Chapter 52: The villainess is conscious (part 2)

“I see.”

I made her take the medicine because I was worried about her health, but Shael wanted to make me take them because she wanted to see me suffer .

It was quite sad, but it was okay. Because now, it was Shael’s turn to feel the bitterness!

“Please eat it all.”

Shael spent a long time eating the herbal supplements. 

I then said to Shael, who was eating the bitter herbs, “I don’t think the dessert I brought will be good for your health, so I’ll give it back to you later.”

This time, Shael opened her mouth as if to retort. It seemed that she didn’t want to lose the desserts no matter how drunk she was. However, I didn’t give her the chance to complain.

“I will not accept objections.”

The effects of Obedience Tree Sap seemed to be better than I thought.

Then time slowly passed.

The clock was telling me that it was time for me to go. 

After confirming that, I said to Shael, who was obediently sitting on the chair.

“Please accompany me to the hallway.”

Originally, she would never agree to do that, but Shael had no choice but to obey.

After that, Shael and I walked to the front door of the Azbel family’s mansion..

Just as I was about to tell Shael to go back to her room, Duke Jespen appeared.


Duke Jespen opened his mouth in amazement. 

It was a natural reaction. Because Shael had never accompanied me to the front door before.

At the same time, Duke Jespen joked, “Shael, since you accompanied Eran all the way here…”

I sensed something! It was something very ominous! And that ominous feeling proved to be right.

“… then how about you give him a hug?”

As soon as she heard those words, Shael hugged me! 

She did that before I could even dodge it.


Duke Jespen looked at the scene in awe. It was the same for the maids who were not far away.

Sigh… it looks like another rumor was going to spread again in the Azbel territory.


[Shael’s POV]

Shael hurried back to her room. She had to stay away from people for a while because of that darned Obedience Tree Sap. It would be a disaster if she were to meet someone in the state she was in.

She was able to do that because her drunkenness was gone from what happened just before, and now she was able to make normal judgments.


Shael let out a sigh after she was finally left alone. ‘I did something stupid.’

She even let her damn fiancé acquire her weakness!

Suddenly Shael’s eyes fell on the honey water and dessert box placed on her table.

Earlier, Eran had left for a while and went to the bathroom. It was clear that he had brought the honey water for her at that time.

He said that he would also take away the dessert, but fortunately he seemed to have left it behind.

[It will help with your hangover, so please drink it.]

He even left a note. 

Shael drank the honey water. She actually didn’t want to drink it, but she had to do it because of the Obedience Tree Sap.

At the same time, looked at Eran’s note and thought, ‘What is this all about?’

It was because of Eran. 

When it came to Eran, she was doing the actions that were listed in the book.

‘It’s not fair!’

She didn’t achieve her goal after all the dinking and Eran’s even made her say strange things.

Shael recalled what happened just before. She remembered the things Eran made her say.

[I like you.]

[I love you.]

He made him say those words. He even recorded them with the serpent orb that Shael had previously taken from him. And that wasn’t the end!

[Shael, since you accompanied Eran all the way here, then how about you give him a hug?]

After thinking Duke Jespen’s words, Shael let out a sigh.

The Obedience Tree Sap reacted to his words, and she hugged Eran.

Shael’s face turned red with shame, when she recalled the scene in her head.

‘I will never forget today’s disgrace!’ 

Shael vowed that she would get her revenge…somehow.

And then, something suddenly came to Shael’s mind. It was one of the characteristics of the Obedience Tree Sap that Shael had just drank.

[Finally here! Obedience Tree Sap! Of course, it’s impossible to make a target do something they completely refuse to do… but you can make them do anything else!]


Even though she didn’t have a good memory, but she remembered that explanation very clearly.

‘It’s impossible to make a target do something they completely refuse to do?’

[I like you.]

[I love you.]

Then what about those things she had said before?

Did that mean that she didn’t say those things purely under the effects of the Obedience Tree Sap?

At the same time, she remembered what was written on all the torn pages of the books she had read before. A lot of things from those books overlapped with Shael’s actions.

Shael shook her head to get rid of her thoughts, and she lay down on her bed. Then she said to herself, ‘I’m tired now, so it’s normal that I’m having such strange thoughts.’

Shael hugged the doll that she had always kept next to her as a habit. However, Shael suddenly jolted awake and had no choice but to shake off the doll she was hugging.

‘This is also the doll Eran gave me!’

That damn fiancé of hers had deeply infiltrated her life before she knew it!

Shael couldn’t even fathom how deep he had gotten.

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