Chapter 462: Hidden in the Dark

“Who is your Excellency, and why are you finding trouble with our Sun Moon Holy Cult?” Ren Yingying had a very good eye, and she could see that the old man in front of her was really a prominent martial arts figure. She was worried that Linghu Chong might suffer a loss if the conflict continued, so she hurriedly intervened in the hope that she would be able to turn the conflict into friendship.

“Heh, I don’t like scheming little girls the most.” Ouyang Feng said in a gloomy tone, thinking of how badly he was hurt by that girl Huang Rong, “Others might be afraid of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, but I don’t care that much about them.”

As soon as he said this, Ren Yingying’s expression changed drastically. Hearing his strong tone, she understood that things were going to be difficult to resolve today.

Linghu Chong was very experienced in fighting. So he immediately put his sword forward and concentrated on defense.

As expected, Ouyang Feng suddenly jumped up and attacked. 

Linghu Chong also slashed forward with his sword. It was extremely fast and exquisite regardless of the angle and strength.

“Excellent swordsmanship!” Ouyang Feng’s fleshy palms barely dodged the sword edge and went straight towards the sword’s side. 

When the two met, they made the sound of gold and stone colliding.

Ouyang Feng took advantage of Linghu Chong’s slight daze, turned around and punched him in the chest. Seeing Linghu Chong hastily move his palms to meet the attack, Ouyang Feng sneered. 

Linghu Chong’s swordsmanship might be quite superb, but Ouyang Feng had mastered the Toad Style, which was ranked among the top five physical martial art in the world. Yet this young man actually dared to fight with him in palm strength, he was simply looking to die.

Unexpectedly, when the fists and palms met, Ouyang Feng felt his True Qi pouring out of his fists! 

He was stunned for a moment, and then he remembered the strange situation during the daytime competition.

“It turns out to be that Old Demon Ren’s Cosmic Absorbing Technique. Hmph…I want to see how much you can absorb!” 

Unlike Duan Yanqing, Ouyang Feng was very knowledgeable about the concept of how martial arts complemented each other and that one martial art couldn’t be invincible without any flaws. If the Cosmic Absorbing Technique was really so powerful, then wouldn’t Ren Woxing be recognized as the most powerful martial artist in the world by now? Yet why was his position usurped by Dongfang Bubai in the past?

Ouyang Feng figured out the flaw in the Cosmic Absorbing Technique in seconds. He advanced instead of retreating, allowing the powerful True Qi in his body to surge out and rush directly towards the opponent’s meridians.

Linghu Chong immediately groaned and took the initiative to knock Ouyang Feng away with his palm. His face turned blue and white, seemingly in extreme pain.

“Brother Chong! What’s wrong with you?” Ren Yingying quickly ran to Linghu Chong and asked with concern. Who knew that as soon as her fingers touched Linghu Chong’s arm, the other party’s figure shook and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ouyang Feng’s face also turned a little pale. It was obvious that the blow just now had consumed a lot of his True Qi. However, thinking that he had severely injured the opponent, Ouyang Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “You think you can just absorb my True Qi and be alright!”

Although Song Qingshu, who was watching the battle on the sidelines, didn’t know what happened between them, he could guess pretty well based on his martial arts skills. He couldn’t help but secretly nod his head, ‘No wonder Zuo Lengchan was able to use the Frost Qi to win in the original novel. It seems that when the Cosmic Absorbing Technique is used, although it can absorb the opponent’s True Qi, one’s own meridians are also exposed to the opponent. Most people’s first reaction when faced with the violent absorption of their True Qi is to panic and then try their best to retract their True Qi. However, they become lambs to be slaughtered, and they will only become weaker and weaker, completely unable to resist.’

‘But, if one makes a quick decision at the moment when the opponent absorbs the True Qi, and directly sends all the True Qi into the opponent’s meridians, he can escape from the trap and seriously injure the opponent.’

‘Of course, there is a prerequisite for it, which is that the person being absorbed has to reach a certain level of internal strength. After all, the Cosmic Absorbing Technique is considered one of the top martial arts in the world, and naturally, it has ways to defend against counterattacks. If the person being absorbed doesn’t have enough True Qi, there would be no way for them to escape.’

“Yingying, quickly escape, I will block him!” A trace of determination flashed in Linghu Chong’s eyes. He knew that he was injured. Now he was no longer a match for the old man in front of him. The only thing he could do was to hold him back and give Ren Yingying a chance to escape.

“No, let me block him, you go first. I am the Saintess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, he may not hurt me.” Ren Yingying drew out her dagger and protected Linghu Chong behind her.

Seeing the two of them arguing to save the other, Ouyang Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “You two young people are really interesting. There is obviously a hidden gap in your feelings for each other. In such situations, true lovers should have prepared to live and die together, but you two keep acting so polite. Do you have doubts about the other’s feelings?”

Ren Yingying’s face darkened. She always had a thorn in her heart due to the fact that the woman Linghu Chong loved the most was his junior sister, and unfortunately, her own innocence was tainted by that ba*stard Song Qingshu. It made her even more disheartened and she had thoughts of self-destruction.

Linghu Chong was also filled with guilt. When facing Ren Yingying, he would always talk and laugh happily, and even tease her occasionally. However, when facing Yue Lingshan, he would be at a loss every time. He worried about gains and losses and couldn’t even speak clearly. Sometimes, in the dead of night, he would quietly ask himself who he loved most…and the vague answer in his heart made him dare not continue to think about it anymore.

But Ren Yingying had a deep love for him, and he knew that he would never be able to repay her in his lifetime. He was an upright person, and he really couldn’t bear the torture of his conscience. If he could save her by sacrificing himself this time, he would be relieved.

“Have you guys agreed? Then I’m going to take action.” Seeing that his casual words made the two of them give up on escaping, Ouyang Feng showed an imperceptible smile on his lips.

Ren Yingying knew that with Linghu Chong’s temperament, he would never leave her to escape alone, but she was not willing to leave Linghu Chong behind as well. She gritted her teeth and without waiting for Linghu Chong’s reply, she swung her sword and attacked Ouyang Feng.

Ouyang Feng’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but praise, “You are indeed a good woman!” 

However, there was no ambiguity in his action. After a few moves, he found a flaw and flicked the ridge of Ren Yingying’s sword. 

Ren Yingying could no longer hold on to her sword and it was flung far away into the nearby bush.

When Ouyang Feng stretched out his fingers and was about to seal Ren Yingying’s acupuncture points, Ren Yingying’s figure suddenly retreated, causing him to hit the empty space.

Ouyang Feng’s expression changed and he looked in the direction where Song Qingshu was hiding. When he saw Song Qingshu’s appearance clearly, he couldn’t help but be startled, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, and your martial arts has advanced yet again.”

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “This Junior is flattered.”

Ren Yingying finally came to her senses and found that she was in Song Qingshu’s embrace. Although she was shocked by the depth of the his skills. However, it didn’t help much to improve her opinion of him and she coldly said, “Remove your filthy hands.”

Song Qingshu took back the hand on her waist and nonchalantly remarked, “Is this how you treat your savior?”

“Who wanted you to save me?” Ren Yingying’s pretty face was so cold that it could produce ice shards.

Yet, for some reason, the two of them deliberately lowered their voices when talking. 

Linghu Chong was seriously injured and his hearing was affected, so he wasn’t able to hear the conversation between the two. Although he recognized Song Qingshu as the person who was with Dongfang Bubai on Blackwood Cliff, but since he had saved Ren Yingying, Linghu Chong had to express his thanks. So he cupped his hands and said, “Thank you Young Master Song for saving her.”

Ren Yingying was almost angry to death, and felt extremely aggrieved, ‘Silly Brother Chong, if you knew what he did to me, would you still thank him!’

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