Chapter 306: Princess

“Your trip to the south is full of dangers, I will not waste your energy.” After a moment of silence, Dongfang Muxue shook her head.

“Is that so.” Song Qingshu fell into silence as he thought about it.

“One of you is blushing, the other is disappointed. What kind of riddles are you playing?” Xia Qingqing couldn’t help but ask in confusion.

“It’s nothing.” The two spoke up in unison, and couldn’t help but smile at each other when they saw the other party had said the same thing.

At the moment, Song Qingshu felt that he finally understood Dongfang Muxue’s concerns. She didn’t want to turn the relationship between the two into a business deal, so she rejected his hint.

Song Qingshu also realized that it would be too naive of him to want to conquer Dongfang Muxue simply relying on a physical relationship. 

These days he had become quite familiar with that exquisite and perfect face, so he had forgotten that the face actually belonged to the ruthless and decisive Dongfang Bubai. If she really had other thoughts, piercing a simple membrane would not mean anything, not to mention with Dongfang Muxue’s temperament, she might have pierced that membrane by her own hands…

“Well, when Miss Xue wants to heal her wounds, just ask, I am willing to work like a dog and a horse, and do my absolute best.” After thinking about everything, Song Qingshu no longer pushed forward. Since Dongfang Muxue was willing to let his hand to explore her most private place, she had already made enough statements, and he didn’t need to push her any further than that.

“What nonsense!” Dongfang Muxue naturally understood what Song Qingshu was referring to when he said that he’d do his absolute best, so she couldn’t help giving him a blank look.

Although Xia Qingqing couldn’t understand the secret exchange between the two, the natural sensitivity of a woman made her aware of the incoming crisis, and she urged Song Qingshu to set off southward as soon as possible.

Although Song Qingshu didn’t want to part with the unparalleled beauties of the imperial palace, he knew that with the two women Dongfang Muxue and Xia Qingqing around him, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy life as much as before. 

What’s more, he himself knew that the business at hand  was very important. So after speeding up the discussion and carefully considering all the details of the plan, Song Qingshu and Xia Qingqing embarked on a journey southward to Shandong.


“Brother Song, what is the background of that Miss Xue?”

Xia Qingqing had always been curious about the mysterious Dongfang Muxue, and within a few days of leaving Yanjing City, she couldn’t help herself, and asked.

“She is a peculiar woman with great ambitions.”

Song Qingshu didn’t know how to introduce Dongfang Muxue to her. How could he tell Xia Qingqing that she was Dongfang Bubai who killed her husband?

“So she has such a high status in Brother Song’s heart.” Xia Qingqing’s tone was full of jealousy.

“Youyou, you are different from her. To me, she is more like a partner who is both an opponent and a friend, but you are the person I trust the most.” Song Qingshu actually didn’t lie. With the things they had experienced together, their relationship had long surpassed the boundary of mere lovers.

“Brother Song~” Xia Qingqing felt sweet in her heart, she looked at Song Qingshu with eyes full of admiration, and even her voice softened a little.

“We’ve been on the road for so long, let’s go to the inn ahead to have some food and rest.” Song Qingshu said while holding Xia Qingqing’s soft little hand, and pointed to a restaurant not far away.

“Yes.” Xia Qingqing nodded sweetly.

“Esteemed guests, what do you want to eat? Our food and drink here are the most famous within a hundred miles.” As soon as the two entered the door, the shop waiter greeted them graciously. 

His years of experience as a waiter allowed him to recognize the status of the two people at a glance. ‘These two must be big customers! The man is imposing and the woman is charming and beautiful, and their clothes are made of exquisite materials, so they must have cost a lot of money!’

Song Qingshu didn’t disappoint him. After sitting down in a quiet place, he picked the most expensive and exquisite dishes and the best wine in their shop. To normal people, everything he casually ordered was very expensive.

Not long after the two settled down, there was a commotion at the door. A group of men with horses entered in a line. The first were a few well-dressed warriors, each with a bow on their back and a quiver at their waist. As soon as they entered, they moved to guard each vital point in the inn.

A young man in brocade clothes walked in surrounded by a crowd of people, accompanied by a beautiful woman. The woman was over 30 years old, but that didn’t leave any traces on her face. 

The man was extremely pretty. “His” eyes were black, clear as limpid water, and the skin color of his hand holding the woman was as white as jade, anyone could see that “he” was a woman disguised as a man.

“This person’s ability to disguise herself as a man needs to be improved.” Xia Qingqing used to travel around the Wulin. For the sake of convenience, she often changed into men’s clothes. Few people could see through her disguise. 

Even He Tieshou, the dignified leader of the Five Poisons Cult, was fascinated by her handsome appearance. under. Therefore, Xia Qingqing naturally looked down on this “young man” in brocade clothes, and couldn’t help pursing her lips and chuckling.

“She didn’t deliberately hide the fact that she is a woman.” Song Qingshu sighed, but he was surprised in his heart, ‘Why is she here?’

“Aunt, this niece felt distressed when I saw you look depressed all day long. This time I am going to the south of the Yangtze River, so I begged Great Khan to let aunt come out to relax together. So Aunt won’t blame me right?” The man sat down in a window seat, and a faint dimple appeared on the corner of his lips.

“Who in the entire prairie doesn’t know that Minmin, you have a clever mind, and this aunt doesn’t believe that you really don’t know about my matters…” The beautiful woman snorted, looked at the green branches outside the window, and sighed lightly, “Jiangnan is the place where I experienced heartbreak. I originally planned to live alone in the prairie for the rest of my life and never set foot in the Central Plains, but I didn’t expect that after only ten years, I would have to brake the vow I made that day.”

“Aunt, there are so many good men on the grassland, why do you have to wallow in a past relationship? I have also heard about the events of that year. The Great Khan was so generous that he betrothed you to him. However, that person changed sides as soon as he entered the Central Plains, and even concealed his marriage contract and went to Peach Blossom Island to ask for marriage. He is really a heartless person. Unfortunately, people in Song Dynasty still regard him as a great hero, hmph!” 

The “young man” clearly felt sorry for her aunt and the more she talked about it, the more angry she became.

(G: They are talking about Guo Jing. Check out the wiki to know more.)

The beautiful woman shook her head slightly, and stopped the “young man” in brocade clothes from continuing, “He was originally from the Song Dynasty, so it is understandable for him to oppose the Great Khan for the court of the Song Dynasty. What’s more, I was confused for a while and indirectly killed his mother. Speaking of that, I feel sorry for him more.” 

It has been nearly twenty years since that matter happened, and it still hurt her heart to mention it at the moment.

Seeing the sad look on his aunt’s brow, the “young man” in brocade clothes said angrily, “He might’ve been from the Song Dynasty, but Mongolia took him in when he and his mother was in dire straights, and worked hard to raise him for more than ten years. Forgetting all that, he helped the Song people deal with Mongolia, he is really a wolf!”

The “young man” in brocade clothes usually wouldn’t have lost her composure like she did, but that mans relationship with her aunt aroused another hatred in her heart, which inevitably made her a little emotional.

“I don’t understand the inner workings of these nations. Since he made such a choice, he must have had his own reasons.” The beautiful woman’s expression darkened, “These things are out of our control. Minmin, you should also have a deep understanding of this matter.”

A wry smile appeared on the face of the “young man” in brocade clothes, “We both fell in love with a Han. Unfortunately, they were all incompatible with our Mongolian Empire.”

The beautiful woman lightly patted the back of her hand as a sign of comfort, and she couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh.

Even though the two girls talked in a low voice, with Song Qingshu’s current attainments, he could still hear them clearly, and he became sure that the “young man” was naturally Zhao Min, and the older woman should be Hua Zheng, who had a marriage contract with Guo Jing in the past.

When he had just transmigrated to this world, he got to meet Zhao Min once in Shaoshi Mountain. He remembered her as a proud girl as bright as a rose, but now there was a trace of fatigue between her brows. 

Song Qingshu can’t help but be a little dazed when he recalled everything that happened in the past.

“Brother Song, what’s wrong with you?” Xia Qingqing looked at him strangely, “Could it be that you know them?”

“We’ve met once, so she can be considered an acquaintance.” Song Qingshu shook his head, thinking of the time when he planned to conquer Zhao Min to revenge Zhang Wuji, he couldn’t help laughing.

“I am curious about what their plan is for going south to the Central Plains.” Song Qingshu fell into deep thought.

“State Teacher, you have fought against Guo Jing many times. In your opinion, is Guo Jing a real gentleman or a hypocrite?” Zhao Min suddenly turned and looked at a yellow-robed monk beside her and asked.

Hearing Zhao Min’s respectful tone, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but curiously take a look, and noticed a monk whose body was like a bamboo pole. He was tall but very thin, with a slightly sunken forehead like a plate, and a wheel-shaped weapon on his elbow. 

He was startled, ‘Could it be Monk Jinlun? Isn’t he the number one expert under Kublai, why is he with Zhao Min, the daughter of Prince Ruyang?

It’s no wonder that Song Qingshu was suspicious, Temujin was getting old, and the next Khan was still undecided, so all the kings were eager to make a move. 

The most powerful amongst the princes were Kublai who managed the Central Plains, Xuliewu who conquered the West, Alibuge who stayed behind on the prairie, and Chaghan Temür, the Prince of Ruyang who managed the Western Regions. 

The Prince of Ruyang has always maintained a neutral attitude towards the rivalry between the other princes.

But now that Kublai’s people were accompanying Zhao Min, Song Qingshu inevitably wondered whether Chaghan Temür had secretly formed an alliance with Kublai.

In fact, Song Qingshu was just overthinking, Monk Jinlun was here to protect Hua Zheng, not Zhao Min. Although Temujin had many sons, he had only four legitimate sons— Jochi, Chagatai, Ogodei, and finally Tolui.

In the process of Mongolia’s conquest of the world, they died one after another, and the descendants of each line also suffered heavy losses. The current situation was that the most powerful princes, namely— Kublai, Xuliewu, and Alibuge were all from Tolui’s line.

Hua Zheng was Temujin’s only surviving daughter, and she has always had the best relationship with Tolui. So when he learned that she was going south to the Central Plains, Kublai immediately dispatched his top expert Monk Jinlun to protect her. As for whether he was taking the opportunity to get his aunt to his side, it was unknown.

“Reporting to Princess Shaomin, Guo Jing is indeed a gentleman.” Hearing Zhao Min’s question, Monk Jinlun hesitated for a moment, and finally said.

“The State Teacher, as his enemy, has such an evaluation. Then that man must not be all bad. That man is proficient in the art of war, strong in martial arts, and has won the hearts of the people. He is really a serious problem for Mongolia.” Zhao Min remained silent for a moment, and licked her red lips, “I dare to ask the State Teacher, how does Guo Jing’s martial arts compare to the State Teacher?”

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