Chapter 467: Is it in?

“Uh, can you please go out first? I feel very stressed out with you here…” Song Qingshu wiped his sweat and said with a grimace.

“Okay, okay, no need to go easy, she’s someone else’s wife anyway, so don’t feel bad.” Ouyang Feng laughed loudly and walked away with his hands behind his back.

‘Old Poison and I have the same views on this matter.’ Song Qingshu touched his nose and suddenly found that he was still pressing Huang Rong down, and she was staring at him with a blushing face.

[What to do next?] 

Song Qingshu continued to slide his fingers on her abdomen.

Every time Song Qingshu’s fingers touched, Huang Rong felt a ticklish and numb feeling. The throbbing deep within her body made her very dissatisfied with Song Qingshu’s behavior, and she quickly stretched out her weak fingers and wrote on his chest:

 [I will write in the palm of your hand from now on. You write in the palm of my hand too…]

Song Qingshu continued to trace her flat belly and noticed the anger in Huang Rong’s eyes. Then he stopped, quickly held her hand and pulled it in front of him.

“Madame, your hand is so soft. It is more beautiful than any other girls.”

Song Qingshu naturally didn’t want to hide these things from Ouyang Feng, so he said it out loud.

Huang Rong’s hand was tightly held by Song Qingshu. She subconsciously wanted to pull it out, but his hand was like an iron hoop. Huang Rong tried several times and couldn’t move, so she had no choice but to give up. Feeling the heat coming from his palm, Huang Rong’s expression became a bit unnatural, and she responded in a strange way, [Are my hands as beautiful as your Zhiruo?]

Song Qingshu was startled. He didn’t expect Huang Rong to ask such a thing.

‘Women are really strange animals. Do they still need to compare even in such a situation?’

[Madame’s hand is soft, it is so tender that it can be compared to a fresh lotus petals. Once a man holds it, he wouldn’t want to let go; as for Zhiruo’s hand, it is a bit cold. Holding her hand in summer is really a very enjoyable thing.] 

Song Qingshu caressed the hand he was holding in his grasp. It was really soft, like cotton, and felt really comfortable to the touch.

“No one would believe your glib tongue…” Ouyang Feng’s voice was heard from the cave door again, “But are you just good at talking and not good at bed?”

“Bah!” A man could be suspected of everything except for that, so Song Qingshu immediately yelled, “You’re just a lonely old fool, what do you know about skills in bed?”

“Humph, I may be just a lonely old fool, but I used to have a wife. I’ve only heard you talk for so long, and I didn’t hear Huang Rong m0an even once. If you can’t do it, I’ll find someone else to do it within a stick of incense time. He would be able to make Huang Rong m0an to the heavens.” Ouyang Feng sneered.

[What to do? He noticed a flaw.] Song Qingshu hurriedly wrote on Huang Rong’s hand.

Hearing Ouyang Feng’s dirty words, Huang Rong felt so angry that her teeth were about to break, but she knew that the only way to deal with this situation was to delay. The longer the delay, the more chance she would have of saving herself. 

‘Once Fu’er and the others find out that I am missing, they will definitely look for me everywhere. With the reputation we have built up over the years and our friendship with various sects such as Shaolin and Wudang. They will not just stand idly by. When the time comes, no matter how high Ouyang Feng’s martial arts is, he can only leave angrily.’

[I have a way, but…] Huang Rong hesitated for a long time, and finally continued to write, [Young Master can’t tell anyone what he will see and hear today.]

[That’s natural.] Song Qingshu wrote as his response. He was very curious about Huang Rong’s so-called way.

[You are not allowed to laugh at me, and you must forget everything about today afterwards.] Huang Rong continued to write with a bright red face.

Song Qingshu became even more expectant in his heart, ‘Could it be that she is going to…’

Seeing Song Qingshu nod his head, Huang Rong slowly closed her eyes. As Song Qingshu continued to watch, Huang Rong slightly opened her red lips, and a faint and seductive “Humng~” came out.

Song Qingshu’s entire body trembled. 

Ouyang Feng outside the cave also pricked up his ears and said excitedly, “Is it in?”

Song Qingshu secretly cursed, ‘Did this Old Poison stay crazy for too long and develop a brain problem or something? He’s lost the demeanor of a master, and completely turned into a weird perve*rted old man.’

“Don’t disturb me!” Song Qingshu roared angrily. He just wanted to enjoy Huang Rong’s heavenly music performance, and didn’t want Ouyang Feng to ruin the atmosphere.

After being yelled at by him, Ouyang Feng fell into silence as expected. 

Huang Rong turned her head, her cheeks were flushed, and her red lips slightly opened again, “Hmmng~”

As he looked at the alluring mature woman lying under him m0aning shyly, Song Qingshu’s heart trembled. Apart from Guo Jing, he was probably the only one in the world who could appreciate such beautiful scenery.

“Why does it sound so fake? Can’t you do a little better? This woman is just m0aning to deceive you.” 

Ouyang Feng’s voice rang out at an inappropriate time again, causing Song Qingshu to curse in his heart. 

‘Maybe Huang Rong is feeling shy to m0an in front a man other than her husband, so her m0ans sound a bit fake…her m0ans sound no better than those art films from a certain island country from my previous life.’

Song Qingshu shook his head with a wry smile, grabbed Huang Rong’s hand and quickly wrote on her palm:

[Madame’s voice is too fake, I’m afraid she won’t be able to deceive Ouyang Feng.]

Huang Rong almost fainted in anger. She was thinking of her husband in her mind as she was m0aning under a stranger. It was already embarrassing enough, but he actually called it too fake? 

‘I am just pretending, so of course it’s fake! If I want the voice to be more realistic, then I would have to let him…’ But Huang Rong quickly shook her head, ‘That’s something I would never tolerate.’

Song Qingshu also knew that Huang Rong wouldn’t really let him take advantage in order to deceive Ouyang Feng, so he quickly wrote again:

[Actually, I have a way to help Madame.]

Huang Rong blinked curiously.


She didn’t write it out this time, but her meaning was clear.

Song Qingshu quickly wrote: 

[I can use the Soul Catching Art to hypnotize Madame and remind you of your intimate time with Master Guo. Then your m0ans will be very natural.] 

Huang Rong suddenly became vigilant, thinking that Song Qingshu might be deceiving her with Ouyang Feng. If she really fell into his Soul Catching Art, she would become a piece of meat on the chopping board for him to slaughter. Who knew what he would do to her then? And what kind of things he would make her so… 

‘What if… what if he make me think I am doing it with Brother Jing, but in reality it is him…’

Huang Rong felt chills all over after thinking about it, then she quickly shook her head and resolutely refused, 


“What’s impossible?” Ouyang Feng laughed loudly from the entrance of the cave, “So you think he’s not good enough! It seems like I’d better find a random man from the countryside.”

Huang Rong’s face suddenly turned pale, and she was caught in a dilemma.

Song Qingshu suddenly wrote, [I actually have another way.] 

Huang Rong’s face lit up and she motioned for him to hurry up.

Song Qingshu awkwardly smiled, [I’m afraid Madame will not agree.] 

Huang Rong frowned, [I will listen first.]

Song Qingshu smiled bitterly, leaned into Huang Rong’s ear, and softly whispered, [Don’t misunderstand…I have practiced an art for pleasuring women. If Madame doesn’t mind, I can try it on you. If we do that, your m0ans will sound natural, and you would be able to survive this disaster.”

Ouyang Feng probably wouldn’t doubt it if he occasionally used a voice transmission to speak in secret.

Huang Rong’s ears were her sensitive part. When she was t0uched by the dry lips of another man, her body immediately tensed up. And when she heard Song Qingshu’s words clearly, her face turned cold, “Impossible!”

“I also know that Madame would be unwilling,” Song Qingshu sighed. Then he took a breath and said, “But that perve*rted old man won’t wait long. I’m afraid he will find a random man later…”

Seeing Huang Rong’s face turn pale, Song Qingshu continued, “Madame, you must also understand that Ouyang Feng and I have been friends for many years. Although I intend to save you out of conscience, I will not break up with my old friend because of you. If Ouyang Feng Feng really decided to bring another man, I will have no choice but to ignore it, and I wont be able to help you.”

Huang Rong clearly felt something was wrong, but couldn’t find any flaw in his words. She remained silent for a long time, then suddenly lowered her head and softly said, “Those methods…can you not t0uch me while you use it?” 

Seeing her weak tone, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but be surprised. 

If it were fiery young women such as Shui Sheng and Mu Jianping, it wouldn’t have been that surprising, but who was Huang Rong? How could she be fooled by such nonsense logic? 

Song Qingshu was originally just joking with Huang Rong. He liked teasing her, and once he was content with it, he planned to rescue her. Ouyang Feng probably wouldn’t fall out with him if he did.

But who knew that even though Huang Rong maintained a firm stance during the previous teasings, she actually fell for his nonsense in the end. 

‘Her IQ is really not living up to her reputation outside…’

However, Song Qingshu naturally didn’t know that before he came in, Ouyang Feng had already given Huang Rong the pollen of Black Datura. 

Black Datura was extremely rare plant and was only found in the deep deserts of the Western Regions. Even Ouyang Feng found by chance in the past.

The flowers, roots, and leaves of Black Datura were highly toxic, but the pollen was much less toxic. As long as the dosage was controlled well, it could slow the mind of its victims, making their thoughts much duller than usual. What’s more, the person who was poisoned wouln’t even know that he or she was being affected.

At the moment, Huang Rong’s mind was working much slower than usual because of the pollen. She clearly felt that there was something wrong in her heart, but she still couldn’t help but follow Song Qingshu’s logic, and allowed him to take advantage of her.

When Song Qingshu saw that Huang Rong was willing, he no longer cared why she agreed, and quickly said, “How could it be possible without t0uching you? I’m not a god…” Seeing Huang Rong frown, he hurriedly added, “But I can make do with t0uching some less prominent areas, which won’t really stain Madame’s innocence.”

Huang Rong thought to herself, ‘Since he has already t0uched my belly just now, it wouldn’t be a big deal if I am t0uched by him again. It’s not a sensitive place anyway. It would be acceptable as long as he doesn’t t0uch my bre*asts and…down there.’

“Then… you can do it.” Huang Rong closed her eyes as soon as she finished speaking. She really couldn’t bear to watch a stranger t0uch her body with her own eyes.

Seeing that she was ready to be “t0uched”, Song Qingshu tensed up and stretched his trembling hands towards the collar of her clothes.

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