Chapter 492: Flight of the Myriad Swords

Faced with the crowd’s confusion, Song Qingshu didn’t offer much explanation. He merely opened his hands and slowly lifted them upwards.

“What is he doing?”

The heroes beneath the stage eagerly anticipated Song Qingshu’s big move. However, after he raised his hands, there was no significant change around him—no sword Qi, nothing. They began whispering among themselves.

“Is he just posing?”

“He looks pretty cool, but it’s all thunder and no rain. I’m embarrassed for him.”

“Shh! Maybe his sword Qi is invisible. Didn’t you see that Miss Ah Qing hasn’t attacked him?”

“That’s just because Miss Ah Qing is kind-hearted and doesn’t want to embarrass him.”

As the crowd was engrossed in their heated discussion, they suddenly heard someone exclaim, “Why is my sword moving?”

“Mine too!”

“It’s shaking violently!”

Soon, everyone in the assembly felt their swords trembling in their hands. They all wore expressions of disbelief, as their swords were gripped tightly in their hands with no one else touching them, yet they shook inexplicably.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sounds of dragon roars echoed as the crowd was astonished to see all their swords fly out of their sheaths, heading toward Song Qingshu on the stage, aligning themselves in mid-air around him.

“It’s him!”

That was the crowd’s first reaction upon witnessing this spectacle.

“How is this possible?”

That was everyone’s immediate reaction. Although the skill of controlling objects from a distance was rare, it wasn’t unheard of in the martial world. Techniques like Xiao Feng’s Dragon Capturing Hand, Jiumozhi’s Crane Control, and even Ren Woxing’s Cosmic Absorption method had similar effects. However, controlling one item was common, but controlling so many swords simultaneously was unprecedented.

At the Golden Serpent Camp, there were at least a thousand people who used swords. Apart from a few highly skilled individuals who could prevent their swords from being taken, most had their swords sucked up onto the stage.

Song Qingshu stood calmly on the stage, his hands slightly open, surrounded by thousands of hovering swords. Even those who usually opposed him, like Guo Fu and Yuan Ziyi, were momentarily stunned, admitting that Song Qingshu was indeed impressive at that moment.


It was unclear who first shouted, but the entire crowd soon erupted in excitement. Now, the stage had one person enveloped in near-solid sword Qi and another surrounded by thousands of gleaming swords. This scene was beyond their wildest dreams, and to witness such a magical duel firsthand was thrilling.

Ah Qing’s eyes also lit up. The strength Song Qingshu displayed was worthy of her full effort. She no longer held back and, with a wave of her green bamboo staff, the sword Qi around her transformed into countless green swords, shooting towards Song Qingshu on the other side of the stage.

Song Qingshu flipped his hands, and the thousands of swords that had been hovering around him received their command. They flattened and aimed their shining blades at Ah Qing, charging forward as well.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The swords controlled by Song Qingshu clashed with Ah Qing’s sword Qi, creating clear, crisp sounds akin to dragon roars. With each clash, one of Song Qingshu’s swords would shatter, signifying the destruction of one of Ah Qing’s sword Qi strands. While the real swords and the sword Qi had yet to determine a winner, Song Qingshu and Ah Qing had already moved.

Song Qingshu, using his full Qinggong, became a shadow, attacking Ah Qing with the remaining swords. Ah Qing, repeating her previous technique, spun like a top, rising into the air, with waves of sword Qi spreading in all directions.

This time, Song Qingshu didn’t retreat like before. The swords around him acted like armor, directly clashing with the green sword Qi.

With Song Qingshu’s movement technique, few in the crowd could keep up with his speed. However, the thousands of swords surrounding him in the sunlight made him appear like a giant, silver-white serpent with scales, allowing the audience to roughly track his movement.

The silver-white serpent squeezed tighter around Ah Qing, who, unlike anyone else who would have been shredded by the swords, shot out sword Qi from all angles like a porcupine. 

The serpent would nearly suffocate the porcupine, only to be forced to release due to the sword Qi. Throughout the process, the crowd could no longer see Song Qingshu and Ah Qing’s figures, only the countless flashing swords and the sky full of green sword Qi.

“Is this his true strength?” Huang Rong’s red lips parted slightly, staring at the stage in disbelief. She couldn’t help but compare him to her Brother Jing, thinking that even with his high martial arts skills, he might not…

“Is this the ultimate essence of swordsmanship? If I could experience this level of mastery for just a moment, I’d be willing to pay any price.” Linghu Chong looked fervently at the stage filled with sword shadows, muttering to himself.

Standing beside him, Ren Yingying was both angry and anxious, thinking, ‘Would he even give me up for this?’ But she quickly calmed down, ‘Knowing that Brother Chong’s only hobbies are drinking, gambling, and swordsmanship. He probably just said that casually.’


Ren Yingying blushed, thinking if Song Qingshu really wanted her, even if Chong brother didn’t give her up, he couldn’t stop him…

“It seems Brother Song spared me in the inn. If he had used this move, I probably…” Recalling their match at the inn, Xiao Feng shook his head with a wry smile.

Beside Xiao Feng, Yelu Nanxian’s eyes sparkled with a strange light. Witnessing this epic battle, she felt a breakthrough in her own Sun Moon Divine Sword technique. Then thinking of the name Song Qingshu had given her swordsmanship, Yelu Nanxian couldn’t help but smile.

“Brother Song is amazing!” Zeng Rou covered her chest, her eyes filled with stars as she looked at the stage, even she, usually reserved, couldn’t help but exclaim.

Zhou Zhiruo secretly glanced at Ah Jiu beside her, seeing her face flushed with excitement, and then at Huang Rong, who wore a faint smile, and Guo Fu, who looked full of admiration…

Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but bite her lip. This battle of Qingshu’s would surely capture many girls’ hearts, causing trouble for her as his wife…but right now, he truly looked so handsome!

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