Chapter 405: Shui Jian’s Niece

“Why do you women like to ask this question?” Song Qingshu said with a bitter smile, “You are at most one or two years older than her. From now on, if you call her sister, she can call you sister.”

Ajiu gave him a resentful look, “You clearly know that’s not what I meant by asking.”

Of course Song Qingshu knew what she meant by asking. He understood that women in this world attach great importance to the issue of status. Whether they were wives or concubines was of great importance.

But how could he answer such a question? 

Unable to resist the pitiful look in Ajiu’s eyes, Song Qingshu had no choice but to say, “In my hometown, there is no distinction between wives and concubines. In the future, all of you will be my wives, and I will treat each of you equally.”

Ajiu was shocked by his shocking idea and couldn’t help but say, “How is that possible…”

It’s no wonder she didn’t believe it. Since the Western Zhou Dynasty, these etiquette and customs had been passed down from generation to generation, and the concept of wives and concubines had penetrated into the bones of everyone.

Leaving aside other things, the status of wives and concubines was related to a woman’s status in the family, which in turn affected the status of the children she gave birth to and their future inheritance rights.

Only the first wife could enter the family tree, and the son born to her would be regarded as the legitimate heir and would have the right to inherit the family. The children of other concubines and even the so-called common wives would all have no say in the matter…

Seeing Ajiu’s disbelief, Song Qingshu said with a serious expression, “This is indeed what I really think in my heart.”

Ajiu was startled. Seeing that his tone did not sound like a joke, she thought to herself, ‘Could what he said be true?’

Ajiu, who was raised in the imperial family since childhood naturally didn’t believe that his naive idea could be realized, and then smiled brightly, “Young Master Song, I can be your concubine, it doesn’t even matter if I don’t have a title, but you have to agree to one condition.”

Song Qingshu was stunned, “What conditions?”

“If you can rule the world, after our child is born in the future, you have to seal some of the land of the Ming Dynasty to him and let him inherit the country of the Ming Dynasty.”

She had been in contact with Song Qingshu for a long time, especially after knowing that he had killed Kangxi and concealed the truth, Ajiu was happy but also secretly frightened. She knew that with his ambition, he might not be satisfied with just rebelling against the Qing Dynasty and then restoring the Ming Dynasty.

Originally, as a woman, after getting married, it was her duty to follow her husband, so she also thought that as long as Song Qingshu could fight against the Qing Dynasty, it wouldn’t matter if she regained her Ming Dynasty or not in the end.

However, as a descendant of the Ming Dynasty imperial family, Ajiu really couldn’t let go of the heavy responsibility on her shoulders. At the moment, she was using her influence and Ming Dynasty’s orthodox status to help Song Qingshu. And if that ended up helping others without any benefits, she would really be letting down the ancestors of the MIng Dynasty.

So Ajiu thought about it and finally came up with a way to get the best of both worlds.

“You have really endured too many things that ordinary girls don’t need to bear,” Song Qingshu reached out to caress her cheek with compassion, and then nodded solemnly, “Okay, I promise you.”

“Really?” Ajiu looked at him with some disbelief. 

It had to be known that this world attached great importance to the concept of ancestry. Almost no man was willing to let his son follow a woman’s surname, not to mention that it involved the territorial authority.

After Qin Shihuang abolished feudalism and established prefectures and counties, later dynasties almost no longer enfeoffed the countries like the Zhou Dynasty. After the Han and Jin dynasties, there was a “Rebellion of Seven Kingdoms” and a “Rebellion of Eight Kings”. Later rulers were even more concerned about enfeoffment. In order to be careful, often times the title of “King” would be just an empty shell in name only.

Ajiu was still moved, but then she heard Song Qingshu say with a smile, “Anyway, domination of the world is still far away for me. Using a promise to deceive a noble princess into committing herself is a good deal no matter how you look at it. It’s a profitable business.”

“You!” Before Ajiu could get angry, Song Qingshu suddenly took her in his arms, and his solemn voice rang in her ears, “Believe me, Ajiu.”

Ajiu was stunned for a moment, and then she hummed and pressed her face tightly against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

After a long time, seeing that he still didn’t let go of her, Ajiu felt a little embarrassed. Worried about being seen by passers-by, she quickly pushed him away and said with feigned resentment, “Anyway, I have to help you even if I regret it later. I can only blame myself for being stupid.” 

‘Yes, I was deceived by you from the very beginning.’ She added in her heart, as she remembered their sweet memories of the past.

Seeing her mentioning the incident in Shengjing again, Song Qingshu immediately retorted with a guilty conscience, “That’s not a lie, I really wanted to save you.”

“Really?” Ajiu said with a half-smile, “Did you really have no other way to save me?”

“Of course not!” Song Qingshu said seriously.

“I wonder who carried the seriously injured Mongolian princess not long ago and rushed from Shandong to Kaifeng to seek medical treatment from a famous murderer in less than a day?” Ajiu had been inquiring about Song Qingshu, so naturally she knew that he took Zhao Min to seek medical treatment. .

Song Qingshu began to sweat and explained nonchalantly, “That’s different.”

“Oh, what’s the difference? Why didn’t you save her the same way you saved me?” Ajiu looked at him slyly.

Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘I can’t just say that I tried, but later thought that method was a little too shameless, can I?’ 

Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind, and he said in a hasty voice, “She was not injured as seriously as you at the time, so naturally I didn’t need to use that ultimate weapon.”

Hearing his use of adjective, a blush flashed across Ajiu’s face, and she couldn’t help but snap, “I’m afraid she didn’t let you use that method, right? I’ve heard that Mongolian Princess Shaomin is as smart as a fox. Compared with her, I was so stupid that I believed your lies.”

Song Qingshu said anxiously, “Your life was indeed at stake at that time, and I couldn’t tolerate any delay.”

Seeing his nervous look, Ajiu couldn’t help but chuckle, “Silly, I was teasing you on purpose. Anyway… thinking about it now, it doesn’t seem like it was a bad thing to believe you in the first place. It felt pretty… good.”

“Wow, you actually teased me!” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to tickle her.

Ajiu dodged and shouted sweetly, “Oh, we’ve arrived at their camp, don’t…! Stop making trouble~”

Song Qingshu glanced to the side, and sure enough he had arrived at Shui Jian’s mountain camp, so he immediately stopped moving. He had to save some face for Ajiu in front of this former official of the Ming Dynasty.

After hearing the request from the two, the soldier guarding the door waved his hand, “You go back, our commander won’t meet anyone today.” 

Although Shui Jian was turned into a bandit, he was still proud of his former status as a commander.

Although there were differences between the general soldiers in the Ming Dynasty, the worst one was at least the same level as the commander of a provincial military region, so most of Shui Jian’s subordinates still called him as “commander”.

“You didn’t even report it, how do you know he won’t meet us?” Ajiu asked curiously.

Although they were separated by a veil, the soldier was still amazed by Ajiu’s peerless grace. In order to talk to her for a while, he deliberately said in a sappy way, “Fairy, I will tell you quietly…today a distant cousin of the Commander brought his daughter to visit him. That girl is also quite pretty, and her whole body is so delicate that it made the brothers in the camp drool…”

Seeing him praising the girl in such a way, Ajiu had to interrupt him, “What happened next?”

The soldier came back to his senses, then he smiled, and said in a flattering voice, “Of course, Miss Shui is not as beautiful as this Fairy. Later, a monk with high martial skills came…he seemed to be called the Blood Saber Elder who coveted the beauty of Miss Shui. Taking advantage of the commander’s unpreparedness, he took her away. Now the Commander Shui and the others are chasing the monk, so how can they meet you?”

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