Chapter 466: Get on Top

Seeing Song Qingshu agreeing so readily, Ouyang Feng became suspicious, “You’re not lying to me, are you?”

“I don’t mind if you want to watch from the side.” 

Song Qingshu’s words almost made Huang Rong angry to death. It’s one thing he wanted to vio1ate her, but he actually wanted Ouyang Feng to watch from the side!

Ouyang Feng observed Song Qingshu’s expression, and after a long time he laughed, “I don’t have that kind of habit, kid, go in quickly. I will be a good person to the end, and I will stand guard outside to prevent cats and dogs from disturbing you.”

“So you want to listen. I can’t really criticize you for your preference.” 

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Ouyang Feng’s face turned red and he angrily said, “Can’t you just go in?”

“A moment is worth a thousand tiles, of course I will.” Song Qingshu rubbed his hands and walked into the cave with a smile, looking as vulgar as he could.

“What do you want to do? Don’t come here.” Huang Rong struggled to move back, but unfortunately her acupoints were sealed by Ouyang Feng’s unique acupuncture technique, and she couldn’t muster up even a trace of strength.

“Madame, when a beguiling beauty like you is lying in front of me, what do you think I want to do?” Song Qingshu came to Huang Rong, put his nose close to her face, and took a deep breath, “It smells so good!”

“Song Qingshu, you are a disciple of Wudang and the son-in-law of the Emei Sect. Both are well-known and upright sect, so how can you do such a dirty thing?” Huang Rong was excited, and her plump mounds heaved up and down again.

Song Qingshu glanced at it and quickly looked away, thinking to himself, ‘My resistance to beauty is almost zero. If you keep doing this, I will really reach out and pinch you.’

Of course, what he said was something else, “People from well-known families also have physiological needs. What’s more, I have been expelled from Wudang a long time ago and am not considered a disciple of Wudang. As for Zhiruo, it’s not like you didn’t see her during the day. She won’t mind if I go looking for a woman outside.”

Huang Rong was deeply shocked by his words. She didn’t expect Song Qingshu to be so shameless and confident, and she didn’t expect Zhou Zhiruo to tolerate all this. Huang Rong imagined what it would be like if her Brother Jing was outside looking for women. She would definitely fall out with him if he did such a thing.

Huang Rong understood that this was not the time to think about such things. Seeing that the morality of the world could not move Song Qingshu, she quickly changed her method and said with a mild tone, “Young Master Song, you came to this Golden Serpent Assembly obviously for the position of the Golden Serpent King. Now you have successfully entered the second round, with your martial arts skills, you will probably win the competition. Is it necessary for you to ruin your future like this? You must know that there is no impermeable wall in this world. Everything you do today will eventually be exposed. When the time comes, In the martial arts world, everyone will be disparaging you, and everything you have worked so hard for will just disappear, do you think it is worth it?”

Seeing Song Qingshu’s silence, Huang Rong struck while the iron was hot, “As long as you let me go today, I will guarantee what will happen tonight. I will never reveal a word, and I will become your most reliable ally in the future and provide you with all the help I can. You also know that we have a bit of a reputation in the martial arts world.”

“You brat, you can’t really do that. You would be too stupid if you get fooled by this woman’s words.” Ouyang Feng’s voice came from far away from the cave entrance.

Song Qingshu laughed and scolded, “You old pervert, can you please stop eavesdropping on other people’s matters?”

Ouyang Feng sighed, “Young people these days are truly ungrateful. I was just worried about you being deceived by a beauty.” Then Ouyang Feng spoke with a cold expression on his face, “Leader Huang, I’ll give you a choice, either choose to serve him, or I can find some beggar from the countryside. He wouldn’t know that Leader Huang is Master Guo’s wife, and with such a beautiful woman before him, I don’t believe he will disagree.” 

Huang Rong’s face turned pale. If Ouyang Feng really did the things he just said, she might as well choose Song Qingshu. At least she still had hope of convincing him.

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart. He knew that Ouyang Feng had managed to catch Huang Rong with great difficulty, so he would not leave at any cost unless he was sure that she had really lost her integrity.

“Young Master Song?” Seeing Song Qingshu’s expression changing from gloomy to bright, Huang Rong couldn’t help calling him with her soft and charming voice, and she actually had the look of a pitiful and weak girl.

‘This woman is such a temptress!’

Song Qingshu showed a lustful expression, “Madame is so beautiful.”

‘Shameless per*vert!’ Huang Rong cursed in her heart, but she also understood that whether she could escape this disaster tonight depended on the man in front of her. With her two attempts at communication ending in failure, Huang Rong’s face turned red, and she decided to change to a strategy that had been proven effective since ancient times…

“Young Master Song, do you still remember the first time we met?” Huang Rong asked softly.

Song Qingshu was stunned and nodded, “Of course I remember, it was in Jiangling Mansion. At that time, when I first met Madame, I was absolutely shocked.”

“It was the same for me…” Huang Rong’s eyes seemed to be gradually covered with a layer of water, and her gaze turned blurry.

“I don’t believe it.” Song Qingshu chuckled. In terms of appearance, although he was confident that he could beat Guo Jing, he knew that Huang Rong was not known for being obsessed with appearance. 

Ouyang Ke was also suave young man, yet she was not attracted to him at all.

“I’m not lying to you. You must also know how attractive my beauty and status are to men,” Huang Rong said calmly, as if she was describing something that had nothing to do with her. “Especially in recent years, All men who see me will have a hint of desire hidden in their eyes, but you are the only exception. I still remember that clear and pure look.” 

As she talked, even Huang Rong didn’t know whether she was lying to him, or that’s really what she thought.

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but be stunned. He didn’t expect that she would mention that matter. When his meridians were destroyed and he was in danger, he was depressed all the time. How could he have any evil thoughts about her? He didn’t expect that it would leave an impression on the woman.

“But when I see you now, the look in your eyes is obviously different,” Huang Rong showed hesitation and bit her lip gently, “The look in your eyes when you look at me is the same as that of other men, full of desire…no, you seem even more unscrupulous.”

Song Qingshu was about to say something, but Huang Rong changed the topic, “But, I suddenly found that I don’t hate the way you look at me at all.”

Huang Rong looked at him with a loving gaze and a shy expression on her face. 

Song Qingshu was extremely shocked, ‘Her acting skills is at the level of an Oscar-winning actress. If I didn’t know her temperament too well from various film and television works in my previous life, I might have really believed her lies.’

“Is this really the case?” Song Qingshu held Huang Rong’s snow-white hand with excitement and gently caressed it. While feeling the smooth and unusually soft skin, he sighed, “Actually, I have also admired Madame for a long time.”

As her skin was being touched by Song Qingshu’s dirty hands, Huang Rong’s body trembled. She suppressed the disgust in her heart and softly said, “I also like the Young Master very much. It’s a pity that I didn’t meet you sooner, and am already too old.”

“Madame, you are still beautiful. You look younger than those girls who are seventeen or eighteen years old, how can you call yourself old?” Song Qingshu secretly laughed in his heart, ‘It seems that Huang Rong is also sensitive to the issue of age in her heart.’

“I’m really old.” Huang Rong said with emotion.

“Are you old? Then let me check which part is old, here, here, or here…” Song Qingshu said while stretching out his fingers to touch everywhere on Huang Rong’s body.

Huang Rong was shocked and angry, and just when she was about to fall out, she suddenly discovered that although Song Qingshu’s fingers seemed to be touching her body randomly, but once they were connected in order of placement, they formed a complete sentence.

[Cooperate with me, and keep acting.]

The astute Huang Rong immediately reacted and knew that with Ouyang Feng’s skills, he would hear the two people talking no matter how low their voices were. If they used sound transmission to communicate in secret, Ouyang Feng wouldn’t hear any sound and would immediately notice something was wrong. So Song Qingshu could only convey information to her in this hidden way.

‘But…couldn’t he write on the palm of my hand? Did he have to write on my body!?’

Feeling the unique softness and plumpness of a mature woman’s body with his fingers, Song Qingshu showed a smile. Of course he could write on the palm of her hand, but since he would be helping her, so he had to collect some interest in the process. So his hands continued to dance on her body like a butterfly, and at the same time, he was also measured in his actions and didn’t touch Huang Rong’s mounds, thighs or other sensitive parts. He just chose some less critical places so that Huang Rong wouldn’t react aggressively.

“Ah, don’t touch there, it tickles~” Huang Rong deliberately raised her voice for Ouyang Feng outside to hear, and winked at Song Qingshu, asking him to unseal her acupuncture points.

“If the Madame won’t let me touch here, where can I touch?” Song Qingshu shrugged and continued to write on her lower abdomen:

[Ouyang Feng practiced the Nine Yin Manual backwards, and I can’t understand his acupoint techniques.]

Huang Rong knew that he was telling the truth and was caught in a dilemma. 

‘How can I escape? Should I let Song Qingshu touch me like this?’

At that moment, Ouyang Feng became impatient and tried to barge in, “Surnamed Song, how long have you been groping around like that without raising your spear and mounting your horse? Are you a man?” 

Ouyang Feng came from the Western Regions, where the customs were rough and his words were not so tactful. He didn’t feel any shame in speaking so openly.

[What should I do?] 

Song Qingshu wrote hurriedly.

“Hurry up and get on top of me.” Listening to Ouyang Feng’s footsteps walking in, Huang Rong responded hurriedly not wanting to fail.

When Song Qingshu heard this, he realized that there was such a good thing? 

Since Huang Rong was taking the initiative to invite him, he naturally had no reason to refuse. So he pressed Huang Rong’s body under his.

Huang Rong felt her whole body sink. The weight of the man’s body made her pass out for a moment. Apart from her Brother Jing, she had never been ridden by another man like this before. 

The feeling was quite strange…

Ouyang Feng came in just in time and seeing the scene, and he couldn’t help show a knowing smile, “You brat, couldn’t you have done this earlier? Now quickly cook the rice while the pot is hot.”

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