Chapter 472: Revenge

Prompted by Song Qingshu’s reminder, the people in the scene finally remembered Zhao Min as the mastermind and started angrily cursing:

“We almost fell into this demoness’s trap!”

“This woman is truly wicked. If she succeeded, it would have been a huge humiliation for Leader Huang.”

“Kill the demoness!” Someone shouted, quickly gaining the agreement of others. 

A chorus of voices immediately joined in.

Zhao Min was also feeling extremely frustrated. Everything had been under her control, but the sudden appearance of Princess Changping completely turned the tables.

What made Zhao Min even more frustrated was that usually, she could easily deceive people with her schemes, making something out of nothing. Today, she had spoken the truth for once, but was instead branded a liar. She couldn’t help but sigh at the profound twist of the heavens.

“Princess, you should leave quickly. If a fight breaks out later, it might endanger your safety!” Taoist Baishang and the Master of the Vajra Sect  hurriedly advised. Although the Prince Ruyang’s Palace had top experts, there were equally skilled individuals from other sects present. Zhao Min had become the target of everyone’s rage, and in the chaos of battle, they couldn’t guarantee her safety.

Zhao Min knew she couldn’t stay here any longer. Giving Song Qingshu a resentful look, she turned and left. Someone nearby tried to stop her, but Taoist Baishang and the Master of the Vajra Sect  acted simultaneously, causing cries of pain to erupt from the crowd.

Disciples from various sects looked in fear at the two blocking their way. They dared not pursue further. Among these people, Xuan Cheng was the most formidable in martial arts. Though he seemed to shift his stance, he quickly recalled his recent losses during the day, his face alternating between red and pale, ultimately deciding to retreat. (G: Xuancheng will be changed to Xuan Cheng from now on.)

“Now that this matter is settled, this Song, will take my leave.” Song Qingshu just glanced discreetly at the cave entrance. Huang Rong had already disappeared without a trace. He had many questions to ask Ah Jiu, so without waiting for anyone’s response, he embraced Ah Jiu’s waist and vanished into the distance.

“This Young Master Song really is exceptionally skilled at Qinggong. I wonder if he’s comparable to the ‘Green Winged Bat King’ from the Ming Cult.”

“Green Winged Bat King? They say Song Qingshu’s Qinggong surpass even Dongfang Bubai’s.”

“Is that true?”

“Come to think of it, we’ve been foolish. With Song Qingshu’s incredible Qinggong, if he really did something to Leader Huang, he could just carry her away, and we’d never catch him. He’s been explaining himself to us so persistently, isn’t it because he’s innocent?” 

“You speak wisely, brother!”

Song Qingshu paid no attention to the gossips of these people who exaggerated everything they heard. After leaving with Ah Jiu, he wasn’t sure how to ask about Huang Rong’s whereabouts. 

Unexpectedly, Ah Jiu spoke first, “Put me down.”

Ah Jiu’s voice was icy now, devoid of the tenderness she had shown before the public.

Song Qingshu realized he was in trouble. “Ah Jiu, things are not what you think.”

“Hmph. You enjoy your affairs with other women, but I’m the one who has to sacrifice my reputation to save you. Thinking about that, I find you so detestable.” Ah Jiu had never been angry with Song Qingshu before, even when he took her virginity outside the capital, but what he did today was too much. “I don’t mind you finding other women, but can you understand the difference in power dynamics? Can you even touch someone like Huang Rong?”

The reason Ah Jiu was so angry was partly due to jealousy, but mostly because she had pinned her hopes for the restoration of the country on Song Qingshu. If he had really done something so despicable, he would have no place in the martial world, let alone hope to dominate it.

“Ah Jiu, you misunderstand me. I didn’t do anything to Huang Rong.” Song Qingshu was also incredibly frustrated. ‘It was all that per*verted Ouyang Feng’s fault. He almost ruined everything!’

“You’re still lying to me at this point? When I entered the cave, I clearly saw… saw Huang Rong flushed, her clothes disheveled. How can you say nothing happened?” Ah Jiu bit her lip, turning her head away.

“That was just an act for Ouyang Feng.” Song Qingshu quickly explained the sequence of events.

“Is what you’re saying true?” Ah Jiu looked at him, half doubtful.

“Go ask Huang Rong yourself. Do you really think she would lie for me?” Song Qingshu smiled bitterly, “Maybe you think she would?”

“Hmph, I will ask her.” Despite her words, Ah Jiu was already inclined to believe him.

Seeing Ah Jiu’s softened expression, Song Qingshu quickly asked, “By the way, Ah Jiu, how did you get into the cave, and where did Huang Rong go?”

“Guess.” Ah Jiu smiled triumphantly.

“Did you dig a tunnel?” Song Qingshu guessed. The cave only had one entrance. He had been guarding it all along, and with hundreds of eyes watching, Ah Jiu couldn’t have entered through there. Digging a tunnel seemed to be the only explanation.

“How boring. You guessed it right away.” Ah Jiu pouted in frustration.

It turned out that when Ah Jiu was the Saintess of the Ming Cult, she didn’t have a good impression of the Four Kings and the Five Wanderers who didn’t share her views. Instead, she was deeply impressed by the authoritative Five Elements Banner, which often dominated the battlefield against larger forces. 

After leaving the Ming Cult, Ah Jiu formed her own Five Elements Banner. Unfortunately, she had limited manpower, and the effects were less than ideal. Nevertheless, simple tasks like digging tunnels, similar to those of the Thick Soil Banner, were effortless.

When Ah Jiu heard that Song Qingshu was cornered by the masses in the cave, she immediately gathered the necessary manpower and dug a tunnel nearby, extending it to the cave to swap Huang Rong out. Then, Ah Jiu took Huang Rong’s place and walked openly to the cave entrance.

“Ah Jiu, I owe you greatly for this. The consequences would have been unimaginable.” Song Qingshu expressed his gratitude, unable to resist pulling Ah Jiu into his embrace.

“Song Lang, after this incident, you must be more careful in the future.” Ah Jiu’s face rested against Song Qingshu’s chest, and suddenly, as if remembering something, she asked in confusion, “I heard from Sister Zhou that you were quite close with Zhao Min. Why did she do that just now?”

Hearing her mention Zhao Min, Song Qingshu’s heart ignited with anger, “That demoness caused me so much trouble. I must exact revenge.”

Earlier, he didn’t stop Zhao Min from leaving mainly because it was not a suitable time. He was worried that something unexpected might happen if they continued, plus he had many questions for Ah Jiu. So, he let Zhao Min leave. Now that Song Qingshu had free time, there was no reason not to seek revenge.

“Ah Jiu, you go back first. I’ll join you shortly.” Song Qingshu secretly vowed that if he didn’t make Zhao Min beg for mercy later, he would reverse his surname.

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