Chapter 19: She is My Girlfriend

The splattered b1ood didn’t directly fall to the ground but was held up by Mei’er’s True Qi. Seeing Mei’er frown, my heart was filled with unbearable pain.

I’ve always been cautious around Mei’er. I didn’t believe that a fox demon sealed for five hundred years would act like an innocent girl. Even when Mei’er said she needed my Yang Qi to balance her Yin Qi, I thought she wanted to absorb my Yang Qi to restore her strength. It wasn’t until Mei’er helped me with foundation building that I let my guard down and even felt grateful to her.

This time, Mei’er used her own b1ood to save me. At the moment the b1ood surged out, my heart felt like it was being cut by a knife. Mei’er’s b1ood slowly seeped into my flesh and b1ood through the wound, and soon, my wound began to itch. However, Mei’er’s complexion was no longer rosy; her expression even appeared pained.

“Mei’er! Stop! I’m fine now, please stop!” I shouted loudly in my heart, but Mei’er was no longer the necklace hanging around my neck; she… couldn’t hear my inner voice.

Time passed slowly. The color drained from Mei’er’s face, turning pale, but I was powerless to do anything. I wanted desperately to break free from the restraint and stop Mei’er, to help bandage her wound, but I couldn’t do anything now.

The itching sensation in the wound gradually disappeared, and the dizziness in my head also dissipated. Mei’er’s face was alarmingly pale. She weakly pointed at me with a finger and said, “Release…” 

The restraint suddenly vanished, causing me to momentarily lose my balance and sit down on the ground.

My legs felt numb, making it impossible for me to stand up from the ground. But I was very worried about Mei’er’s condition and didn’t care about my dignity. I slowly crawled to Mei’er’s side. By now, I couldn’t think of anything else.

As soon as I reached Mei’er’s side, she staggered as if about to fall. I used all my strength, half kneeling on the ground, and held Mei’er in my arms before she could collapse.

“Xia… Tian, your injuries are completely healed… I’m so tired now, I want to sleep…” Mei’er touched my face with her hand and closed her eyes.

“Mei’er! Mei’er!” I kept calling her name, feeling somewhat afraid… I was really afraid that Mei’er might not wake up from this sleep.

“You fool, I’m just tired. I’ll be fine after a nap. Don’t worry about me… I am the queen among fox spirits, the Nine-Tailed Fox…” Mei’er smiled and spoke softly to me.

Still worried, I said, “But…” 

Before I could finish, Mei’er raised her hand to cover my mouth. “I’m fine. Trust me, I’m just tired…” 

She closed her eyes, and her breathing gradually steadied. I originally wanted to wake Mei’er up, but suddenly noticed that the wrist Mei’er had injured just now had no trace of a wound. Apart from looking pale, there was no other abnormality.

It seemed that Mei’er was really okay; she was just tired. I carefully carried Mei’er to the bed, covered her with a blanket, and found another piece of clothing for her to wear. After being busy for so long, I suddenly remembered that Sister Lin had been frozen by Mei’er!

I walked over to Sister Lin; she still looked the same after being frozen for so long. She must have been very uncomfortable. 

“Sister Lin? Sister Lin?” I patted Sister Lin’s shoulder and called her a couple of times, but Sister Lin still didn’t respond. Sister Lin had been frozen by Mei’er, but Mei’er had already fallen asleep. How could I wake her up?

“Cough, cough!” I coughed a couple of times, cleared my throat, then imitated Mei’er’s actions, pointed at Sister Lin with one finger, and shouted loudly, “Release!” 

Sister Lin didn’t respond at all; she was still frozen. This result was within my expectations. If I had really succeeded, that would have been unexpected! If you could learn fairy spells just by looking, it would be too easy.

I squatted on the ground, looking at Sister Lin, thinking about how to lift her restraint. But just then, Sister Lin suddenly moved. Damn it! Did I succeed with that one?

“Hmm? How did I get here?” Sister Lin was still dazed, as if she had just woken up. Sister Lin seemed to suddenly remember something and looked anxious, raising her head and seeing me standing in front of her, she quickly said, “Xia Tian, let’s call 120 quickly, otherwise you will really die!”

“Sister Lin, I’m fine now!” I smiled helplessly. Sister Lin’s character was really pitiful. But from the looks of it, it seemed that Sister Lin had no memory of Mei’er appearing. Sister Lin stood up from the ground, surprisingly not feeling numb like me.

Sister Lin held my hand and said firmly, “You young boys always like to show off. This time, you must go to the hospital with me!” She was about to pull me out, but Sister Lin didn’t have as much strength as me, so I pulled Sister Lin back and said helplessly, “Sister Lin, I’m really fine! Look!”

Saying that, I jumped in place a few times. Sister Lin was stunned there, with a questioning look in her eyes, touching and feeling around me. Finally, she wanted to lift my clothes to see my wound, but my wound had already completely healed. Sister Lin would surely use her super imagination when she saw this, which would be a tragedy. I quickly pulled down my clothes and said to Sister Lin, “Sister Lin, I’m really fine!”

“I don’t believe it. How can you bleed so much and be fine, unless you’re a god!” Sister Lin wanted to lift my clothes, and I suddenly looked horrified and said to Sister Lin, “Sister Lin, are you trying to take advantage of looking at my wound?”

Sister Lin heard this and stopped grabbing my clothes, angrily saying, “Humph! Forget it, if you’re fine!” 

I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Sister Lin, saying, “Sister Lin, since I’m fine, let’s go to the bank and withdraw the money to pay the rent for you!” After all these troubles, my aunt should have already sent the money to me.

“Alright…” Sister Lin seemed unwilling to stay longer in my room, nodded, and prepared to leave with me. However, just a few steps away, Sister Lin suddenly pointed at my bed and said seriously, “Wait!”

I immediately became tense. Mei’er was lying on the bed. Did Sister Lin remember something?

But what Sister Lin said next relieved me, “Who’s that girl? She wasn’t here just now?” 

It seemed that Sister Lin really didn’t remember anything about Mei’er. I felt much relieved, but when I thought of Sister Lin’s question, I looked at Mei’er and said to Sister Lin, “She…is my girlfriend!”

“You said she’s your girlfriend?” Sister Lin looked incredulous, walked to the bed, and stared at Mei’er. Before I could answer her question, she muttered softly, “Her skin is so fair, and she’s so beautiful. I wonder how her figure is…”

Although Sister Lin’s voice was low, I still heard it. I wanted to stop her, but it was too late. 

Sister Lin had already lifted a corner of the blanket, her gaze fixed on Mei’er’s chest, looking surprised, “How… how can they be this big? This is unreasonable! She’s already so beautiful, why does she need to be this big! Mine… mine are so small…”

Sister Lin’s voice this time was not loud, but my hearing had improved significantly after foundation building. Hearing Sister Lin’s words, I almost fell to the ground.

Sister Lin covered Mei’er again with the blanket, looking lifeless. 

Seeing the situation, I quickly spoke up, “Sister Lin, stop looking. Let’s go withdraw the money!” Actually, what I wanted to say was… Sister Lin, don’t be disheartened; they’ll grow bigger someday!

Sister Lin seemed afraid of being found out by me, bouncing over and smiling, “Your girlfriend looks good; I really don’t know how you managed to win her!” 

Hearing this, I felt somewhat displeased. It sounded like I wasn’t good enough for Mei’er. I grimaced and asked, “Am I not handsome enough?”

Sister Lin glanced at me, smiling and saying, “Extremely ugly!”

I almost collapsed at her words. Damn! Was she that good at insulting people? 

Seeing my expression change, Sister Lin waved her hand, “Alright, I’m just joking with you!” 

Hearing Sister Lin’s words, I immediately put on a smiling face. She was really annoying!

Looking at me seriously, Sister Lin said, “Now that I take a good look; you’re not bad-looking.” 

Being praised by Sister Lin, I naturally felt happy, but I dared not get carried away and said to Sister Lin, “Sister Lin, let’s go withdraw the money and pay the rent.”

“You mean you don’t want me to bother you again?” Sister Lin said angrily. 

Seeing Sister Lin like this, I quickly explained, “I, I didn’t mean that, Sister Lin, you…”

Seeing my appearance, Sister Lin burst into laughter, “Look how anxious you are; I’m just joking with you!” Then she glanced at Mei’er lying on the bed, “Today, for the sake of your girlfriend, I’ll delay the rent for a few days! I’m leaving now!” 

After saying that, she walked out of the door.

I immediately breathed a sigh of relief; she’s finally gone! 

But before I could celebrate, Sister Lin’s head suddenly peeked out from outside the door, looking at me with a mischievous smile, “Xia Tian, do you want me to buy you some, Dutex or Jissmon? You might need it tonight~”

I smiled at Sister Lin and said, “Sister Lin, didn’t you say that you didn’t have your first time? How come you’re so experienced?” 

Sister Lin blushed, “Get lost!” 

With that, she closed the door and left.

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