Chapter 17: Lumentium VI (part 1)

[Cain’s Flashback]

“Cain, I will be direct. You have no talent for swordsmanship. That is the truth.”

The Princess said in a casual tone, as if she was deciding on the breakfast menu for today.


“Right now, you are fighting a life-and-death battle, so your skills are improving rapidly, but one day you will inevitably reach your limit. No, in your case the limit will come even faster. It’s because you don’t have enough talent to reach a higher realm.”


“So I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Now that I have claimed to be your master with my own mouth, I can’t just give up on my one and only disciple that easily! Therefore, I have come up with a method.”


“If you ask me what the method is…”

“…no more.”

That was the limit. I couldn’t stand it any longer. 

At the moment, I was doing push-ups with the Princess sitting on my back. Then I finally couldn’t overcome the shaking of my arms and my posture collapsed. No, to be precise, my posture was almost about to collapse.

“Fix your posture!”

With those words, the Princess swung her hand and slapped my buttoks.


“Keep going!”

The moment the Princess’ small palm made contact with my butt0cks, I felt a truly terrible pain rise from my butt0cks and spread throughout my whole body. It almost brought me to tears. 

Believe me when I say that it wasn’t my taste to show such unsightly expression in front of a woman, but it was not the kind of thing I could control. It sounded like an excuse, but the violence she was inflicting on me was really causing extreme pain

‘Honestly, what the hell is she doing?’ 


As I groaned like a wounded animal and tried to use the last of my strength to straighten my posture, the Princess let out a small sigh as she sat on me.

“Haa…Cain, you are quite inflexible. I just hit your butt0cks a little, but you show that kind of reaction. Anyone who sees it will think that I am torturing you.”


The Princess’s words left me dumbfounded for a moment. 

Could it be that she didn’t consider the series of harsh treatment she was inflicting on me as torture? 

Did she really think that all of this was part of the training that would make me stronger?

“I was trained in this way by my master, and my master was also trained in this way by their own master. Traditionally, physical training inevitably comes with pain. The pain you are feeling is the same as I also felt in the past. I know very well what it is, and how much it is. So don’t complain and get up. I didn’t even hit you that hard in the first place.”

Hearing those words from the Princess, I gritted my teeth and threw a question at her.

“Then, are you saying that you were trained while being spanked like a dog by your master as well?”

To my question, the Princess showed a hesitant expression, and then answered in a small voice.

“…hmm, now that I think about it, I don’t think I was hit on the butt0cks. I’ve been hit a lot in other places, but I don’t remember being beaten by my master on the butt0cks.”

“Then I think it would be a little unfair for you to hit me on the butt0cks this much.”

“Do you think I’m sitting on top of you and making you do push-ups because I have nothing else to do?”

The Princess said that in a tone that seemed somewhat angry, and then hit my butt hard once more.


“As I’m sitting on top of you, I’m activating your muscles by infusing aura into your whole body. This is also a kind of strict training, so I hope you don’t disparage me so blindly.”

“…but, being slapped on the butt0cks has nothing to do with that.”

“Did you think that training in martial arts is easy?”

Saying that, the Princess seemed as if she was lamenting something, and then, she continued talking while gently stroking the back of my head.

“Ha, let’s finish what I was saying before. How can you overcome your limits and become stronger? I think it is to learn a top rank sword technique.”

“…a top rank sword technique?”

“Yes, the martial law contained in the top rank sword technique will be able to lead you to a higher level. What do you think, isn’t it logical?”

Even as we talked, I didn’t stop doing push-ups and kept repeating the Princess’s words in my head, and quickly came to a conclusion.

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