Chapter 22: The Strange Old Man

“Mei’er! Mei’er!” I searched frantically for Mei’er’s figure, but no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find her. Mei’er seemed to have vanished completely, as if she had never been there in the first place.

Why did I feel so uneasy upon learning that Mei’er was missing? Mei’er…where did you go?

Recalling the situation when I left, Mei’er’s face was still somewhat pale; she couldn’t possibly have moved on her own. Could she have been taken away by someone?

[I cannot leave your side more than ten meters away…] 

Mei’er’s words echoed in my mind. Ten meters… beyond that distance, Mei’er’s aura couldn’t be concealed. I knew that, yet I left her alone at home when she was already drained. Why didn’t I remember those words then?

But if I didn’t leave to go to the hospital to check on Fatty, would I not be neglecting the safety of a friend? Was what I did right or wrong?

Mei’er, why is my heart filled with thoughts of you now? What did that nine-tailed fox demon steal from me?

“Mei’er! Come out!” I shouted loudly in the house, straining my voice to the maximum, yet Mei’er still didn’t respond. Instead, the neighbors responded with curses, which I completely ignored. Why did Mei’er disappear? Could it be that the demon hunter took her away? Or was it the old man Mei’er mentioned from years ago who took her?

Mei’er could live for five hundred years, but what about that old man who possessed even greater powers than Mei’er?


I slapped myself. Normally, I would have yelled in pain, but this time, I felt nothing.

I walked like a zombie to the side of the bed, gazing at the very bed where Mei’er and I first met. It wasn’t large, but it witnessed our first encounter.

“Ha…” I sighed deeply, slowly walked outside, and sat at the doorway, lowering my head, thinking about Mei’er, the fox that stole something from me.

“Young man, your forehead is darkened. These days, you must have been possessed by evil demons. Am I right?” At that moment of distraction, an old man stood before me, smiling.

I turned my head away, no longer looking at the old man, and grumbled, “It’s none of your business!”

“You have the fragrance of a fox on you; surely, you’re consorting with fox demons. Let me rid you of this fox demon and clear your troubled mind!” He began to step towards the house. Startled, I stood up and blocked him, “What are you doing?”

“Young man, humans and demons walk separate paths. This fox demon staying with you only seeks to drain your vitality. Why do you defend this fox demon?” The old man asked, looking at me. 

I was taken aback. Although respecting the elderly was a traditional virtue in our country, this old man was being pushy and talking nonsense. I didn’t need to be polite with him, “What fox demon? I live here alone, old man, please leave!”

“Young man, you’re quite stubborn. But I still advise you to keep your distance from that fox demon. Otherwise, you will perish young!” The old man continued to nag. I clenched my teeth, “You’re spouting nonsense. Don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Oh, I’d like to see how impolite you can be!” The old man extended his dry, twig-like hands and suddenly pulled me towards him, feeling all over my body. 

What the heck! Did this old man have some sort of fetish? 

Just as I was about to resist, the old man suddenly stopped, looking surprised, “Haha, a benevolent person of nine lifetimes, a thousand-year fox demon, marvelous! By his virtue, he counterbalances her transgressions. How intriguing!” 

The old man rambled like a madman before finally addressing me, “Today’s causes will yield tomorrow’s results, and today’s results stem from past causes. Take care, young man!” 

With that, he patted my shoulder. I was about to push his hand away when I suddenly realized the old man had disappeared from my sight.

“What… what’s going on?” I was now utterly confused, but the thought of Mei’er’s disappearance left me feeling dejected once more. Just as I was about to lock the door and head to the hospital to check on Fatty, I heard a melodious voice, “Xia Tian, where have you been?” I turned to look and was astonished to see Mei’er!

“You ask where I’ve been, but I also want to ask you! Didn’t you say you couldn’t leave my side more than ten meters away? Why are you running around?” I looked angrily at the beautiful Mei’er before me, though deep down, my annoyance was far outweighed by relief.

Mei’er, upon hearing this, even furrowed her eyebrows, “Are you scolding me? If I hadn’t woken up and found you gone, would I have run around?”

Feeling guilty, I apologized, “I’m sorry, my friend was in trouble, and I went to the hospital…”

“You… Xia Tian, are you really Xia Tian?” Mei’er said, tugging at my hair with her jade-like hand, and I allowed her to pull, “I am Xia Tian. Why do you ask?”

“The usual Xia Tian is shameless and foolish, but today you actually apologized. Are you an impostor, or perhaps Xia Tian’s little brother?” Mei’er said seriously. 

I smiled helplessly, “Alright, you’re back, that’s what matters. I thought you were captured by those who hunt monsters…”

“I’ve already unsealed my second tail. It’s not that easy to be caught!” Mei’er said excitedly, while I looked surprised. She had unsealed her second tail? Wasn’t it just a few days ago when the first tail was unsealed?

“You… you unsealed the second tail?” I asked, astonished. She looked at me, puzzled, “Is that strange?”

I swallowed nervously and nodded, “Your first tail was unsealed just a few days ago. How did the second one unseal so quickly? You said the demonual energy on Earth is scarce now, so unsealing should be difficult, right?”

“I’m surprised too. To unseal the second tail in this place’s demonual energy would normally take at least half a year. I don’t understand why the second tail unsealed so quickly…” Mei’er said earnestly.

Mei’er’s words deepened my confusion. Why didn’t even she know why the seal was broken so quickly? I suddenly remembered the old man’s words: “A benevolent person of nine lifetimes, a thousand-year fox demon…” Was I the person of ten lifetimes that he mentioned? What a joke. If I were benevolent, I wouldn’t have harmed so many descendants!

But why did Mei’er’s seal break so quickly? Forget it, the more I think, the more confused I get. In any case, Mei’er unsealing her tail is a good thing. Why worry so much?

Back in the house with Mei’er, I sat down on the sofa. 

Meier suddenly rubbed her belly and said, “Xia Tian, I’m hungry…”

I was staring at Meier’s breasts intently. 

When she said this, I subconsciously said, “I’m hungry too, can you let me have a bite…”

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