Chapter 24: Let Me Take a Bite

I suddenly noticed Mei’er, who was already stunning, appeared exceptionally charming in the moonlight. I couldn’t quite hear what she was saying, but she murmured, “Mei’er, can I take a bite…”

Before Mei’er could finish her sentence, I k!ssed her soft lips directly. At the moment our lips touched, I felt a peculiar sensation.

Mei’er’s lips really felt like something delicious, incredibly smooth. I greedily savored them while Mei’er stood there in a daze. It took her a long time to snap out of it, turning her head aside. I tried to hold Mei’er in my arms, but she slipped away.

Mei’er blushed, looking at me. “What are you doing?”

“I… I was hungry and couldn’t resist. Now I’m satisfied.” I chuckled awkwardly, making up an excuse, but my mind was still on the indescribable feeling from before.

While I was lost in thought, Mei’er suddenly said, “You took mine, so I want to take yours. Mei’er is hungry too…” With that, Mei’er covered my mouth with her tender lips. My mind went blank until Mei’er pulled away. She blushed, avoiding eye contact. “You stole a k!ss from me first, so now yours got stolen too…”

I stood there, unable to speak. Mei’er’s face was still red. I swallowed and asked, “Are you full now?” 

Mei’er shook her head. I should have known she’d answer like this. If k!sses could satisfy hunger, I’d be breaking eggs! Mei’er didn’t realize she had fallen into my trap. 

“Let me feed you!” I said, planting a k!ss on Mei’er’s lips again. Taking advantage was that simple.

“Xia Tian, you tricked me. It’s delicious, but it doesn’t fill me up. Mei’er is still hungry…” Mei’er pushed my head aside, looking disappointed.

I awkwardly chuckled. “Alright… The supermarket is over there. Can you take me there? We need to find somewhere private.”

I pointed in the direction, Mei’er smiled, licked her lips, and off we went.

“Mei… Mei’er, slow down. I’m afraid of heights!” Mei’er was fast, and I was terrified. I really do have a fear of heights, and combined with Mei’er’s speed, my head was spinning.

“Mei’er is hungry. Xia Tian, hold on and close your eyes.” Mei’er furrowed her brows, pressing my head against her chest. This was not what I expected.

Fear of heights? What fear of heights? All I knew was my face was now against Mei’er’s chest, which was surprisingly large. I felt like I was suffocating. I needed air.

“Xia Tian, let’s go eat roast chicken!” I lifted my head regretting it. Damn, we usually take over ten minutes to walk, but how did we get here so quickly? Though I hated leaving Mei’er’s chest, I let go of her hand. “Okay, let’s go!”

Inside the store, the clerk, half asleep with drool coming out, greeted us. “Welcome…” 

It was obvious where his eyes were.

“Where’s the roast chicken?” I asked the groggy clerk, who pointed lazily towards the door. “Go out, turn left, walk sixty-seven and a half steps, then turn right and walk thirty steps. You’ll find it…”

I grinned awkwardly and decided to find it ourselves, wasting time but eventually locating it. I grabbed a bottle of cola too. Mei’er had been sealed away for so long; she probably hadn’t had any.

At the counter, the clerk was still sleeping. I left money on the table and left with Mei’er.

I wouldn’t steal while he was asleep. We bought things totaling about thirty yuan. I left him twenty. I was being quite generous.

On the way home, Mei’er wanted to eat the roast chicken, but I stopped her. We ate it at home. Although she ate quickly and messily, it was polite.

“Xia Tian, thank you. Mei’er is full now.” Mei’er hugged me happily. I pretended to be unhappy. “But I’m still hungry…” Mei’er ate all the roast chicken, but I really wasn’t hungry anymore.

“What should we do?” Mei’er thought I was upset, looking helpless. 

I was waiting for this. I smiled slyly. “We’ll see.” I k!ssed Mei’er again, noticing a salty taste this time. 

It tasted good; I wanted more…

I smiled contentedly, satisfied with the ‘meal’. 

Mei’er blushed, making me want to k!ss her again, but what’s the point? k!sses can’t fill your stomach!

“Xia Tian, where did you go just before?” Mei’er avoided eye contact, blushing and shy. She quickly changed the subject. 

I shamelessly started imagining what to do next. Without thinking, I said, “I went to see a friend…” Then I remembered Fatty was still in the hospital! I came back to find Mei’er; I wanted him to get better quickly!

Why did Fatty suddenly appear now? My beautiful dream!!!

“Mei’er, come with me to the hospital. I need your help!” Although I hated Fatty now, I couldn’t forget about him. Mei’er smiled beautifully. “Of course, Xia Tian’s problem is Mei’er’s problem too!”

“Let’s go!” I held Mei’er’s hand as we left. We waited outside, flagging down a taxi. Finally, my luck turned. The weirdo was gone! Amen!

We took a taxi to the hospital and went straight to Fatty’s room. Nurse Meixue lay on the bed, already asleep. She’d been taking care of Fatty for so long; it must have been tough.

“Xia Tian?” I patted her shoulder gently, waking her. Mei Xue rubbed her eyes groggily, then smiled when she saw me. “You’re here?”

I nodded with a smile. “Thank you. You can go now; I’ll take over.”

Meixue seemed a bit disappointed but nodded anyway. She got up and left. When she saw Mei’er, she paused for a moment before leaving.

“Mei’er, please help him get better quickly.” I gestured toward Fatty. 

Mei’er approached his bedside, smiled, and said, “It’s simple.” She leaned over, lips slightly parted, about to k!ss Fatty. 

I quickly stopped her. “Mei’er, what are you doing?”

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