Chapter 330: Doomed

“Who do you want me to look for at this time? Aren’t you just trying to make things difficult?” Zhao Min said with eyes filled with tears.

“Oh?” Song Qingshu looked regretful, “Then I guess there is no other way.” After saying that, he started to fiddle with her skirt with his fingers.

“Song Qingshu, there is no shortage of beauties around you. Why do you want to create such a big enmity with Mongolia just for a moment of pleasure?” Zhao Min’s voice gradually calmed down, and she didn’t give up on her efforts, “As long as you let me go today, I promise that I won’t hold a grudge for what happened today, and I can promise you whatever you want within my power.”

Seeing the interested expression on Song Qingshu’s face, Zhao Min continued, “I won’t deny that I am beautiful, but compared to my beauty, my status as princess may be more useful. You are a smart person, why bother to lose everything?”

Song Qingshu put his head close of her, looked at the fragile skin in front of his eyes, and smiled faintly, “But in my eyes, the Princess is much more important than your identity.”

He wasn’t lying. He had watched “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” in his previous life, and he was full of good feelings for this strange woman who was full of wit and tricks, but could give everything up without hesitation for her lover. He held strong admiration towards her in his heart.

“If the Princess is willing to tell me what happened between you and Zhang Wuji, maybe I will let you go.” Song Qingshu said with a slight smile.

Zhao Min hesitated, but finally, she gave a cold snort, turned her head away, and responded with silence.

“Then there’s nothing I can do.” Song Qingshu rubbed his hands together and stretched out toward her juicy mounds.

“Song Qingshu, if you dare to touch me, in the future I will definitely tear you to pieces and eradicate the Wudang Sect.” At the moment, Zhao Min finally despaired, knowing that she might not be able to keep her innocence after tonight.

“Tsk! Tsk!” Song Qingshu straightened up and looked at her with a frown, “Actually, I didn’t want to hurt the Princess, but if I stop now, wouldn’t it appear that I’m afraid of your threat?”

“Really?” Zhao Min clearly heard his words and was overjoyed.

“That’s naturally true, since I haven’t done anything yet.” With a flick of Song Qingshu’s finger, Zhao Min’s acupoints were quickly unsealed.

As soon as Zhao Min got out of trouble, she bit her lower lip and raised her hand to slap Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu tilted his head back, easily dodged it, and said with a depressed expression, “The Princess really doesn’t know how to be grateful.”

“Who told you to bully me?” Zhao Min said with her lips pouted. She was really terrified just now, and there were still tears in her eyes.

“I was just joking with you.” Song Qingshu smiled.

“Who jokes like that!” Zhao Min angrily said.

“I was just curious about how Princess Shaomin would react in this kind of situation.” Song Qingshu proudly laughed.

“Are you satisfied now?” Zhao Min was ashamed and angry at the thought of her embarrassing state just now.

“The evil desire in my heart has been satiated, so of course I am satisfied.” Song Qingshu didn’t know what to think, and quietly sighed, “Fortunately, the Princess met the current me. If it was the me in the past, it would’ve been difficult for me to control myself in this situation.”

Zhao Min blushed, then she subconsciously tightened her collar, and looked at him strangely, “The past you?”

“Yes.” Song Qingshu sighed, full of regret.

Zhao Min’s mind became alert, and soon her heart moved, as she asked, “After the Lion Slaughter Assembly, you obviously went back to Emei with Zhou Zhiruo, but I later heard that you were wandering around the Wulin by yourself. What did Zhou Zhiruo do?”

Song Qingshu was startled, he didn’t expect that she would be able to guess something just from his change of expression, and he calmly said, “Of course the Princess wants me to do something to Zhou Zhiruo, so that she won’t be able to steal your Brother Wuji from you.”

“Nonsense!” After he changed the subject, Zhao Min’s cheeks burned and she snorted.

“Okay, I don’t have time to chat with you. I have to go out for a while.” Song Qingshu stood up.

“Where are you going?” Zhao Min was taken aback.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Song Qingshu replied.

Zhao Min rolled her eyes, pursed her lips and said with a smile, “I’m afraid you’re going to find a girl in the bro*thel.”

“Princess, has anyone ever told you that a woman won’t be able to marry if she’s too smart?” Song Qingshu said.

“There are too many people standing in line in front of Ruyang Prince’s Mansion, so you don’t have to worry about that.” Zhao Min gave him an angry look.

“Let’s leave this kind of thing to Zhang Wuji.” Song Qingshu smiled, “I only have one headache now.”

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Min was stunned.

“What if you ran away after I leave?” Song Qingshu looked at Zhao Min quietly.

Just now, she really had been thinking about how to escape, but when he saw through her intention, Zhao Min showed a forced smile, “How could that be, I am seriously injured now, and this place is the territory of the Jin Empire. If I walk out of this house, I will definitely be chased to death. I’m not that stupid.”

Song Qingshu shook his head, “The Princess doesn’t necessarily need to travel out herself, as long as you quietly spread the news after you leave, Monk Jinlun, Xuanming Elders and the others will naturally find you.”

“Has anyone ever told you that a man won’t be able to attract a woman if he is too smart?” Zhao Min sullenly sat still with her arms folded on her chest.

“I can always attract some silly girls.” Song Qingshu laughed.

“Then what do you think we should do?” Zhao Min couldn’t understand what he intended to do, and gave him a hard look.

Song Qingshu raised his hand, and a beam of finger energy hit Zhao Min’s waist. The other party showed a look of disbelief, and fell back on the bed again.

“It would be safe in this way, and I’ll unseal your acupoints when I come back.” Song Qingshu supported her shoulders and slowly put her down.

“Who says it’s safe!” Zhao Min said anxiously when she saw Song Qingshu turning around to leave, “You sealed my acupoints, what if… what if…” She couldn’t think of a reason for a moment.

“What if?” Song Qingshu paused.

“What if… what if some bad guy comes, and… and I have no power to resist, then what should I do?” In the blink of an eye, Zhao Min finally thought of a reason that was not really a reason, but in her heart, she was also very clear that with Madame Tang’s status, how could her house lack any security.

Unexpectedly, when Song Qingshu heard her words, his expression became serious. 

It turned out that Zhao Min’s words reminded Song Qingshu of the plot where Xiao Longnu was insulted by Yin Zhiping in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. Xiao Longnu also had her acupints sealed by Ouyang Feng, when he and Yang Guo left to go outside for a while, but Yin Zhiping came out to take advantage of her. 

‘I’m afraid it will take some time for me to come back. If someone like Yin Zhiping, Zeng Zhibing or something really come during that time, it will be quite tragic.’

Seeing that Song Qingshu’s face suddenly turned red and then pale, Zhao Min didn’t understand what was wrong with him, and she didn’t dare to speak out to disturb him. How could she know that what she had said just now brought back a trauma from Song Qingshu’s childhood.

Turning his eyes to Madame Tang who had fallen asleep, Song Qingshu’s heart moved, and he made up his mind, “There is a way.”

“What?” Zhao Min looked at Song Qingshu suspiciously, and saw that he was pointing at Madame Tang’s acupoints, and with a moan, Madame Tang gradually woke up.

“What will we do when she wakes up and sees me?” Zhao Min was startled when she considered the fact that she had just heard such a big secret from her while hiding under the quilt.

Song Qingshu smiled and said nothing. Seeing Madame Tang slightly opened her eyes, he said in a strange tone, “Look at me, look into my eyes…” His voice sounded very ethereal and mysterious.

Zhao Min also curiously looked into his eyes, and saw that his eyeballs seemed have turned all black, like a huge vortex sucking her in! 

Zhao Min quickly looked away in shock, and was so frightened that she broke out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, Zhao Min had just taken a glance from the side, and Song Qingshu wasn’t really targeting her, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to break free.

“Yes…” Madame Tang’s eyes gradually became blurred, and she replied in a daze.

“Madame Tang, this person is Song Qingshu. Tonight, you will stay by her side and never leave her. Keep her safe and don’t allow anyone to disturb you…” Song Qingshu pointed at Zhao Min and said in a commanding tone.

“Young Master Song…” Madame Tang glanced at Zhao Min, her eyes were blank at first, and soon a strange look appeared in her eyes.

“Okay, it’s all right now.” Song Qingshu deactivated the Bewitching Technique, and looked at Zhao Min with a smile.

Seeing that Madame Tang had really regarded her as Song Qingshu, Zhao Min was shocked, “What kind of sorcery was that?”

“The Princess should know now that I don’t really mean you any harm, otherwise I could make you strip yourself and sneak into my bed to seduce me with just some casual words.” Song Qingshu lightly said.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s evil words, Zhao Min blushed, “Don’t even think about it!”

“Oh?” Song Qingshu smiled, “It seems that the Princess doesn’t believe in this skill, do you want to try?”

“Ah! Don’t!” Zhao Min closed her eyes in panic, thinking what she should do if the other party really had evil intentions. After hearing his words, she imagined the scene where she was willingly using her body to please him, and she got goosebumps all over her body.

After a while, seeing that there was no movement around her, Zhao Min quietly opened her eyes to look. She was worried that Song Qingshu was deliberately luring her to open her eyes, so at first her eyes only opened a small slit.

She found that Song Qingshu had long since disappeared. After Zhao Min breathed a sigh of relief, a sense of loss suddenly rose in her heart.

“Young Master is injured and unable to move, so this Concubine will serve you, and you can just enjoy the gentleness of this Concubine.” When Zhao Min was in a daze, Madame Tang’s extremely sweet voice came to her ears.

“Hey, hey, I’m not Song Qingshu!” Zhao Min panicked, thinking of the time when Madame Tang was about to serve Song Qingshu. Now that she woke up, she was confused by Song Qingshu’s technique again, so she logically regarded her as a Song Qingshu, and continued their unfinished action from before.

“Young Master, you must be joking, these eyebrows, this nose, these lips…how could you not be Young Master Song.” Madame Tang slowly slid her fingertips across Zhao Min’s delicate face, and smiled foolishly.

Being touched all over by Madame Tang’s fingertips, Zhao Min felt a strange feeling coursing through her body, but before she could react, she suddenly felt cold air hit her neck, as Madame Tang had unbuttoned the front of her clothes.

“Don’t…” As soon as Zhao Min opened her mouth, she felt Madame Tang’s gentle and moist lips kis*sing her snow-white and slender neck. It was as if an electric current had flashed through her body, and all her remaining words slowly turned into sweet nasal hums.

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