Chapter 464: Ouyang Feng’s Gift

Linghu Chong didn’t know what had offended her, so he just said “Oh” and suppressed his doubts in his heart.

Ren Yingying also felt that her tone just now was a bit harsh, so she quickly said, “Brother Chong, let’s get out of here quickly.”

“But Young Master Song…” Linghu Chong was about to say that it would be ungrateful and unrighteous to leave Song Qingshu behind, but suddenly remembering Ren Yingying’s warning just now, he quickly shut up. However, his expression conveyed his disapproval, and he was obviously not willing to escape alone.

“Let the dogs bite each other. We should leave!” Ren Yingying didn’t want to see Song Qingshu again, so she picked up Linghu Chong and left.

Linghu Chong said seriously, “Yingying, this is wrong…”

Who knew that before he even finished speaking, Ren Yingying actually burst into tears, “You are blaming me? You don’t know anything!”

Linghu Chong paused, and panicked, “Yingying, what happened?”

“He is the one who wronged me!” Ren Yingying blurted out and regretted it as soon as she said it.

“What!” Linghu Chong’s eyes widened in surprise, and he struggled to stand up, “I’m going to kill him!”

Ren Yingying suddenly panicked, “Brother Chong, don’t go, I…I lied to you just now.”

Linghu Chong paused and looked at her in confusion, “You…lied to me?”

Seeing Linghu Chong’s reaction, how could Ren Yingying dare to tell the truth to him, so she hurriedly said, “I…just got carried away by the moment. You won’t agree to leave, and I was worried that something might happen if you stayed here…”

Linghu Chong suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Yingying, why are you joking about your own chastity? I will just leave with you.” 

Although Linghu Chong cared a great deal about chivalry, he was not an ignorant inflexible fool, he knew well to choose between his lover and a stranger.

Hearing Linghu Chong mention her chastity, Ren Yingying’s face turned pale and she gave a reluctant smile, “Let’s go.”

Seeing the two people disappearing into the distance, Ouyang Feng couldn’t help but curse, “They are already gone, so why are you still acting?”

Song Qingshu quickly stopped and gave an awkward smile, “Senior really understands me.”

“If I didn’t need your help, I would never accompany you to fool around like this.” Ouyang Feng snorted with a sullen expression.

Song Qingshu hurriedly patted his chest and said, “I have accepted Master Ouyang’s favor today. As long as Master Ouyang says a word, this Song will never hesitate to do it!”

Ouyang Feng showed a faux smile, “I do hope that you will remember that.”

Song Qingshu looked relaxed, “Master Ouyang can rest assured. If you and I join forces, we can turn the world upside-down, and I won’t even frown!”

Ouyang Feng smiled and said nothing. Then he changed the topic and said, “You are quite capable, you have different women around you every time we meet. Now you even have something with the Saintess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult.”

“Isn’t it because I am just too charming?” Song Qingshu said with a slight shy expression on his face. 

Ouyang Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes with contempt in return.

“By the way, why did you suddenly want to cause trouble for Linghu Chong?” Song Qingshu looked solemn and asked curiously.

“Who asked him to participate in this Golden Serpent Assembly?” Ouyang Feng smiled faintly, as if he was talking about something very natural.

Song Qingshu was slightly stunned and realized that tomorrow Linghu Chong’s opponent happened to be Yang Guo…

“You are cheating!” Song Qingshu said depressedly.

“There’s no rule that say you can’t do this.” Ouyang Feng replied matter-of-factly, “Don’t forget the real purpose the Golden Serpent Camp is hosting of this event. The martial arts competition is secondary. The most important thing is to choose a strong leader with strong power. Isn’t it also part of the strength?”

“That actually makes quite a bit of sense.” Song Qingshu’s expression suddenly changed, “You won’t also turn against me to help Yang Guo, right?”

Ouyang Feng smiled, “You have to make sure you get into the finals first.”

Song Qingshu also laughed, “I think you should worry more about Yang Guo than me. His chances of getting into the finals are much slimmer than mine.”

Ouyang Feng frowned, and for the first time, he didn’t refute. He obviously also thought the same, “That girl named Ah Qing is indeed very powerful.”

“Master Ouyang has been claiming to be the best in the world over the years, are now afraid of that little girl?” Song Qingshu jokingly asked.

Ouyang Feng coldly snorted, “You don’t need to provoke me. If it’s a martial arts competition in the arena, I am indeed no match for that girl. But in a life-and-death fight, it’s uncertain who will win.” 

There was a natural arrogance in his tone.

Song Qingshu didn’t doubt Ouyang Feng’s claim. After all, the man was nicknamed “Western Poison”, and his reputation for using poison was higher than his martial arts. If he really had the opportunity to plot out a trap, Ah Qing would die before even getting to see his face.

Suddenly Song Qingshu’s expression became stern and he glanced at him suspiciously, “The thing you asked me for help with is not to kill Ah Qing with you, right?” 

Then he immediately made up his mind. If Ouyang Feng really wanted to do that, he would refuse no matter how cowardly it looked. What a joke, if they really wanted to kill Ah Qing, he and Ouyang Feng both being injured was probably the least price they would have to pay, and their strength would probably drop by half. So how could he do such a loss-making thing?

What’s more, he couldn’t bear to hurt such a cute girl like Ah Qing.

“Just look how scared you are…” Ouyang Feng glanced at him with disdain, obviously seeing through his thoughts, “Who was the one who just said that if we join forces, we can turn the world upside-down?”

“Hehehehe…” Song Qingshu had no choice but to act dumb.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a fool, not to mention that little monk named Xu Zhu is not simple either. I don’t want to end up working hard to make wedding clothes for others.” Ouyang Feng snorted.

“That’s a good idea.” Song Qingshu suddenly realized that Xu Zhu was indeed very mysterious. The Seventy-two Special Skills of Shaolin he had shown in the fight were just the tip of the iceberg. No one knew what his real trump card was. If he fought Ah Qing, it wasn’t sure who would win.

“Then for what do you require my help?” Song Qingshu became more and more confused.

“It’s a good thing.” As he spoke, Ouyang Feng led Song Qingshu to the entrance of a hidden cave and pointed into the cave, “You’ll find it quite enjoyable.”

Song Qingshu looked in the direction he pointed in confusion and saw a woman lying quietly on the dry grass. It was obvious that someone had sealed her acupuncture points.

Even though the woman was lying flat on her back, the mounds on her chest were still bulging up. Just looking at them from a distance, Song Qingshu seemed to be able to feel their amazing elasticity and touch. Moving his eyes slightly downward, he saw the graceful and moving arc between the juncture of her waist and hips. 

Even though Song Qingshu had experienced many “battles”, he had to admit that she was definitely a woman among women, and the ideal companion in bed that all men dreamed of.

Hearing the sound at the entrance of the cave, the woman tried her best to turn her head, revealing her stunning face. Her elegance and beauty contained a charm that was enough to topple a country, and her figure had a hint of mature seductiveness.

Who could it be other than Huang Rong, who was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world!

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