Chapter 52: The villainess is conscious (part 1)

Shael crumpled her face. She deserved it. 

What Shael had just drank was the juice that smelled bad from earlier.


“Are you okay?”


Of course, there’s no way she’d be okay after drinking that!

Her head must also be aching from being drunk. Why did she have to drink that in the first place?

“I’ll get you some water.”

“Not water, that…”

What Shael pointed out was the box I had given her. Was asking for the dessert.

She wanted to combat the bitter taste with dessert instead of water!

I couldn’t understand her way of thinking. Anyways, I handed a cupcake to Shael.

“Here you are.”

Shael hurriedly ate the cupcake. After some time passed, I asked her.

“So, what was that strange liquid just now?”

In fact, I asked the question without expecting an answer, as Shael would never do that. No matter how drunk she was, she would instinctively refuse to answer.

Contrary to my expectations, Shael responded quickly. “Sap.”

“I don’t know that? I meant what kind of sap was it?”

“What more do you want?”

She wasn’t acting. It seemed that Shael had indeed forgotten what it was. As if she had an headache, Shael placed her hand on her head for a moment, and said, “Ah! The Obedience Tree Sap.”

‘Obedience Tree Sap?’ 

It was a familiar name. Because I saw Shael buy it at the auction house.

And now, since Shael drank it, it means that Shael has no choice but to obey my words!

So she will have to answer my words without lies.

“Why did you try to feed that to me?”


Shael seemed reluctant to answer. But she had no choice but to open her mouth due to the effect of  the Obedience Tree Sap.

“To find out if you love me.”


Absolutely incomprehensible words. ‘Did she want to make me drink the Obedience Tree Sap to find out if I loved her?

To be honest, I felt quite embarrassed. What Shael said just now was honestly quite cringy.

“Why did you suddenly want to know about that?”

“I read a book, so I think you love me.”

‘What kind of nonsense is this?’ 

It seemed that she was spouting out nonsense because she was not only under the effect of the Obedience Tree Sap, but also alcohol.

Anyways, I questioned Shael for more information.

“Aside from that, was there any other reason?”


I looked at Shael in silence, waiting for an answer. 

Shael replied, “To see if you are cheating on me…”


‘To see if I was cheating on her?’ I frowned. ‘What the hell kind of nonsense is this?’

But it wasn’t long before I noticed the problem. It was clearly because of what happened with Clie.

No matter how much I drew my sword in front of Clie, I couldn’t completely erase Shael’s doubts.

What’s more, she had heard me and Clie communicate through the bracelet.

So it was necessary to tell Shael the truth.

“I’m not cheating on you, so you don’t have to worry.”

At my words, Shael nodded her head. Things seemed to have settled for now.

Under the effect of alcohol and strange tree sap Shael’s mind seemed to be wandering in and out of reality, so I choose to remain silent for now.

The silence continued for a while, and I was the first to speak up.

It was because I wanted to retrieve the serpent orb that Shael had taken from me when I was tied up by her. 

“Give me the serpent orb that you took back.”


Shael frowned at my words. However, she had no choice but to agree due to the effects of the sap.


“Good job.”

I activated the serpent orb, but there was no sound.

I could easily guess the reason why. Shael must have erased her dark history from the orb.

It was a bit of a waste, but it didn’t matter. ‘I mean all I have to do is record it again.’

So I said with an evil smile,  “Since I have to record it again, would you like to tell me that you like me?”

I felt a bit sorry for doing this to Shael, but… this is all for her own sake. Because when the villainess commits her misdeeds, I needed a way to stop her.

It was needed to tackle any unforeseen situations. I needed more persuading measures than just desserts.

To put it bluntly, I also wanted to bully Shael.

“I like you.”

“Good job.”

I recorded Shael’s voice into the serpent orb with a smile.

She might try to steal the serpent orb again, but she doesn’t seem to realize that the situation was going against her now that she’s drunk.

But this was not enough.

“Tell me that you love me too.”

“I love you.”

It was also recorded in the serpent orb. As a result, the countermeasures to prevent the villainess’s evil deeds had become more solid.

The next course of action would be to improve the health of the villainess. Because Shael ate a lot of sweets.

There were many healthy herbal supplements in Shael’s room. As soon as I saw it, I laughed out loud.

Shael didn’t like herbal supplements, but she was keeping all these herbal supplements in her room, and I seemed to know why.

“No way, did you bring them to feed me?”

Shael nodded her head. Before I could ask further, Shael spoke again,

“I brought it to get revenge for making me take those bitter medicine the past.”

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