Chapter 26: A Million Dollar Deal

“Xia Tian? Xia Tian, wake up!” Just as I was about to engage with a beautiful woman in my dream, Mei’er suddenly woke me up. 

I groggily opened my eyes and saw Mei’er looking anxious. “Mei’er, what’s wrong?”

“Why do you have dark circles under your eyes? Did something unclean come and steal your Yang Qi while I was resting?” Mei’er asked seriously. 

I coughed twice, “No, I just didn’t sleep well.”

‘Damn! If any creature stole my Yang Qi, it was you, you tempting little fox!’ 

Just as I was thinking that, I suddenly felt something sticky in my underwear. 

‘Oh no! Did I really…?’

With Mei’er right there, changing my underwear was out of the question, so I had to get her to leave first. Smiling at Mei’er, I said, “Mei’er, since you’re awake, go freshen up. I’ll make breakfast in a bit.”

Mei’er obediently nodded, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom.

I quickly pulled down my underwear, tossed it aside, and grabbed a clean pair to put on. But before I could get dressed, I felt a chill. Damn it, who pulled off my blanket?

This is inhumane! I’m stark naked, changing clothes, and someone pulls off my blanket!

Wait, there’s only Mei’er and me in this room. Damn! Could it be Mei’er? I turned around and, sure enough, Mei’er was holding the corner of the blanket, her face flushed.

I hurriedly put on my underwear, stammering, “Y-you finished washing so quickly…” 

Mei’er, avoiding eye contact, responded nervously, “Y-yes! So I came to wake you up!”

I chuckled awkwardly, “I’m getting up, I’m getting up.” 

While I dressed, Mei’er suddenly picked up the underwear I had just taken off. 

“Xia Tian, this is dirty. I’ll wash it for you.” Then she frowned, looked at the underwear, and then at me, “Xia Tian, did you… wet yourself?” 

‘I didn’t wet myself! That’s my offspring on there!’

I quickly snatched the underwear back, “I’ll wash it myself…”

But Mei’er seemed insistent, “Xia Tian, you didn’t really wet yourself, did you?”

I smiled calmly, “No, I didn’t. I’m too old to wet myself!”

Seeing a cup on the bedside table, I said with a smile, “I accidentally spilled water on it earlier.”

“Oh…” Mei’er replied half-heartedly. 

I finished dressing and said to Mei’er, “Alright, I’ll make breakfast.” 

Then I pushed Mei’er to the kitchen.

As for that underwear, I secretly threw it out the window! I never want to see it again!

Mei’er said she wasn’t hungry, and I wasn’t either, so we prepared to go to school.

Mei’er transformed back into a necklace around my neck, looking a bit different from before. Two blue gems, one on each unsealed tail, adorned the necklace. They weren’t large but looked valuable and beautiful. If I ever found myself short of money, I’d discuss with Mei’er whether I could sell one.

Opening the door, I saw Zhang Yu waving at me from a distance. I remembered that we had agreed to walk to school together to avoid Zhou Feng. After chatting briefly, we took the bus to school.

As we arrived at the school gate, I saw a car parked nearby that looked very familiar. Damn! It was like the one driven by that gangster guy! Could it be the same person?

Before I could think further, someone got out of the car. Damn it! It really was that gangster, wearing the same clothes as yesterday! I whispered to Zhang Yu, “Let’s go!”

But as we took a few steps, the guy blocked our way. “Wait a moment, student…”

“Run! He’s Zhou Feng’s man!” I shouted to Zhang Yu and sprinted away. I heard Zhang Yu shouting behind me, “Let go of me, damn it!”

Turning around, I saw Zhang Yu being grabbed by the guy, struggling in vain. The man looked relaxed.

I gritted my teeth, ran back, and pulled the man’s hand away from Zhang Yu. “If you have business, deal with me. Didn’t Zhou Feng tell you he’s Zhang Peng’s brother?”

The guy looked at his easily shaken-off hand in disbelief. Then he recovered and smiled. “I think there’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know any Zhou Feng.” 

Hearing this, I was puzzled.

This guy had blocked my way while escaping before, clearly Zhou Feng’s man. But now he seemed sincere, like he wasn’t lying. Did he really have nothing to do with Zhou Feng?

As I hesitated, Zhang Yu patted my shoulder, “Xia Tian, let’s go.”

I nodded, ready to leave, but the guy stopped me again. “Young man, don’t leave yet. I need to talk to you.”

Zhang Yu brushed the man’s hand away, “We’re not interested. Get lost!” The man’s attitude towards Zhang Yu was entirely different. When Zhang Yu brushed his hand away, a flash of menace crossed the man’s eyes. He glared at Zhang Yu, who froze in fear. I felt a chill even though I wasn’t looking directly at him. This guy… was dangerous.

After glaring at Zhang Yu, he turned to me with a smile. “Young man, can we talk in the car?”

Hesitating, I knew this guy was no ordinary person. His aura when he glared at Zhang Yu suggested he wasn’t just some gangster.

I was about to refuse, but he spoke first, “Young man, you’re not afraid, are you?” 

His words provoked me, and I retorted, “Why would I be afraid?” As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them. But I couldn’t take them back now.

Since building my foundation, my strength, speed, and reflexes had improved significantly. While unsure of my exact capabilities, I knew I could escape if necessary.

With the school entrance in sight, I doubted he’d try anything funny.

As I prepared to follow him to the car, Zhang Yu pulled me aside and whispered, “Xia Tian, don’t go. This guy is dangerous. He had a murderous look when he glared at me. He might have killed someone!”

Hearing that, I felt a wave of weakness. But then I remembered my newfound strength. What was there to fear? I patted Zhang Yu’s shoulder, “Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. If I’m not out in ten minutes, call the police.” I sighed and walked towards the car.

Why did I suddenly feel like a tragic hero about to face his doom?

The guy lit a c!garette, a brand I didn’t recognize because it was all in English. To show my patriotism, I’d completely abandoned foreign products!

The smoke irritated me, making me cough. I frowned and said, “Xia Tian.”

He seemed momentarily taken aback, then commented, “Not many people with the surname Xia these days.”

My heart skipped a beat. 

‘Did he know all about me? No, if he did, he wouldn’t have asked my name.’

My anxiety eased a bit.

“Right, what did you say your name was?” I asked. He paused, then smiled and said, “Qin Shousheng…” Damn! Beast Born? Such a bold name!

“So, Mr. Qin, what do you want with me?” This guy had given me his name and hadn’t harmed me so far. I was beginning to believe he meant no harm.

Qin Shousheng looked at me, took a drag on his c!garette, exhaled a thin stream of smoke, and flicked the ash. Then he looked into my eyes and said, “I wonder if young Xia Tian would be interested in a million-Yuan deal?”

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