Chapter 20: Hao Zhiwei Gets Injured

“Phew…” I let out a deep sigh, poured myself a glass of cold boiled water, and gulped it down. There had been too much going on lately…

I sat down by the bed, looking at Mei’er, still pale-faced. I felt deeply guilty; Mei’er was in this state because of me. But why was Mei’er so good to me?

Since my parents passed away in a car accident, only Grandpa and Aunt had been kind to me.

Mei’er’s recent actions seemed to strike a chord in my heart, creating an inexplicable feeling towards her.

Staring at Mei’er sleeping soundly, I suddenly had the urge to kiss her. Now that she was sleeping, maybe I could steal a kiss without anyone noticing? With that thought, I leaned in, about to touch my lips to Mei’er’s, when my phone suddenly rang.

I was startled, quickly stood up, and glanced at the phone on the bedside. Damn it, I really wanted to smash this phone!

But when I picked up and saw it was Zhang Yu calling, I quickly answered, “Bro, are you okay?”

On the other end, Zhang Yu, upon hearing my voice, chuckled and cursed, “You think I’d be okay when you didn’t pick up my calls?” 

I breathed a sigh of relief; from Zhang Yu’s tone, it seemed he was really fine.

“You idiot, I called you just now, why didn’t you pick up?” I asked with a smile. 

Zhang Yu fell silent for a moment before speaking, “I was careless and got caught by Zhou Feng’s stupid lackeys. Couldn’t break free.”

“If Zhou Feng caught you, are you really okay?” I asked in confusion. Although I hadn’t interacted much with Zhou Feng, through our recent encounters, I realized he was someone who would retaliate for any offense. He wouldn’t let Zhang Yu off easily.

“Zhang Peng came to get me out in the end…” Zhang Yu’s tone as he said this revealed he wasn’t happy. 

Hearing Zhang Peng’s name, I suddenly remembered; Zhou Feng had mentioned this name the first time he saw Zhang Yu. That’s right, Wang Hu also mentioned that Zhang Peng was Zhang Yu’s brother, but I sensed their relationship wasn’t great. Since Zhang Yu didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t ask.

“Xia Tian, be careful on your way to school tomorrow. Zhou Feng endured so many hits from me with just a frown; he’s definitely not someone simple!” Zhang Yu sighed, seeming somewhat helpless. 

He was right; initially, I thought Zhou Feng was just a small-time thug, but now I definitely didn’t think so. Zhou Feng was not someone easy to deal with.

I remained silent. Zhang Yu continued, “Wait for me tomorrow morning; we’ll go to school together. With me by your side, Zhou Feng shouldn’t dare do anything to you openly.”

“That’s all we can do for now!” I said helplessly. I really couldn’t match up to Zhou Feng now. Even if I could fight ten people alone, that was only when they didn’t have weapons. I didn’t want Mei’er to suffer any more harm because of me.

“Alright, we’re set for tomorrow morning. I have something to do; I’ll hang up now!” Zhang Yu finished and ended the call.

Now, finally, I could kiss Mei’er. I leaned in again towards Mei’er’s lips, ready to kiss, when that damned phone rang again. Damn it!

“Hello! Who the hell are you?” Without checking the caller ID, I cursed directly. 

The person on the other end seemed startled and remained silent for a long time. Just as I was about to hang up, I heard a voice, “Brother, you’re so hot-tempered, who’s gotten on your nerves again?” 

Recognizing Wang Hu’s voice, I quickly explained, “Just got harassed by several scam calls; I thought it was that number again, so I answered without looking. Sorry, Brother Hu!”

“It’s okay; I tried calling twice earlier, but it was busy!” Wang Hu chuckled and seemed to believe my explanation easily. 

‘Too easy to fool, huh?’ Thinking so, I asked, “Brother Hu, what’s up?”

“Oh right, almost forgot the main thing!” Wang Hu sounded a bit regretful, then asked me, “Brother, do you have a chubby brother named Hao Zhiwei?”

Hao Zhiwei was Fatty’s name. Hearing Wang Hu mention Fatty’s name, I suddenly felt uneasy but still replied, “Yes, what’s up, Brother Hu? Did something happen to Fatty?” 

Wang Hu remained silent for a moment, then said, “Come to the People’s Hospital downtown; he…” Wang Hu paused, then continued, “He was slashed by Zhou Feng’s people…”

“What?!” I was shocked to hear this. How could Fatty have been slashed by Zhou Feng’s people? I distinctly remembered Fatty hiding at the back! 

Taking a deep breath, I said to Wang Hu, “Brother Hu, please look after my brother for me; I’ll be there soon!”

“No problem; be careful on your way. Don’t get ambushed by Zhou Feng’s people again!” Wang Hu assured me. I hung up and immediately called Zhang Yu. It took him a while to answer, and his tone wasn’t very pleasant, “Damn! Who’s this?”

“Screw you! Fatty’s in trouble; he’s at the People’s Hospital. Let’s hurry over!” My tone wasn’t great either; after all, Fatty had been attacked, and I wasn’t feeling comfortable about it.

Zhang Yu was stunned by my outburst but after a moment said, “I’m coming right away!” After hanging up, I glanced at Mei’er lying on the bed, shook my head helplessly; it seemed I wouldn’t be able to kiss those lips.

Then, I locked the door, hailed a taxi, and headed to the hospital.

“Bro, why are you rushing to the hospital so late?” The driver was a chubby man in his thirties, with small eyes like a mouse’s, smiling as he asked me.

Initially, I didn’t want to talk, but after a moment, I replied, “A friend is in trouble; I’m going to the hospital to check on him…”

The chubby driver didn’t turn around but spoke teasingly, “It’s probably not that simple, right?”

My heart skipped a beat; could this chubby driver be one of Zhou Feng’s men?

But then the driver continued, “Is it because your girlfriend is pregnant, and you’re going to pay for an ab*rtion?” I almost cried upon hearing this. Although I was sure the driver wasn’t one of Zhou Feng’s men, his assumption was way off!

The driver went on, “Everyone has been young before. Back in the day, even I…but it’s not necessarily your fault; just take good care of the girl…don’t end up like me…”

“Bro, I understand; please hurry, I’m really in a hurry!” I was close to tears. I didn’t even have a girlfriend; who was he expecting me to take care of?

“Master, the money. You can count it.” At the hospital entrance, I handed the driver the fare, expecting him to count it, but he didn’t bother and just pocketed it, saying, “Take good care of the girl. But if she’s trying to trick you for money or wants you to be a dad, just slap her and walk away. You don’t look like a backup, so take care…”

“Goodbye, Master!” I couldn’t take it anymore; what was all this nonsense! 

After saying that, I ran off. This driver was really something!

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