Chapter 468: Uncontrollable Feelings

As Song Qingshu’s hands approached closer, Huang Rong suddenly felt a tremor in her heart. She was engulfed in a strange sensation, indescribable and perplexing, feeling lost, and finding the situation surreal.

Gazing at those tempting, sinful vermilion lips, a fleeting red light flashed in Song Qingshu’s eyes as he leaned in and lightly k1ssed those captivating lips, savoring their sweetness.

“Song Qingshu, you’re not keeping your promise…” Huang Rong murmured as the Joyful True Qi seeped in, her resistance gradually weakening…

Sensing the fragrant lips parting slightly, Song Qingshu felt exceedingly pleased as he skillfully explored the soft, red tongue of this mature flower, savoring the sweet nectar. At the same time, he gently embraced her body, pressing against her slowly.

With his right hand over her clothes, Song Qingshu softly massaged her voluptuous mounds, marveling at their exquisite shape and elasticity. His left hand smoothly slid downwards, quickly reaching the tender secret garden between her legs.

Through her clothes, he grabbed hold of the full and firm mounds. Sensing the smoothness and suppleness, Song Qingshu couldn’t resist kneading them vigorously with his hand. 

‘Truly beautiful…’ He thought, as he kneaded the warm fullness, and admired the jade white valley. 

The twin peaks gradually responded to Song Qingshu’s teasing fingers, causing Huang Rong’s whole body to tremble, and her delicate body lightly swayed, which seemed immensely alluring to the eyes of the beholder.

Huang Rong was trembling all over, her delicate mounds under assault by Song Qingshu’s hands, leaving her feeling powerless. She wanted to speak out but was silenced by his sudden kiss. 

Initially stunned, Huang Rong felt both shy and anxious, and was unable to resist. It had been a while since her husband had caressed her with such ferocity, and now being toyed with by Song Qingshu was unbearable, her sensitive body gently squirmed under his touch.

While caressing the beautiful flower, Song Qingshu slowly removed her garments. 

Before long, Huang Rong was found herself almost exposed, and most of her exquisite figure was revealed before Song Qingshu’s eyes. 

Song Qingshu traced her smooth, tender skin with his fingers, playing with her rosy peaks, reveling in the beauty of the mature woman in his arms.

Meanwhile, Song Qingshu gently parted her legs, silently admiring the beautiful secret garden, inwardly praising its beauty.

Seeing Huang Rong’s bewildered gaze, Song Qingshu smiled. 

It seemed the Joyful True Qi was working exceptionally well this time—a truly delightful outcome.

With a seductive expression, Huang Rong couldn’t help but lose herself in desire once again.

Observing her enticing look, Song Qingshu gently released her lips and whispered, “Madame Guo, you are truly beautiful.”

Blushing, Huang Rong replied indignantly, “Young Master Song, are you intentionally humiliating me? And you’re not keeping your word; didn’t you say you wouldn’t touch my body…”

Gently sitting up, Song Qingshu embraced Huang Rong, his hands lingering on her alluring mounds, softly squeezing them. He gazed at her beautiful th!ghs and said softly, “Madame, you are too enticing. I find it hard to resist. It’s your fault for being so irresistible…”

Huang Rong’s face turned scarlet as she bit her lip, refusing to let out any embarrassing m0ans. There was a hint of coquettishness and resentment in her eyes as she glared at Song Qingshu, her body gently twisting, unsure if she was struggling or tempting him…

Just then, footsteps approached, and Song Qingshu regretfully withdrew the Joyful True Qi from Huang Rong.

Quickly helping Huang Rong put on her scattered clothes, he said hurriedly, “Madame, quickly get dressed. A group of people is heading this way.”

As she hastily dressed, Huang Rong muttered angrily, “If today’s events get out, I will not let you off…”

Sitting beside Huang Rong, Song Qingshu apologized while tidying her disheveled clothes, “Madame Guo, I was at fault tonight. You are just too alluring, I couldn’t resist…”

“You still dare say that!” Huang Rong exclaimed in frustration. She had almost fallen prey to him, leaving her with complex emotions.

Seeing Huang Rong’s murderous glare, Song Qingshu wisely remained silent.

Feeling his gentle actions, Huang Rong’s heart trembled. Despite resentfully staring at him, her mind was in turmoil. Earlier, he had acted like a demon, but now he was being so considerate, reverting to the gallant young hero he once was. 

She wondered which side was the real him…

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