Chapter 463: Sweet Lips

“Brother Linghu is indeed very kind!” Song Qingshu was also a little embarrassed by Linghu Chong’s enthusiasm and laughed sarcastically, “I have a close relationship with Miss Ren. So it is only right for me to save her. It is indeed the right thing to do.”

Seeing Song Qingshu take advantage of her in front of her lover, Ren Yingying gritted her teeth so hard that they were about to break. Unfortunately, it was inconvenient to tell Linghu Chong the reason, so she could only stare at Song Qingshu fiercely. If eyes could kill, Song Qingshu would have been executed by her gaze long ago.

Ouyang Feng was not as pure as Linghu Chong. As a cunning and experienced man, he was keenly aware that there might be some ulterior secrets between Song Qingshu and Ren Yingying. So he secretly sighed in his heart, ‘Although my Ke’er could be considered a suave person, compared to this boy, he was far inferior. From the time I met him until now, the girls around him are different every time, and they are all charming and beautiful. Now even the Saintess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult has something going on with him. Could it be that he has the legendary ability to take the virg1nity of women from a thousand miles away?’

Ouyang Feng smiled knowingly, “I am a friend of Young Master Song. Since Miss Ren has a close relationship with him, I will not embarrass her. I just wonder if this Young Master Linghu is also a friend of Young Master Song?”

“This…” Song Qingshu hesitated to give a reply.

But Linghu Chong answered first, “I have never been friends with him.”

Linghu Chong was a proud man, how could he falsely claim to have a relationship with a stranger just because he was facing danger?

Ouyang Feng laughed loudly, “Young Master Linghu is indeed quite brave. I hope you will be careful. I will take action now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his fist reached less than three feet away from Linghu Chong.

Linghu Chong quickly raised his internal strength and swung his sword to fight.

Upon hearing Linghu Chong’s answer, Ren Yingying secretly screamed, and when she saw him barely resisting, she became even more anxious. She tried to rush over to help several times, but Song Qingshu silently stopped her.

Ren Yingying glared at Song Qingshu fiercely again.

Song Qingshu slightly shook his head, “Even if I let you go, you two are no match for him, so why waste your life.”

“Why would you care if I live or die? I will die with Brother Chong!” Seeing that Song Qingshu was still standing in front of her, Ren Yingying raised her dagger and stabbed at him.

“Don’t be so cruel…” Song Qingshu smacked his tongue as he dodged, “They say, married for a day begets a hundred days of kindness. How can you, a woman be so cold-hearted?”

Ren Yingying was so angry that she began to shake all over, “Who has been married to you for a day!”

“We got so close on Blackwood Cliff. I thought only married couples would do those things.” Song Qingshu admired his own trashy behavior, ‘It seems that I really am more suitable to be a villain who m0lests women from good families.’

“Shut up!” Ren Yingying glanced at Linghu Chong guiltily. When she saw that he was concentrating on dismantling Ouyang Feng’s moves, she felt relieved, “Don’t mention that matter!

“Then what’s in it for me?” Song Qingshu looked at her jokingly.

“What benefits do you want?” Ren Yingying finally put away her dagger. She understood that there was a huge gap between her and her opponent’s martial arts, so she decided it would be wise to talk.

“Of course you have to pay some hush money.” Song Qingshu smiled very strangely.

Seeing the other party asking for money, Ren Yingying let out a long sigh of relief. Although she was a dignified saintess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, she was not as rich as a country, but she never lacked treasures. Thinking that Song Qingshu was quite a greedy person, a trace of disdain flashed through her heart, “How much do you want? Name your price.”

Song Qingshu slightly shook his head and said with a smile, “The Saintess may have misunderstood me. My mouth is a bit special. You can’t seal it with money.”

Ren Yingying was startled, “Then what can seal it?”

“That thing is not very rare. The Saintess definitely has it as well.” The smile on Song Qingshu’s face became even stronger.

Ren Yingying suddenly felt a bad premonition in her heart, “What on earth is it?”

“It’s actually very simple to seal my mouth. All you need is your soft lips to press against it. Naturally, I won’t be able to speak anymore with this mouth.” Song Qingshu said and glanced at Ren Yingying’s moist red lips.

Ren Yingying’s expression suddenly changed, “Shameless! Don’t have such wishful thinking.”

Song Qingshu looked solemn and quickly said, “What if I help you save Linghu Chong?”

Ren Yingying was stunned for a moment, and her expression turned gloomy and uncertain. She was obviously struggling fiercely in her heart. Then she glanced at the battle situation not far away.

Linghu Chong was only relying on the exquisiteness of the Nine Swords of Dugu to hold on, but he might not be able to continue for long. After about ten moves, he might even lose his life.

‘Do I have to watch him die?’

“Miss, you’d better decide quickly. After ten moves, I won’t be able to save Brother Chong even if I want to.”

Song Qingshu whispered in her ear at the right time to add fuel to the fire.

“Remember what you said!”

Two crystal clear drops of tear fell from Ren Yingying’s beautiful eyes. And the next moment, she moved her head and kissed Song Qingshu on the mouth.

Song Qingshu felt a fragrant breath reach his nostrils and couldn’t help but stick out the tip of his tongue to pry open Ren Yingying’s closed teeth, and penetrated her sweet mouth.

Ren Yingying’s eyes suddenly widened, and she bit Song Qingshu’s tongue.

“Hiss~” Song Qingshu quickly retreated and wiped the blood on his lips. Then he said with a smile, “Now we can be considered as couples who has exchanged our bodily fluids.”

After saying that, without waiting for Ren Yingying’s reaction, he jumped towards the battle on the other side, shouting, “Brother Linghu, let me help you! “

Ren Yingying spat quickly, but unfortunately the breath of Song Qingshu still remained in her mouth. Thinking of what happened just now, her pink face turned pale, and tears fell down her cheeks.

Linghu Chong, who had been fighting for so long, was finally able to regain his breath. He quickly cupped his hands towards Song Qingshu who was holding Ouyang Feng back, “Thank you, Brother Song, for your kindness.”

He didn’t even know that just now, his lover, whom he had always admired like a goddess, had been “bullied” by the same “Brother Song” who he was thanking right now.

Song Qingshu showed a slight smile, and couldn’t help but think of Nan Lan and Luo Bing. At this point, he was no different from Wei Xiaobao, who liked to take advantage of women who already had lovers.

Ouyang Feng, on the other hand, clearly saw everything that happened just now. Even though he was called the Western Poison, he had to admire Song Qingshu’s shamelessness when the guy rushed out to save Linghu Chong. He didn’t hear the conversation between Song Qingshu and Ren Yingying, but he could somewhat guess what had happened. He quietly winked at Song Qingshu and then gradually backed away.

Song Qingshu tacitly understood his meaning, but didn’t show any reaction on his face, fearing that with Linghu Chong’s martial arts realm, he might get suspicious if he did.

Song Qingshu was a typical fox who wanted to appear righteous. Since he was acting, he had to give it his all, and attacked Ouyang Feng with all his strength.

Ouyang Feng noticed the force in his palm and couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

‘Hmph! Do you really think you are invincible?’

After dozens of moves, the surrounding trees were blown apart by the aftermath of their “battle”, making Linghu Chong gasp in surprise.

“This ba*tard’s martial arts is really good!” After Ren Yingying recovered from her daze, she quickly rushed to Linghu Chong and helped him move to the side, fearing that he would be hit by the aftermath of the battle.

“Young Master Song’s martial arts is indeed really good!” Linghu Chong was originally an open-minded person. Since Song Qingshu came to rescue him twice, he had long forgotten the enmity that originated on the Blackwood Cliff in the past, and now all that remained was his sincere admiration.

“I think he must have practiced some evil martial arts, otherwise how could his martial arts be so high at such a young age!” Thinking of everything Song Qingshu did to her, Ren Yingying angrily cursed, but she didn’t know that her casual guess was actually not that far from the truth.

Linghu Chong laughed at her remark, “When it comes to evil martial arts, which of them can compare to the Cosmic Absorbing Technique practiced by your father and me.”

Ren Yingying’s face turned cold, “Brother Chong, never defend that person in the future. I don’t like it.”

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