Chapter 430: Bad News

“Sure enough, pink hair is black at the root.” Song Qingshu secretly clicked his tongue.

“What do you mean?” Zhou Zhiruo was stunned. She could understand every word the other person said, but she didn’t understand what it meant altogether.

“This is a saying from my hometown,” Song Qingshu caressed Zhou Zhiruo’s willow-like waist and explained, “The general idea is that some women appear to be gentle and innocent on the surface, but in fact they are naughty in their heart.”

“You’re making fun of me!” Zhou Zhiruo finally understood, but the meaning really made her a little embarrassed and she couldn’t help but twist her waist.

“Don’t do that!” Song Qingshu took a deep breath, but Zhou Zhiruo continued to twist her waist like a Serpent, making him almost lose his control.

In the end, he decided to take control and grabbed the flexible waist with both hands. Then he began to plough her holy land with powerful thrusts. The rhythmic clapping of their flesh against each other soon became the dominant sound in the room.

“Are you… not…done yet?” 

At the moment, Zhou Zhiruo was half-kneeling on the bed, enduring Song Qingshu’s impact again and again, her elbows and knees were touching the sheets, causing a faint pain.

“Almost…there…ugh!” Seeing Zhou Zhiruo’s obedient appearance, Song Qingshu tensed up and felt something rise up from his core.

“Ahhg~ Don’t…don’t do it inside, I don’t want to have children yet!” Feeling the changes of Song Qingshu’s shaft insider her canal, Zhou Zhiruo understood that the volcano was about to erupt and she hurriedly warned him.

Hearing Zhou Zhiruo’s words, Song Qingshu hurriedly withdrew from her body, released his essence on her fair abdomen, “This part is not comfortable at all…”

Zhou Zhiruo slightly pursed her lips, tucked the loose hair from her temples behind her ears, and said in a tired voice, “I’m really not ready yet.”

Looking at Zhou Zhiruo’s charming expression, Song Qingshu took a deep breath, “I understand…”

Then he got up from the bed to clean himself up. There were a lot of other things he had left to take care of outside.

Looking at the amount of essence on her lower abdomen, Zhou Zhiruo lamented, “Wait a minute…I have to leave as well.”

“You don’t need to do that, just stay in bed.” Song Qingshu smiled proudly.

“If only things were that simple!” Zhou Zhiruo rolled her eyes at him and hurriedly started to pack it up.

After a while, seeing that she had almost finished cleaning up, Song Qingshu flicked his fingers on Ah Jiu and Xia Qingqing’s bodies and unsealed their sleep acupoints.

Seeing that Song Qingshu and Zhou Zhiruo had woken up first, the two women didn’t doubt anything. They just thought that they were sleeping too deeply. Recalling the absurd situation they had experienced last night, Xia Qingqing and Ah Jiu looked at each other. Then they grabbed the thin blanket, and hid their face. They were clearly suffering from shame.

Song Qingshu laughed and said with a smile, “I am grateful to the three ladies for saving my life last night. From now on we will be one family…”

His words didn’t resolve the three women’s embarrassment. Xia Qingqing suddenly stood up and said with a blushing face, “Now that the Golden Serpent King’s election is close, people from all walks of life are coming together. I haven’t returned home all night, so my subordinates must be anxious. I will go back to the camp to deal with things first.” After saying that, she left as if running away.

“Old hero Situ and the others are still waiting for news, I’ll go and inform them about the situation.” Ah Jiu also seemed to be inspired as she hurriedly gave an excuse, and quickly disappeared outside the door.

Song Qingshu’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Zhou Zhiruo, “You’re not leaving too, are you?”

Zhou Zhiruo nodded, “I’m afraid the disciples of the Emei Sect are also looking for me. I have to go back and have a talk with them.”

“Then you will you come back?” Song Qingshu asked.

Looking at Song Qingshu’s expectant eyes, Zhou Zhiruo’s heart softened, and she replied ambiguously, “It depends on the situation.”

Seeing that she had no intention of refusing, Song Qingshu was happy. Knowing Zhou Zhiruo’s character, he understood that she didn’t want to lose face, so he didn’t force her to stay anymore.

In the blink of an eye, there was only one solitary person left in the room. After Song Qingshu smiled bitterly, he sat up cross-legged and began to sort out the True Qi in his body.

Ming Zun’s skills was indeed extraordinary and vicious. Fortunately, he had the Joyful Meditation method. Although there were still some slight issued in his body, it could all be healed after a period of time, and it wouldn’t affect his performance in the subsequent competition.

Zhou Zhiruo, Ah Jiu and Xia Qingqing were all people with excellent constitutions and top-level masters. So it would be strange if he was still injured after they tried their best to heal him last night. Not only had they healed his injuries, he found that his skills had actually improved a bit.

“Speaking of which, I really have to thank Ming Zun for that palm strike…” A strange smile appeared on Song Qingshu’s lips. If not for that, with the aloof, cold and arrogant nature of the three women, how could he enjoy their tenderness at the same time?

Thinking of the realm of pleasure he had experienced last night, Song Qingshu felt that the True Qi in his body was about to stir, and he couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. He quickly calmed down and began to regulate his breathing.

It was unknown how long it took, but when Song Qingshu woke up after completing his exercises, he suddenly heard a gentle female voice coming from outside the door, “Brother Song, are you awake?”

“Miss Zeng? Come in.” Song Qingshu flicked his sleeves , the door opened automatically, and looking at the pretty girl standing at the door, he quickly asked, “Miss Zeng, have you been waiting outside?” 

“No…” Zeng Rou slightly shook her head, “I just came to check your injury, but I saw that you were practicing, so I went back to rest. Now Master sent me to invite you to the meeting hall to discuss important matters.” 

Song Qingshu felt a bit guilty and deliberately chatted with Zeng Rou along the way. All he asked was some trivial matters in her daily life. In his opinion, Situ Bolei had already betrothed her to him, so he had to get to know his wife-to-be a little better.

Zeng Rou kept answering in a soft voice. Not only was she not impatient at all, but her tone was joyful. After all, they didn’t have many opportunities to be alone together, and there were even fewer opportunities to chat like this.

However, happy time always passes very quickly. Looking at the meeting hall not far away, Zeng Rou said, “Brother Song, go in by yourself. The Ninth Princess and Master are waiting for you inside.” 

“Aren’t you going in?” Song Qingshu was stunned.

“No, I have other things to do.” Zeng Rou smiled and shook her head.

Looking at her leaving figure, Song Qingshu secretly sighed, ‘She is really a good girl, as gentle as water.’

“What is Young Master Song talking about?” Situ Bolei’s voice suddenly reached his ears.

“No…it’s nothing.” Song Qingshu realized that he had entered the hall and couldn’t help but look embarrassed.

Noticing that Xia Qingqing was there, Song Qingshu was startled, ‘Didn’t she go back to the main peak?’

“How do you feel now?” Situ Bolei asked.

“I am now althight. Not only has the internal injury healed, but my martial art have also become more refined.”

“That’s good news.” 

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t miss the Golden Serpent Conference, did I?” Song Qingshu asked with a weird look on his face. He had been planning for so long. But if he missed it because he overslept, wouldn’t he be mad to death?

“You will miss it if you sleep for two more days.” Ah Jiu pursed her lips and smiled, “Now there is good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?” 

“Looking at your expressions, the bad news is not that bad. So let’s hear the good news first.” Song Qingshu quickly sat down between the two women.

“The good news is that your nomination was approved by more than half of the leaders, and you successfully became one of the sixteen candidates.” Ah Jiu replied.

‘It seems that Zhao Min kept her word, wait…’ Song Qingshu suddenly realized something, “How come there are sixteen candidates, not eleven?”

There were twelve factions in total, but Xia Qingqing’s main peak and Situ Bolei’s Wangwu faction chose the same person, so naturally there should only be eleven candidates.

Situ Bolei explained, “Because too many people came after hearing the news, and they almost started a riot when they heard that they must be nominated by the faction leaders to be eligible. Later, in order to avoid enmity with the masses, the leaders of the Golden Serpent Camp unanimously agreed to add a few more places and just calmed down their anger.”

Xia Qingqing said, “They have been calling back and forth for the past few days, and finally confirmed the remaining five places.” 

“These people must have enough confidence in their own martial arts to run for the position of the Golden Serpent King. To be able to stand out among so many masters, these five must be top masters.” Song Qingshu sighed.

“These five people do possess special skills…” Xia Qingqing nodded. “There is a guy named Zhuo Bufan, who is known as the God of the Sword. He has excellent swordsmanship. No one was able to take ten moves from him.” (G: from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.)

“The first of the Four Evils, Duan Yanqing also participated, and his One Yang Finger was indeed domineering, and he successfully won a spot.” 

“There was a man named Gongsun Zhi, who seemed to be the master of the Passionless Valley. He also stole the show with the combination of gold and black swords in his hands.” (G: from The Return of the Condor Heroes.)

“There is also a woman from the Five Poison Cult. Not only is she highly skilled in martial arts, but she is also superb in using poison.”

“The Five Poison Cult?” Song Qingshu was stunned, and quickly interrupted and asked, “What’s her name?”

“He Tieshou, Qingqing and I both know her.” Ah Jiu on the side replied, but seeing Song Qingshu’s strange expression, she couldn’t help but curious, “What? Do you know her too?”

Thinking of that one night of passion at the Five Poison Cult, the cold lake water and the hot body, Song Qingshu replied nonchalantly, “We had a chance encounter.”

“She isn’t also your woman, right?” Xia Qingqing Looked at him suspiciously.

“Of course not!” Song Qingshu laughed awkwardly, thinking to himself, ‘He Tieshou, used me like a tool for detoxification, so I will naturally not think of her as my woman.’

“Who is the other one?” Song Qingshu quickly changed the subject.

“This man’s martial arts skills are even higher. He is obviously a young man with a severed arm, but he is holding a dark iron heavy sword. No one can withstand a single move of his sword.” Situ Bolei was filled with emotion. Obviously, that young man left a lasting impression on him. The impression he made was really shocking.

‘A severed arm, and dark iron heavy sword?’ Song Qingshu had a strange look on his face, “His name can’t be Yang Guo, is it?”

“How did you know?” the two women asked in unison.

“His characteristics are too obvious.” Song Qingshu didn’t want to explain more, “By the way, is he the bad news you are talking about?”

Ah Jiu shook her head, “Although these people have high martial arts skills, in my opinion, they might not be your opponent.”

“Then what is it?” Seeing her sudden serious look, Song Qingshu suddenly felt a bad premonition.

“The master of Qianliu Village, Chu Hongliu, nominated a young girl. The other faction leaders laughed at him, but we know the strength of this girl very well, because it was that same girl who saved you from Ming Zun last time.” Xia Qingqing sighed.

“Ah Qing!” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.

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