Chapter 21: Mei’er Goes Missing

Once inside the hospital, I immediately called Wang Hu: “Brother Hu, which ward are you in?”

“We’re in room 3418. Have you arrived?” Wang Hu asked, sensing my urgency about Fatty’s situation.

“Alright, Brother Hu, I’ll be there right away. Let’s talk when I arrive!” I hung up and prepared to leave. Just as I took a few steps, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around to see Zhang Yu rushing towards me. But why did he have lipstick marks on his face?

“You’re quick! What’s wrong with Fatty?” Zhang Yu leaned on my shoulder, catching his breath.

I shook my head. “Wang Hu told me he got attacked by Zhou Feng’s people. I don’t know the details yet.”

Pausing for a moment, I said to Zhang Yu, “Let’s go inside first and discuss.”

We hurried to Fatty’s room. Opening the door, I saw Wang Hu and a few guys playing with their phones on an empty bed. Fatty was lying on another bed. Wang Hu noticed me and quickly put away his phone. “You’re here. He just fell asleep. Let’s step outside to talk.”

Zhang Yu and I nodded and followed Wang Hu out. “Brother Hu, how did you find Fatty?”

Wang Hu glanced around and lit a cigarette. “When we saw the police coming, we dispersed. My brothers and I happened to run into each other. When you called, I was still running. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw your brother being chased by two men…”

Wang Hu took a drag and continued, “He said he was your brother, and I saw Zhou Feng’s men behind him. So I intervened and brought him here. But he was already stabbed four times by then.”

“Thank you so much, Brother Hu!” I sincerely expressed my gratitude. He saved Fatty, and I owed him a favor.

Wang Hu smiled. “We’re all brothers. It’s nothing! I’ve already covered your brother’s medical expenses. We have other matters to attend to, so I’ll take off.” With that, he left.

“Zhou Feng, I’ll fuking kill you next time I see you!” Zhang Yu was furious. I patted his shoulder. “Let it go. Let’s check on Fatty first…”

Zhang Yu and I sat on chairs, watching Fatty sleeping. I slammed my fist on the bed. “It’s all because of me that Fatty ended up like this! If I hadn’t interfered in the first place, we wouldn’t have been enemies with Zhou Feng!”

Now, I regretted meddling in Xu Xin’s affairs. If it were me lying in that bed, I wouldn’t regret it at all. But now it’s Fatty!

“Zhou Feng knows he can’t beat you, so he targeted Fatty!” Zhang Yu ran his hands through his hair, looking disheveled. With the lipstick marks on his face, he looked ridiculous, but I didn’t find it funny.

“We can’t stay here forever. We have school tomorrow. You go first. I’ll stay outside alone. Your mom is still at home worrying about you…” I said to Zhang Yu. He paused when I mentioned his mother, then replied, “You stay tonight, and I’ll take over tomorrow. Take care!” He hurriedly left.

It wasn’t that Zhang Yu lacked loyalty; he was just incredibly filial. Ever since his father had an accident at work, his mother had fallen ill, and Zhang Yu had to take care of many things. I didn’t even know he had an older brother until then because every time I visited his house, only he and his mother were there.

I pressed the nurse call button to have someone check on Fatty, then planned to go home to see Mei’er. I was worried she might wake up and not find me, which would make her anxious. I also wanted to ask Mei’er if there was a way to save Fatty.

After pressing the button several times with no response, I grew impatient and approached the door to see what was going on. As I opened it, a slender figure collided into my arms. I quickly held onto the nurse to prevent her from falling. She looked up at me with a flushed face and whispered, “I’m sorry…”

Recognizing her face, I was surprised. “Mei Xue?!”

“Xia Tian? What are you doing here?” Mei Xue’s color returned upon recognizing me. I sighed. “A friend is in trouble…”

“Is that chubby guy your friend?” Mei Xue pointed at Fatty. I nodded. Mei Xue looked at me helplessly. “Why are both you and your friend ending up in the hospital?”

I blushed upon hearing that, not knowing how to respond. I coughed twice and changed the subject. “Xiao Xue, could you take care of my friend for a bit? I need to step out and will be back soon, okay?”

Mei Xue smiled and nodded. “Of course, I’m a nurse after all.”

“Thank you!” To avoid awkwardness, I smiled and quickly left.

“To Huaxin Community.” I instructed the taxi driver. To my surprise, it was the same chubby driver!

“Young man, did your girlfriend have an ab0rtion? Even if the surgery’s done, you should accompany her!” I cursed silently. This chubby driver wouldn’t stop chatting.

I forced a laugh. “Driver, it’s urgent. Please hurry…”

The driver started the car but kept talking. “Are you resigned to being the backup? Is the pregnant lady your goddess? It’s impossible, looking at how handsome you are… how did you end up as the backup…”

I mentally cursed the driver hundreds of times but didn’t respond. Unbelievably, the driver continued his monologue until we reached the community. I handed him the fare and quickly left. I’d go mad if I spent another moment with him.

Opening the door, I headed straight for the bed and turned on the light. The sun had set, making the room dim. I reached the bed, thinking of Mei’er, but there was no one there.

“Mei’er!” I felt anxious, remembering that Mei’er couldn’t leave my side by more than ten meters, or the demon hunters would find her.

Had Mei’er been discovered by the demon hunters? With her current strength, she wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

Growing increasingly worried about Mei’er, I searched the house for any sign of her.

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