Chapter 32: Conflict from Desire VI (part 2)

Bianca couldn’t hide her laughter as she giggled at the thought of what would happen in the future. 

Seeing Bianca like that, I realized once again that she was a girl with a not-so-good personality.

“I know nothing else about the habits of rats. If it’s for their own gain, those ba*tards who are going crazy and trying to devour our flesh won’t just watch. Now what do you think about you and my engagement?”

“…especially in this situation where a huge amount of 20% of the net profit from Kitelen ore is flowing directly to the Estel family, isn’t it?”

“Right. That’s correct. You’re pretty quick-witted, Cain.”


Certainly, it seemed hard to find a better way to get the rats out of their burrows than this. The union of the two families that have been at odds for a thousand years, and the enormous interests that secretly come and go between them. As Bianca said, if they had infiltrated the Castana marquis family, they would react to this unexpected situation in their own way.

I did a quick mental calculation. Solving the mystery related to Sarah at the cost of a brief play didn’t seem like a bad business. If I could clear one debt to the Castana marquis family, it would be an even better deal.

“Bianca. Before that, there is something I want to ask you.”

“What do you want to ask? What?”

“If I were to be betrothed to you, what would it be like…”


“Do we have to act like a lover in public? Then no matter how I think about it…”

I think it might be a stretch. No matter how hard I tried to think kind thoughts, just looking at Bianca’s face would bring back the memories I had accumulated with her in the past.

“Well, that’s true… but can you stop worrying about trivial things like that? I’ll take care of everything, so you just need to offer your body. Did you understand?”


I was already worried about whether I could play the role of this girl’s fiancé. No, thinking about it, I couldn’t even accept the girl’s proposal to create a situation where we were alone. I guess it was all the result of my karma, and I could only lament the reality that I could just complain about.

“Great. Before I answer your suggestion, I want to ask you one more question.”

“There are a lot of questions today. Yes, tell me.”

Seeing Bianca’s expression that she would answer anything she could, I asked a question about the sense of incongruity that had filled my head ever since I read the letter from the Marquis of Castana.

“Kitelen ore that was found in the fault zone, is that real?”

Yes. A rare ore that was suddenly found in the border area between the two families. No matter what I thought or assumed, the existence of the ore could not be explained at all. Does it make sense that an ore not found before the regression would just pops up out of nowhere in this life?

“Huh, sharp, Cain.”

To my question, Bianca answered with a smile on her lips as if she were genuinely happy.

“Your guess is correct. It’s fake. But I can’t say it’s completely fake. Because the fault zone is actually filled with Kittelen ore. However, its the purity is so low that it is not worth mining.”


Was it like that? If that’s the case, then the fact that she came herself rather than sending an envoy from the Marquis of Castana to discuss the profitability of ore was nothing more than a play to bring the rats out.

“Then, were all the matter about giving 20% of the profits just talk?”

“Exactly. Are you worried that we’ll refuse to give the money? At least know that I have no intention of doing that.”

After saying that, Bianca spread out two fingers and waved them in front of me.

“I’ll give you 20% of the net profit from the sale of artifacts from the Castana Marquis family this year. What do you think?”

“In return, will I pretend to be your fiancé?”

“Right. Do you think it’s a good deal for you? As the Marquis of Castana, this is a proposal that I prepared with considerable loss.”

Certainly, receiving that kind of money for a few days of acting was quite a profitable business.

“Hmmm, it seems that they you’re really determined to catch them. What kind of damage did they inflict on the Castana family to make you try so hard?”

For me, it was nothing more than a simple question thrown without much thought. But at that moment, I didn’t miss the sharp glare from Bianca’s eyes.

“You’re asking that question? Those rats want you to…”


At my question, Bianca momentarily put on an expression of regret.

“No, forget it. It’s nothing. This is just a personal matter. So, will you accept my offer or not?”

What was it? I was quite concerned about Bianca’s unspoken words, but I felt that I shouldn’t be hasty in asking questions. As Bianca said, it was clear that there was something personal involved.

“Okay, I will accept your offer. Then, what specifically should I do?”

To my question, Bianca gave an answer as if she had waited.

“Two weeks from now, you can visit the Marquis of Castana. The official business is the engagement ceremony. We’ll finish the detailed preparations here, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“I like it because it’s so simple.”

“Isn’t it? It’s a very simple thing. We can do it well. I’ve known you since I was little. It’s no big deal to pretend to be a lovable fiance that suits you.”

With that said, Bianca turned away from me.

“Then see you in two weeks. My one and only fiance in the world, Cain von Estel. And…my love.”

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