Chapter 44: The villainess strikes back I (part 2)

I was sure that even now, the rumor was a hot topic among many people.

It was also for that reason why I came here. I wanted to let Shael experience the rumor first hand.

For obvious reasons, Shael and I wore robes to cover our bodies.

We first started by walking around the building. But unfortunately, no one here was talking about the rumor.

A moment after that, I saw the dessert shop. It looked quite fancy, and it’s appearance was enough to attract the attention of Shael, who loved desserts.

Shael entered the dessert shop and immediately started choosing desserts.

“Do you really want to eat this much?”


“Then I guess I won’t have to serve you dessert later.”

“Don’t worry, I will eat that too.”

Anyway, the villainess was greedy.

Shael sat down with dessert in her basket.

“Won’t you give me one?”

The villainess replied me with a glare…meaning she wasn’t going to give me any.

Actually, I could just buy some dessert for myself, but I couldn’t, because Shael interrupted me for some reason.


It was the sound of Shael eating a cookie. Normally, she would put on a happy expression, this time she frowned.

“It doesn’t taste good.”

“Not tasty?”

That couldn’t be!

They don’t have this lavish building for nothing, and the desserts here were said to be quite delicious.

“It’s your fault!”

It was easy to understand what Shael meant by that. It was clear that Shael had become accustomed to the taste of my dessert before she knew it.

That was the reason why the villainess in the novel was so obsessed with the dessert shop where I got the dessert recipes.

“So it’s my fault? That’s disappointing. Then I guess from now on, I won’t serve you any desserts.”

“You promised to do it for the rest of your life.”

“Did I?”

When I was busy with my minor skirmish with Shael, I heard someone talking from behind me.

ㅡ Rayel, did you hear that famous rumor these days?

ㅡ I think I know what rumors you are talking about. And I saw it happen with my own two eyes!

This was a famous dessert shop. So it was also natural that it was a good place for wealthy young ladies to chat. For example, the two young ladies behind us.

Shael hardened her face, as if she had guessed which rumor they were talking about.

ㅡ She was a very cute kid, and she had the mana that only flows in the blood of the Azbel family… so cute!

ㅡ Even if she had the Azbel’s mana and magic… is it really true?

Shael quietly said, “She must have seen it wrong.”

I nodded at Shael’s words.

Then the gossip of the young ladies continued.

ㅡ I rather want to believe it’s true. It’s so romantic! To think that Lady Shael, who had such a bad personality, was finally conquered by Young Lord Eran.

ㅡ If it’s real why aren’t they getting married already?

Shael nodded her head. It seemed she wanted the young ladies to realize that the rumors couldn’t be true.

ㅡ Maybe Lady Shael forced herself on Young Lord Eran!

ㅡ Puh, that makes some sense.

I also hardened my face like Shael. ‘Why the hell do you think that makes sense?’

ㅡ But Young Lord Eran sure is pitiful.

— Well, that’s not true.

Shael stood up from her seat. It was clear that she wanted t to tell them something.

But I quietly said, “Do you care about rumors like that?”


That was the thing Shael told me earlier. At those words, Shael sat down again.

The young ladies’ conversation continued.

— Ah, I also saw them at the banquet of the Mage Tower.

ㅡ How was it?

Something about the banquet at the Mage Tower? I became curious

ㅡ Young Lord Elan was staring at Lady Shael… and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

I did that to prevent Clie from spilling her wine on Shael.

There was no opportunity to make excuses.

The young lady spoke again with a voice mixed with excitement.

ㅡ He looked at Shael very lovingly! I thought honey was dripping from his eyes.

ㅡ Kyaa~

That was not the case at all. But the problem was that the bullsh*t showed no signs of ending.

So, I got up from my seat to correct that nonsense. But before I could do that, Shael opened her mouth.

“No way, do you care about rumors like that?”


I gave the villainess an opportunity to counter attack, which made my face red with shame.

The villainess’ attack was more lethal than expected.

Of course, Shael’s face blushed with shame as well.

And so, Shael and I just glared at each other with blushing faces in silence.

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