Chapter 18: Stopping the B1eeding

“Sister Lin, do me a favor and get me some tissue paper.” I said to Sister Lin and directly took off my top.

Sister Lin nodded and left to get the tissue paper.

I was b1eeding so much!

But, except for the slight pain when I was cut at the beginning, I almost didn’t feel anything at all. It was a big mistake on my part. I didn’t consider the fact that even if I had established my foundation, I could still die if I lost too much b1ood!

Not long after, Sister Lin ran over with a roll of tissue paper. 

I frowned and said to Sister Lin, “Sister Lin, please use the tissue paper to help me stop the b1eeding first. There is no need for disinfectants. Stop the b1eeding first, and if it doesn’t stop then let’s go to the hospital!” 

Sister Lin nodded, picked up the tissue paper, and put it on the wound to stop the b1eeding.

I was relieved when I saw her follow my words. It seemed that Sister Lin had temporarily forgotten about what happened just now.

“Ouch, sh1t!” Suddenly, I felt a pain from my back, and Sister Lin behind me quickly said, “Eh, I’m sorry Xia Tian, ​​I didn’t mean it, does it hurt…?”

“Haha, it hurts a bit…” I said with a dry smile. 

To be honest, when Sister Lin pressed the tissue paper on the wound on my back, it really hurt a little bit. It wasn’t the kind of piercing pain, it was like a very light pain. But it continued to sting. It was like someone was using an embroidery needle to prick my skin.

The feeling made me uncomfortable, so I wanted to distract myself and started thinking random wild thoughts. As I continued to think, I remembered of what Sister Lin had just said, 

[Can you put on a cond0m…this is my first time…]

Thinking about her expression at the time, Little Xia down there wanted to rise up again, and I felt extremely excited. It seemed that the thought of the Mastiff nurse just before didn’t make me go limp for the rest of my life!

As soon as I thought of that, Little Xia immediately weakened, and the heroic spirit just now disappeared without a trace.

How frustrating. I just had to think about that Mastiff nurse again! 

I honestly felt sorry for Little Xia. If every time it wanted to rise up, I thought of the Mastiff nurse, and stopped its ascent. If the same happened every time, then wasn’t it the same as being imp0tent?

‘Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! What am I thinking about? I never saw any other nurses in the hospital. I only saw little cute nurse Mei Xue, just her!’ 

I shook my head, trying my best to get the image of the Mastiff nurse out of my head. 

In order to stop thinking about it, I started chatting with Sister Lin, “Sister Lin, you looked so cute just now, what kind of cond0m would you like…you know, for your first time…”

Some heroes play chess, and scrape their bones to heal their injuries. Some watch po*n movies and dig out bullets from their wounds. And here I was, sputing random nonsense and using tissue paper to stop the b1eeding and healing my injuries!

“You dare mention that again!” Sister Lin said angrily, and strongly pushed the tissue paper on my wound.

‘Oh sweet mother of heavens! It hurts to death!’

Only then did I realize what I did wrong. 

If I said something like that to someone gentle like Mei Xue, she would definitely blush and be too shy to speak. But this person was Sister Lin, a spicy chilly that would burn your tongue!

It’s decided. From now on I, Xia Tian, ​​would be a gentleman! 

Therefore, such lewd words must never come out of my mouth in the future!

I was in so much pain that I had to beg for mercy from Sister Lin, “Sister Lin, I was wrong, I won’t say it again, I won’t!”

“That’s right!” Sister Lin finally let go. 

‘God…whoever marries this woman would live a miserable life.’

“Oh no, I’ve run out of tissue paper, but the b1eeding hasn’t stopped yet. What should I do?” After a while, Sister Lin asked me with concern. 

I quickly said, “I still have some in the bedroom. Take them all out!”

Why do I have tissue papers in my bedroom? Well, I had to appease Little Xia on a regular basis, so of course I would have more.

Sister Lin hurriedly ran to my bedroom, came out with three rolls of tissue paper, and pressed it on the wound without saying a word. 


It hurt so much that I let out a pained groan. 

When Sister Lin heard it, she asked with concern, “Xia Tian, ​​does it hurt a lot? If it doesn’t work, let’s go to the hospital quickly!”

Would I even be considered a man if I couldn’t endure and appeared weak in front of a beautiful woman?

So I gritted my teeth and said, “I’m alright!”

In fact, it’s not that I didn’t want to go to the hospital, it’s just that I couldn’t. 

Mei’er told me at the beginning that after establishing my foundation, my body had become different from ordinary people. If I went to the hospital, those clever doctors would definitely find various excuses to check me.

And, if they discover the difference in my physique, I might end up on the dissection table!

Speaking of which, hospitals really are a scam. The last time I had my pen1s circumcised, I had to do a whole-body CT scan. Was that really necessary?

“Xia Tian…the tissue paper is gone, let’s go to the hospital!” 

It didn’t take long for Sister Lin to say that the tissue papers were gone. 

‘Oh my god! I had enough tissue paper to last me several months, how did they disappear in such a short time?’

Sure enough, the number of my descendants was still inferior to this red b1ood! 

But I absolutely couldn’t go to the hospital. Yes, I was starting to feel a bit light headed, but it wasn’t that serious. How was I even alive after b1eeding so much?

“I still don’t need to go to the hospital. Sister Lin, don’t you have anything that can stop the b1eeding? If I wait for a while, it might stop! Look for something that can stop the b1eeding!” I said to Sister Lin. 

When Sister Lin heard this, she hurriedly searched inside her bag. 

Haiya! Did she really think there would be something in her bad that could stop the b1eeding?

But Sister Lin really found something. She took it out and handed it to me, “Will this work?”

I almost fainted when I saw it, ‘Damn! Sanitary napk1n!?’

Forget it, if that thing could stop that kind of b1eeding, then it should be able to stop mine too, right?

“Okay! You go ahead and press it on the wound!” I nodded and signaled to Sister Lin that it was okay. 

Sister Lin hesitated for a moment and then pressed it on the wound.

Now it should be alright, but wait, why am I getting more and more dizzy?


Just when I was about to faint, I heard Mei’er’s voice, and then Mei’er’s pretty figure appeared in front of my eyes. 

At the same time, my mind cleared up. But thinking that Sister Lin was still with me I quickly said to Mei’er, “Mei’er, why are you out here! Go back quickly, Sister Lin is still behind!”

But as soon as I said it, I felt something was wrong. 

With Sister Lin’s character, if a person suddenly appeared out of thin air, she would definitely scream in terror, but Sister Lin didn’t say anything at all. What was going on?

I turned around with doubts and saw that Sister Lin was still holding the sanitary napk1ns on my wound with her hands. However, it seemed as if she was frozen. 

Then I remembered the word “Restrict” that Mei’er had shouted before. It seemed that Mei’er had immobilized Sister Lin with her powers.

“What the hell is this woman using to harm you!” Mei’er angrily yelled while tearing off the sanitary napk1ns off my wounds, then threw them to the ground, “I don’t know what kind of monster this thing is. It can actually suck b1ood, if I didn’t come out, you might have died!”

When I heard what she said, I remembered that sanitary napk1ns could indeed suck b1ood, and its ability was very powerful! 

Mei’er angrily pushed the frozen Sister Lin aside, and appeared behind me, “Xia Tian, ​​please bear with me for a moment, I will save you right now!” 

As she said that, one of her hands turned into a furry fox paw and tried to make a cut on her other wrist!

Surprised, I quickly held her hand, “Mei’er, what are you doing!”

“You have lost too much b1ood, and must transfuse new b1ood in time. My b1ood is the b1ood of the nine-tailed fox, which has special healing abilities. I just need to transfuse some b1ood with you, and you will be fine in no time!” Mei’er’s expression was very anxious, but in order to save me, Mei’er actually wanted to give me a b1ood transfusion.

She had just unsealed a tail, and if she gave me a b1ood transfusion so soon, I had a feeling that something would definitely happen. 

I quickly said, “Mei’er, there’s no need. I’m going to the hospital now!”

“Restrict!” Mei’er cast a spell to freeze me, and looked at me affectionately, “I’m sorry Xia Tian, ​​if I don’t give you a b1ood transfusion, you will die…” After saying that, she made a cut on her wrist.

“No!” I roared in my heart, but I was frozen and there was nothing I could do.

The moment Mei’er’s claws touched her other wrist, bright red splashes flew in front of my eyes.

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