Chapter 465: Captured Huang Rong

 “Are you out of your mind!?” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but utter a curse word from his previous life, “You actually kidnapped Huang Rong?”

“What’s all the fuss about?” Ouyang Feng glanced at him with disdain, “This stinking girl killed my Ke’er and made me go crazy for more than ten years. I wanted to deal with her a long time ago, but it’s a pity that she had either Guo Jing or Huang Yaoshi by her side, so it was not easy to deal with her. It was rare for her to be alone. Now that I got the chance, why not do it?”

After hearing Ouyang Feng’s words, Huang Rong showed a look of regret on her face. Before she left, her Brother Jing had warned that the trip might be dangerous, but it was a pity that she left without telling him in order to find Guo Fu. 

She thought that she could protect herself with her mastery of the Dog Beating Staff technique. Who knew that a master-level figure like Ouyang Feng would take action while disregarding his status.

“Is this what you wanted me to help you with?” Song Qingshu swallowed his saliva and said with some difficulty.

After hearing his words, Huang Rong’s eyes suddenly lit up. There was an inextricable hatred between Ouyang Feng and herself. No matter how eloquent she was, she couldn’t convince him to let her go. But Song Qingshu was different. He was definitely better than Ouyang who was full of animosity. Song Qingshu would be much easier to deal with, not to mention that he saved her once during the day, so he should still have a chivalrous spirit in his heart.

“Why, you got so scared when you heard about Ah Qing. and now you’re also scared for such a trivial matter?” Ouyang Feng looked at him with a mocking look on his face.

“This is not a matter of cowardice…” Song Qingshu said with a huge headache, “…there is really nothing I can do to help with this kind of thing!”

Although Ouyang Feng didn’t explicitly say what kind of help he wanted, but his hatred for Huang Rong was quite well known. Even a fool could guess what he wanted.

“You already know what I want you to do.” Ouyang Feng gave a faux smile.

“Stop pretending to act all mysterious with me.” Song Qingshu snapped.

Huang Rong on the side was secretly frightened when she heard the conversation between the two men. Although the words between the two were not polite, it further proved that the two were friends. If Song Qingshu was Ouyang Feng’s friend, then things would not be easy to handle.

However, Song Qingshu was the better choice, since he would never harm her for Ouyang Feng. 

After all, she had become quite famous over the years, and among her friends and relatives there were several people of the same level as Ouyang Feng. If she could escape by chance, Ouyang Feng’s life would definitely not be easy, so if she could somehow convince Song Qingshu, she would be grateful to the heavens.

“Most don’t even get such a good thing even if they ask for it. How many men in this world want to climb into Huang Rong’s bed? If it weren’t for your connection with me, how could you have such a chance?” Ouyang Feng couldn’t help but snort, “Are you still a man?”

Huang Rong’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale. Only then did she realize Ouyang Feng’s plan. She couldn’t help but secretly curse him for being shameless. With his status as a top-level master, it was unbecoming of him to do such a thing.

However, what Song Qingshu said next almost made Huang Rong angry to death. She felt that in today’s world, how could these people with outstanding martial arts be so shameless?

“I don’t need to prove whether I am a man or not. Why don’t you do it yourself instead of dragging me down?” 

Huang Rong’s breath began to fluctuate, and her plump mounds kept rising and falling. The scene looked extremely attractive to the eyes.

Song Qingshu quietly looked back and secretly sighed, ‘She is indeed a beauty, but it is a pity that I have other ambitions, how can I ruin my long-term plan because of a woman?’

Ouyang Feng could ignore his reputation and act only according to his own preferences, but Song Qingshu was different. He desired too many things, and to get those things, he had to give up a lot of things. Only now did Song Qingshu understand the heavy meaning behind Ouyang Feng’s words, “Be strong without desire”.

Ouyang Feng’s face heated up at Song Qingshu’s rhetorical question. He came to Song Qingshu with the intention of dragging him into the mud. After all, if Huang Yaoshi, Guo Jing, and Zhou Botong came together to knock on his door, he would really not be able to get away with his life. 

However, it would be different with Song Qingshu on his side. With the two of them joining forces, there would be no need to be afraid even if Wang Chongyang himself came back to life. Naturally, they would not be afraid of the revenge of others.

“Hah, I’ve never been fond of women.” What Ouyang Feng said was not a lie, not to mention that he was already very old and had no desire for such things.

“Is it that bad?” Seeing that his words almost made Ouyang Feng choke on his breath in anger, Song Qingshu quickly diverted his attention, “Why don’t you look for Yang Guo? Yang Guo has been coldly and violently treated by Huang Rong since he was a child, and now he had his arm chopped off by her daughter. So he would be happy to accept this task.”

Ouyang Feng shook his head: “Although Yang Guo is a rebellious person on the surface, he is still very respectful in his heart. It is absolutely impossible for him to do such a thing to his Aunt Guo. He might even save Huang Rong instead.”

Huang Rong was startled, wondering if she had been too guarded against Yang Guo before.

Song Qingshu noticed a subtle insult, “Hey, Senior, you are insulting me. If Yang Guo would never do such a thing, you think that I would do it?”

Ouyang Feng coldly smiled, “Others may not know you, but do you think I don’t? That show just now was so clever that it really opened my eyes even after living for so many years.”

Song Qingshu’s face turned red, “I was just playing around. You can’t take it seriously.”

“I’m afraid that’s how you got so many girls to surround you.” Naturally, Ouyang Feng didn’t believe his lies.

“Don’t use such an ugly word. I treat every relationship sincerely.” Song Qingshu immediately pretended to be angry.

“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you…” Ouyang Feng pointed at Huang Rong, “Let’s just talk about this woman. Tell me how many times did you look at her during the day today? I can clearly see that lu*stful and appreciative look in your eyes!”

Even though Song Qingshu was thick-skinned, he felt extremely embarrassed when Ouyang Feng revealed his dirty thoughts in front of Huang Rong. He almost scolded Ouyang Feng to death in his heart, ‘This old pervert. He was peeping at me all day long!’

“Okay, since you have thoughts about her and I’ve given you a chance, do you still want me to strip her naked and put her on your lap?” Ouyang Feng suddenly became impatient with Song Qingshu’s indecisiveness.

Seeing that Song Qingshu remained silent, Ouyang Feng suddenly realized something, “Are you worried that today’s incident will be spread and affect your reputation? In fact, you don’t have to worry, I have a way to solve it.”

“What way?” Song Qingshu subconsciously asked, and as soon as he said it, he realized that he was too impatient, and his face couldn’t help but turn red.

Ouyang Feng looked at him with a half-smiling expression, “Besides you and me, only Huang Rong knows what happened today. All you have to do is find a way to shut her mouth.”

“How can I shut her mouth? ?” Song Qingshu was stunned.

“The easiest way is to kill her afterwards.” A ferocious look flashed across Ouyang Feng’s face, which made Huang Rong’s heart go cold. She knew that Ouyang Feng hated her deeply, and he would very likely do so when the time came.

“R*pe first and then kill her?” Song Qingshu coughed a few times, “I can’t do such a heartless thing.” 

‘Are you kidding? How could I be willing to ki1l a top-notch mature woman like Huang Rong?’

“Forget it if you pity her, I still have a clever plan.” Ouyang Feng clasped his hands and laughed a few times, “I heard that Guo Jing has been busy with the defense of Xiangyang in recent years, and he really has no time to spend time with his beloved wife at home, and that stupid boy Guo Jing probably don’t know how to give a woman some proper pleasure. Leader Huang probably hasn’t tasted the true happiness of a woman in these years. I know that you are an expert in picking flowers. So I think you are good at such things. As long as you make her experience the true peak tonight, Leader Huang will be fascinated by that feeling. She won’t be able to stop herself from wanting more, so she will naturally feel reluctant to reveal what happened to others.”

Huang Rong’s face turned red, and she wanted to pick up the Dog Beating Staff and smash Ouyang Feng’s mouth. But she knew that even if her acupuncture points were unsealed, she would never be able to succeed.

Song Qingshu’s expression turned extremely strange, and he looked at Ouyang Feng with pity, “Is this what you call a clever plan? You are not only insulting my personality, you are also insulting my IQ.”

‘Are you kidding? How could someone like Huang Rong be the kind of woman who would get addicted to carnal desires? Is this one of those av’s from a certain island nation? Besides, even if I use the Joyful Meditation Method to make her willing in bed, she will still regain her senses afterwards. With her IQ, she will definitely make my life a living hell in the future!’

Ouyang Feng sneered. Apparently he also felt that the method was a bit unreliable. 

‘If even Song Qingshu, a veteran of the bed, says it’s impossible, then it seems that it’s indeed impossible.’

“You don’t have to worry, I have one last trick.”

“What?” Song Qingshu had no more hope for his suggestions.

Huang Rong also sneered after hearing that. 

Ouyang Feng was really looking down on her character. Even if she really lost her purity tonight, she would never give in to these two shameless people. They would definitely pay a heavy price in the future.

Song Qingshu originally had a good impression in Huang Rong’s heart, but when Huang Rong saw him and Ouyang Feng working together to discuss ways to deal with her, her impression fell to the bottom and became extremely bad.

Ouyang Feng suddenly said in a strange tone, “As far as I know, you have also studied the Nine Yin Manual, so you must be proficient in the Soul Catching Art. With your skills, you cast a spell on Huang Rong afterwards, so that she forgets the matters of tonight. And you can leave a restriction in her heart. Whenever you want her, you can invite her to sleep with you, and she will have to obey you.”

Song Qingshu was shocked, but he didn’t expect Ouyang Feng would come up with such an effective method. Using the Soul Catching Art was not only safe but also trouble-free.

Huang Rong’s expression finally changed. She could deal with other methods, but if she really fell victim to the Soul Catching Art, she wouldn’t remember what happened afterwards! 

Huang Rong shuddered in dread when she thought that in the future, she would be someone who everyone admired during the day, but at night she would unknowingly become a plaything on a stranger’s bed!

“Okay!” Song Qingshu’s agreement made Huang Rong’s heart sink to the bottom.

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