Chapter 469: Encirclement

As the enchanting celestial melody began to emanate from the cave, Ouyang Feng’s expression turned exceedingly peculiar, ‘Could that brat really have done something to Huang Rong?’

Though Ouyang Feng acted tough on the surface, he knew deep down that Song Qingshu would likely help Huang Rong deceive him. Song was not the type to abandon all morals; just because Ouyang Feng delivered Huang Rong to him didn’t mean he would turn into a beast.

Although Ouyang Feng hadn’t witnessed the subtle exchanges between Song Qingshu and Huang Rong inside the cave, he was certain that these two cunning individuals had a way to communicate. He could guess their plan was probably to stage a show together to deceive him.

But what did it matter? In Ouyang Feng’s scheme, whether or not they had actually committed any misconduct was irrelevant. What mattered was how it appeared to outsiders.

Watching the distant figures approaching, Ouyang Feng revealed a sly smile of success. 

‘Huang Rong, oh Huang Rong, you’re clever your whole life but foolish in this moment. You think you’re tricking me with a performance, but little do you know I’ve already arranged for people to witness it with me. When the truth comes out, it’ll be a stain on you even if it’s not true.’

The bystanders in the wulin wouldn’t care whether they actually did anything improper; once they heard their performance, everyone would assume the worst.

Seeing the approaching group, Ouyang Feng quickly moved to a nearby shadow, silently observing. 

The sounds of m0aning and groaning from the cave continued, and Ouyang Feng’s expression was full of anticipation. 

“You brat, seems I’ve underestimated you indeed! But soon you’ll face the consequences. Who told you to scheme against me? You deserve this!”

By now, the group had gathered near the cave. The leaders were Xuancheng from Shaolin, Zhang Songxi and Yin Liting from Wudang, and Qiu Chuji from Quanzhen Sect. Other sects also sent their representatives. 

Guo Fu and the Wu siblings from the Beggar Gang looked anxious within their group. 

Xiao Feng, upon hearing of Huang Rong’s trouble, came to offer support and comfort to Guo Fu and the others.

As for Zhao Min and her companions, they wore expressions of watching a drama unfold, unafraid of any consequences.

Inside the cave, the sound of Huang Rong’s cries suddenly ceased. 

Ouyang Feng in hiding chuckled inwardly, ‘Song Qingshu, this kid isn’t slow, but it’s too late!’

“Mother, is that you? Shameless scoundrel, release my mother!” As Huang Rong’s daughter, Guo Fu instantly recognized her mother’s voice and assumed she was being violated, her eyes filled with rage.

“You daughter is truly foolish.” Inside the cave, Song Qingshu looked at Huang Rong with disdain, who now lay among the dry grass, her hair disheveled, cheeks flushed, appearing alluring.

Biting her lip, Huang Rong explained hurriedly, “We fell into Ouyang Feng’s trap…” 

Hearing the commotion outside, realizing that many martial artists were present, Huang Rong broke into a cold sweat. The effects of the Black Datura drug wore off, and she understood Ouyang Feng’s scheme.

Initially suspicious that Song Qingshu and Ouyang Feng were colluding to deceive her, Huang Rong’s doubts dissipated with this exposure, as Song Qingshu would also be condemned throughout the wulin.

Angered by the turn of events, Song Qingshu cursed his luck. He had thought of it as a stroke of good fortune, but it turned into a disaster. He had only recently managed to restore his reputation and now faced complete ruin.

“If it weren’t for your daughter’s outcry, none of this would have spiraled out of control.” Song Qingshu sighed.

Huang Rong nodded in agreement. If not for Guo Fu’s shout, her identity as the woman in the cave would not have been confirmed.

“Release Leader Huang immediately, or this monk will make you regret it.” Xuancheng slammed his staff onto the ground, causing everyone to startle. They were all taken aback by the monk’s profound internal strength.

However, most of the attention was still focused on the cave. Pitiful, curious, and even gloating gazes were fixed on it.

“What should we do?” Despite her usual resourcefulness, Huang Rong was now at a loss.

“Don’t panic, I have a plan.” Song Qingshu’s calm voice was like a lifeline to Huang Rong. She found herself increasingly favoring this young man.

Qiu Chuji, known for his fiery temper, was about to charge in but was halted by Yin Liting. “Master, if Leader Huang is indeed inside, storming in with so many men…”

Before he could finish, everyone understood his point. If they rushed in and accidentally saw something inappropriate, it would be disgraceful.

“What do we do then? Just wait here?” Qiu Chuji was frustrated.

“I… ” Yin Liting couldn’t come up with a solution. Storming in might offend Huang Rong, but standing by while she was mistreated seemed equally wrong.

As they debated, Song Qingshu suddenly emerged from the cave, “Why all this noise in the dead of night?”

“It’s you!” Recognizing Song Qingshu, Guo Fu erupted in anger. “You shameless scoundrel, how dare you…”

The crowd erupted in furious shouts directed at Song Qingshu. 

Yin Liting and Zhang Songxi exchanged worried glances. Xiao Feng and his group, closely tied to Song Qingshu, frowned deeply. 

Zhao Min, on the other hand, watched with amusement.

“What nonsense is this ‘my mother’!” Song Qingshu, appearing puzzled, couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Why are you all joking? How could Leader Huang be inside?”

Huang Rong inside the cave felt a glimmer of hope. She shrank back, hoping not to be seen by those outside. How long could this deception last?

“Villain, stop your lies!” Xuancheng, who still bore a grudge from the last time Song Qingshu rescued Zhao Min, had long grown suspicious of him.

Song Qingshu’s brow furrowed. “You haven’t seen anything, yet you claim Leader Huang is inside. If this spreads to those unaware, they’ll think Leader Huang has betrayed her husband.”

“You!” Xuancheng glared angrily but was interrupted by Song Qingshu.

“I was just enjoying myself here with my woman. Why are you all suddenly accusing Leader Huang of being inside? I suspect a plot to tarnish her reputation.”

Some in the crowd, particularly those thoughtful, nodded in agreement. Song Qingshu’s words made sense. Accidentally implicating Leader Huang would be a serious offense. However, Guo Miss seemed to have recognized her mother’s voice earlier…

Xuancheng sneered, “Your sophistry won’t work. If you’re innocent, let us search.”

This suggestion quickly gained support. Though Song Qingshu’s words swayed a few, most believed Huang Rong was inside.

“No!” Song Qingshu coldly refused.

“Haha, feeling guilty, eh? Villain, face my staff!” Xuancheng, known as one of the “Thirteen Divine Monks” leapt into action. His robe billowed like a giant eagle. The force behind his attack was formidable.

Qiu Chuji, intending to save Huang Rong, attacked without considering martial etiquette.

Worried for her mother’s safety, Guo Fu impulsively joined the fray, with the Wu siblings following to protect her.

Seeing them in action, Xiao Feng was alarmed. He knew even residual palm winds could injure lesser martial artists. He couldn’t stand by if Guo Jing and his wife’s daughter faced peril. With a roar, he leapt into the fray, intercepting the trio.

Xuancheng, renowned as the top monk in Shaolin, and Qiu Chuji, the most skilled among the seven disciples of Wang Chongyang, faced a daunting opponent in Xiao Feng, famed for his prowess on the battlefield.

Watching them engage, many wulin heroes realized these three were a force to be reckoned with. Confronting a rising star was child’s play for them.

Song Qingshu stood unfazed at the cave entrance as the three powerful figures closed in on him, enveloping the scene in an eerie silence.

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