Chapter 25: For the Sake of Brotherhood!

“You asked me to save him, didn’t you?” Mei’er looked at me with confusion. “Just input some True Qi into his body to help him recover.”

“You mean, you want me to kiss him?” I felt extremely uncomfortable hearing Mei’er’s suggestion.

Mei’er nodded upon hearing my discomfort, seemingly not bothered by it. “Okay, let me save him quickly!” She bent down again, but I pulled Mei’er up abruptly. “Don’t bother saving him. Let him recover slowly…”

Anyway, Fatty wasn’t going to die right now; it was just a matter of slower recovery. If Mei’er really intended to transfer True Qi to him mouth-to-mouth in front of me, I’d probably have to commit sui*cide.

“Isn’t he your friend?” Mei’er looked at me, puzzled.

Caught off guard by Mei’er’s question, I chuckled awkwardly. “Y-yes!” 

But even if he’s a friend, I don’t want Mei’er giving him mouth-to-mouth! Haven’t you heard that ‘a friend’s wife is not to be meddled with’…I mean, although Mei’er isn’t my girlfriend, we’ve kissed, so that should count for something, right?

“Since he’s Xia Tian’s friend, of course, Mei’er has to save him!” Mei’er prepared to go mouth-to-mouth with Fatty again, but I quickly used my hand to cover Fatty’s mouth. “Mei’er, Mei’er! I’ve already built my foundation; I should have True Qi in me, right?”

“Yeah, but very little.” Mei’er looked at me, seeming unsure why I was asking but confirming that I did have some True Qi left. So, I said to Mei’er, “Mei’er, teach me the method. I’ll transfer True Qi to him myself. After all, he’s my friend!”

Who else in this era would sacrifice themselves for their brothers like me?

“True Qi is stored in the Dantian. Calm down and sense it carefully. Then guide the True Qi to gather in your mouth and deliver it into his body,” Mei’er explained earnestly.

Following Mei’er’s instructions, I calmed my mind, focusing entirely on my Dantian. Indeed, there was a subtle energy swirling there. Guiding the True Qi to my mouth, I lowered my head, ready to transfer it to Fatty. But when I saw Fatty’s face, I instantly felt weak. The True Qi I had gathered in my mouth recoiled, and I looked at Mei’er in distress. “Mei’er, is there any other way?”

“I’ve only unsealed two of the tails. My power is still insufficient. This is the only method,” Mei’er said somewhat helplessly.

Heavens above! Why are you so cruel? Must my innocence be sacrificed to save Fatty? But Mei’er was right there watching. I couldn’t back down, could I? Anyway, Fatty was still asleep; let’s just get it over with!

I lowered my head, about to kiss Fatty, but suddenly lifted it back up. I couldn’t bear it!

I felt like crying now, looking at Mei’er. “Mei’er, are there really no other options?”

“No, there aren’t,” Mei’er sighed in resignation. I reluctantly lowered my head again, then lifted it back up, persistently looking at Mei’er. “Really none?”

“I’ve already said there aren’t! If you’re unwilling, let me do it!” Mei’er seemed a bit annoyed, ready to push me away, but I quickly stopped her. “I’ll do it!”

Gritting my teeth, I recomposed the True Qi in my mouth and kissed Fatty’s mouth!

But this guy’s teeth were tightly clenched. Instinctively, I wanted to use my tongue to pry open, but I quickly regained my senses, using my hand to grip his cheeks and open his mouth. I then sent the True Qi into him. Once all the True Qi was inside Fatty, I ran to the balcony, spitting out saliva. Now I realized how refreshing the outside air was. What was that about ‘being together’?

After taking a few deep breaths, I walked back to Mei’er. “Is that good now?” Mei’er nodded at me. I looked at Fatty, still sleeping, shivering all over. I said to Mei’er, “Let’s go!”

Now that Fatty was fine, I naturally wanted to leave. If I stayed any longer, I feared I wouldn’t be able to handle it!

Back at home, Mei’er suddenly said she was tired. I thought to myself, What’s she implying? But Mei’er really just lay down and fell asleep, leaving me tearfully frustrated. Reality was truly bone-chilling. Could I have someone a bit fuller?

Although things didn’t turn out as I had hoped, sharing a bed with Mei’er was already quite good. I went to the bathroom and washed myself thoroughly, brushing my teeth vigorously for an hour. Why did it still feel like Fatty’s taste was lingering in my mouth? After finishing everything, I crawled into bed.

“Mei’er?” Mei’er seemed to be asleep. I called her twice, no response. I was about to do something, but Mei’er suddenly spoke, “What’s wrong, Xia Tian… I’m so sleepy…”

I quickly withdrew my hand, laughing awkwardly. “Uh… I was just checking if you were asleep…”

“Oh… I’m already asleep…” Mei’er mumbled sleepily. I chuckled, “You can talk in your sleep?” But Mei’er was already asleep again. Damn, was she playing hard to get? Even if we weren’t doing anything, couldn’t we flirt a bit?

“Mei’er, there’s only one pillow. Let me use it, and you can lie on my shoulder.” I woke Mei’er up and placed the pillow under my head, positioning Mei’er’s head on my shoulder.

After everything, Mei’er only hummed twice, not even opening her eyes. She had unsealed two tails, so she should be getting stronger, but now she not only couldn’t abstain from food but also needed sleep.

The air from Mei’er’s nose tickled my neck. I tried to ignore it by pushing her head down, but little Xia Tian was rebellious, persistently rising. Looking at Mei’er’s beautiful face, I couldn’t help but swallow nervously.

Mei’er remained silent, and I turned back to see she was still asleep. I dared not make any advances.

I closed my eyes, trying to sleep honestly, but Mei’er’s breath seemed to be teasing me intentionally.

I shook my head, trying not to overthink, but it wasn’t so effective. After all, Little Xia Tian was still standing tall. Damn, how had I survived all these years without any self-control?

A beautiful woman lay in my arms, and my heart was racing.

But I remained restrained, unable to take advantage.

I didn’t sleep all night. By the time the sun rose, I finally fell asleep. 

‘Looks like tonight I’ll have to visit the daughter of the God of Sleep…’ As I thought about it, I entered dreamland.

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