the classroom, I abruptly halted.

Bringing Su Mei’er into the classroom was evidently out of the question. Concealing her presence from others was paramount, as I knew Fatty would blast me with questions if he discovered her.

Su Mei’er was reluctant to disclose her identity, fearing retribution if it were exposed. Her stunning beauty, however, would undoubtedly arouse everyone’s curiosity. She relied on my Yang Qi to conceal her Yin Qi and couldn’t leave my side. 

‘What should I do?’ Just as I contemplated our predicament, Su Mei’er asked, “Xia Tian, what’s the matter?” 

I sighed and conveyed my dilemma. I assumed Su Mei’er would sympathize with my predicament, but to my astonishment, she burst into laughter, and said, “That’s not a problem at all!” 

As she spoke, with a white flash and she suddenly vanished from sight!

“Mei’er? Where did you go?” I called out frantically when I found that Su Mei’er had disappeared. Then her voice suddenly resonated in my mind, “Silly, I’m hanging around your neck!” 

I directed my gaze toward my neck and discovered a platinum necklace, adorned with a silver nine-tailed fox pendant suspended from it.

After Su Mei’er clarified the situation, I was elated. Under normal circumstances, I couldn’t even afford a ten-yuan plastic Buddha, and now I was wearing a platinum necklace! 

Although it was the transformed Mei’er, it still thrilled me none the less. 

Su Mei’er, in her necklace form, was able to perform mental communication between us. Finally feeling relieved, I proceeded toward the classroom. 

However, immediately upon entering, I received a harsh blow to the head, courtesy of a textbook. 

Accompanying the blow was the thunderous roar of our teacher, the tigress, “Get out!”

I dared not linger and quickly went outside the classroom. 

Believe me when I say that the “tigress” was not to be trifled with! 

Beyond the classroom, I could hear Fatty and Brother Yu gloating at my misfortune.

“Why are you laughing? Isn’t this ridiculous? You two, get out and join him!” The tigress’s order compelled Fatty and Brother Yu to exit the classroom with sullen expressions.

I couldn’t conceal my joy upon witnessing that and burst into laughter, “Ha ha, that’s what you get for making fun of me!” 

However, before Fatty and Brother Yu could retaliate, the tigress issued another command, “The three of you, run ten laps around the playground for me!” 

This time, all three of us were flabbergasted.

Obliging the tigress’s orders, we begrudgingly embarked on our laps. 

Fatty and Brother Yu exchanged glances, their faces etched with chagrin, while I laughed heartily, “You think you would be alright after mocking me like that?” 

But just as I finished laughing and before Fatty and Brother Yu could enact their revenge, the tigress intervened once more, “You three, another ten laps!”

Since the tigress had spoken, we had no choice but to comply. 

The three of us exchanged resigned glances and made our way to the playground.

“I blame this idiot Xia Tian!” Fatty complained while glaring at me. 

Brother Yu was more direct, attempting to kick me, but I deftly evaded and pleaded, “Come on, Brother Yu, please spare me this time!”

Zhang Yu smirked menacingly, “I’m going to make you regret it today!” 

As the three of us commenced our laps, I managed to outpace the two hapless comrades thanks to my height advantage.

As we ran, a considerable number of individuals congregated on the playground. 

Zhang Yu remarked with a grin as he looked at fatty, “I wonder who this idiot has crossed this time.”

Fatty wore a guilty expression, “Do you think they’re looking for us?”

As the group drew nearer, I identified Zhou Feng as their leader. So I gulped and admitted, “I’m afraid they’re here for me…” 

Fatty and Zhang Yu nodded in agreement, as their faces mirrored my apprehension.

I addressed Fatty and Zhang Yu, “Hurry up and leave. This guy is looking for me!” 

I pushed them back, but Zhang Yu pushed me back, and retorted, “Hey, you think we will just leave? This Brother will stand by you!” Despite Zhang Yu’s bravado, I noticed Fatty trembling and turning pale.

“Did you think you could get away? Let me teach you a lesson!” Zhou Feng declared as he approached me with his entourage.

Before I could react, a slim guy with yellow hair, a cigarette dangling from his lips, sauntered out of the crowd, oozing arrogance. “Brother Feng, no need to trouble yourself. Allow this brother to educate him!” he proposed, smacking me across the face. 

The pain was intense; despite his slender frame, the slap landed with force. The corner of my mouth, still sore from Mei’er’s bite, began bleeding again, and I felt myself drifting into a daze.

Before I could recover, the guy prepared to strike me again. But his hand was halted by another. 

Zhang Yu’s voice reverberated, “Hey, idiot! Lay another finger on my brother, and you’ll regret it!” 

With that, Zhang Yu slapped him and followed up with a kick to his chest. 

The guy howled in agony, writhing on the ground. 

Zhou Feng and his gang stood in stunned silence, and I regained my senses, astounded by Zhang Yu’s bold action.

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