Chapter 461: Western Poison’s Odd Behavior II

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After Song Qingshu left, he secretly laughed in his heart, ‘Since Yelu Nanxian was too embarrassed to reveal her identity, I can just pretend not to know anything and let her have a headache.’

Song Qingshu still didn’t know what Xiao Banhe had in mind, but he could feel that the other party really didn’t seem to have any hostility.

“It’s really weird!”

The more Song Qingshu thought about it, the more headache he got. Just when he was hesitating whether to go back and take another look, he suddenly heard a few clanks in the distant mountains and forests. 

It seemed that someone was playing the Guqin. The place where the person was playing the Guqin was quite far away. If If it wasn’t for Song Qingshu’s exceptional hearing, he probably wouldn’t be able to hear the vague sound of the Guqin in the wind.

Song Qingshu was startled, ‘Why would anyone play the Guqin in this wilderness?’ 

His first reaction was that Zhao Min was planning another conspiracy to lure him into a trap. But after listening carefully for a while, he rejected that guess. Although he didn’t understand the music, he could still tell that the sound of the Guqin was obviously different from that of Zhao Min.

The sound of the Guqin continued, and it was very elegant. After a while, there were a few soft flute sounds mixed in with the rhythm of the Guqin. The sound of the Guqin was peaceful and elegant, mixed with the quiet flute, it became even more moving. The sound of the Guqin and flute seemed to be asking and answering questions, and were getting closer at the same time.

The sound of the Guqin gradually became louder, but the sound of the flute gradually became lower. However, the sound of the flute was low and continuous, like a gossamer floating in the wind, but it was continuous, adding to the soul-stirring symphony.

“The person who plays the Guqin in the middle of the night is either a female ghost or a demoness. No matter what it is, I want to see it.” Song Qingshu was now a bold martial artist, and he couldn’t suppress his curiosity. So he flashed towards the sound of the Guqin.

Although the sound of the Guqin was far away, Song Qingshu was extremely skilled in Qinggong. In a short time, he climbed over two mountains and vaguely saw two figures in the forest. 

Song Qingshu was slightly startled and approached more cautiously.

With Song Qingshu’s current martial arts skills, if he deliberately concealed his presence, and only a handful of people in the world could detect him. Obviously, the two people opposite him were not among them.

Song Qingshu quietly hid in a large lush tree a few feet away from the two person. He pushed aside the leaves and finally saw the appearance of the person playing the Guqin, and couldn’t help but feel depressed.

It turned out that the person playing the Guqin was not a female ghost or a demoness, but a man with a rectangular face, sword-shaped eyebrows and thin lips. He was none other than Linghu Chong, whom Song Qingshu had met several times.

‘If Linghu Chong is here, the other one must be Ren Yingying. Except for the late Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng, I’m afraid no one would be so romantic in playing the Guqin and flute in the middle of the night.’ Song Qingshu muttered silently, changing his angle to the other side, he saw the girl playing the flute. Her skin was as white as snow, almost transparent, with a faint blush showing through. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Ren Yingying?

Ren Yingying was leaning on a green bamboo, looking demure and frail, her beautiful eyebrows were slightly furrowed, as if she was deeply worried about something. 

Song Qingshu laughed in his heart, ‘Heh he…she’s probably thinking about me…’

As if to confirm his guess, Linghu Chong asked with concern, “Yingying, there seems to be a trace of depression in your flute sound. I have always felt that something is wrong with you these days. Is there something in your heart? Is it something embarrassing?”

“Huh?” Ren Yingying looked up with a confused expression, “Brother Chong, what did you say?”

Linghu Chong frowned and had to repeat the question.

Ren Yingying looked hesitant to speak, but finally shook her head and said with a forced smile, “It’s okay. You also know the situation on Blackwood Cliff now.”

“Is it really just that?” Linghu Chong looked at her suspiciously.

“Otherwise, what else could happen?” Ren Yingying smiled a bit unnaturally.

Linghu Chong was about to ask more, but he was suddenly interrupted by a burst of arrogant laughter.

“Hahaha, you silly boy, it is obvious that this little girl has someone else in her mind, but you are still asking stupidly.”

Ren Yingying’s face turned pale, but Linghu Chong got angry and said, “Where are you, rat?” 

He unsheathed his long sword and stabbed towards the place where the man’s voice came from.

Song Qingshu on the other side showed a confused expression on his face, “Could this voice be…”

Before Linghu Chong’s sword arrived, the man hiding in the darkness had jumped out first. 

With a wave of his hand, the countless bamboo leaves around him turned into sharp blades, cutting through the air as they roared and swept towards Linghu Chong.

“Brother Chong, be careful!” Ren Yingying anxiously yelled. She didn’t expect that the opponent’s martial arts skills were so high. It looked like he was definitely not inferior to her father.

Linghu Chong was also shocked and quickly used the Arrow-defeating Stance from the Nine Swords of Dugu to skillfully knock off the leaves that were as sharp as blades one by one.

The man saw that Linghu Chong could defeat his move with just a long sword, and was slightly startled, then praised, “The Nine Swords of Dugu are indeed amazing!”

“Who is Your Excellency?” Ren Yingying was worried that Linghu Chong would be injured, so she hurriedly ran over to protect him and looked at the man. 

The man was tall, with a high nose and deep eyes. His face was brown and handsome, and his eyes were as sharp as swords. 

At one glance, her eyes actually felt a burning tingling sensation, and she couldn’t help but secretly smack her tongue.

Song Qingshu was speechless. Wearing white clothes and arrogantly wandering around outside in the middle of the night, who else could he be besides Ouyang Feng?

“You don’t need to know who I am. You can only blame yourselves for staying awake in the middle of the night and insisting on coming here to talk about love.” As soon as Ouyang Feng finished speaking, he rushed towards Ren Yingying like a cannonball.

Ouyang Feng understood that Linghu Chong’s swordsmanship was exquisite, and it would not be easy to defeat him for a while. On the contrary, Ren Yingying on the other side was obviously easier to deal with. In order to save Ren Yingying, Linghu Chong would naturally have flaws in his moves, and it would be much easier to deal with him then.

Linghu Chong was really shocked, but Nine Swords of Dugu was the best at attacking the enemy and protecting the allies. He quickly struck out with his sword at a tricky angle and stabbed Ouyang Feng’s vitals. If Ouyang Feng continued to attack Ren Yingying, she would be doomed, but he himself may not be able to save his life.

“Huh?” Ouyang Feng obviously didn’t expect Linghu Chong to react so quickly and make the most correct choice at the same time.

Ouyang Feng was naturally unwilling to die together with Ren Yingying, so he quickly stepped aside and slapped his palm on Linghu Chong’s sword. 

Linghu Chong felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and couldn’t hold on to the sword in his hand.

However, Ouyang Feng’s smile suddenly froze. 

It turned out that Linghu Chong actually grabbed the knocked down long sword with his left hand in a flash, and swung the sword again. 

Ouyang Feng retreated several feet and avoided the weird slash.

“Boy, you have some skills.” Ouyang Feng originally thought that Linghu Chong only relied on his exquisite swordsmanship, but he did not expect that his fighting talent was so high. Two consecutive moves made him a little confused.

If Ouyang Feng had known about Linghu Chong’s growth process, he probably wouldn’t have underestimated his opponent so much from the beginning. It has to be known that Linghu Chong had the talent to advance his martial art every time he fought, and the speed of his advancement was ridiculously fast.

The protagonists of Jin Yong’s books were usually divided into two factions. One was the academic faction represented by Duan Yu and others. Their comprehensive strength was incredible, but their performance in actual combat was unsatisfactory. 

The other was the practical faction, whose biggest characteristic was that they would be engaged in fierce battles since their appearance, and sometimes had to accept the baptism of life and death battles. Xiao Feng, Yang Guo, and Linghu Chong were the most well-known characters among them.

Song Qingshu, who was hiding in the dark, was full of doubts, ‘Ouyang Feng’s mind has returned to normal now. So he couldn’t have picked up a fight just because his hands were feeling itchy. Why is he doing this?’

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