Chapter 461: The Future Empress I

When Song Qingshu pressed his palm on the opponent’s chest just now, the soft touch from his palm made him hastily withdraw his palm force. As soon as the internal force was released and retracted, Song Qingshu suffered some minor internal injuries.

However, Song Qingshu didn’t regret it. He was not a murderous person to begin with, and he was even less capable of attacking women. If his palm strike just now ended up killing the woman, he would be full of guilt.

Fortunately, the Qi Cultivation Methods that Song Qingshu practiced, whether it was the Nine Yin Scripture, the Divine Brilliance Scripture, or the Joyful Meditation Method, were all top-level Qi Cultivation Methods that were good at healing injuries. (G: Internal Skills = Qi Cultivation Methods.)

Now, Song Qingshu had practiced his Qi Cultivation Methods to an extremely high realm. After adjusting his breath for a moment, he could heal his internal injuries in minutes. After feeling a bit better, he turned his attention to the woman in black in front of him.

She was dressed all in black, and even her face was mostly covered by a black scarf. If Song Qingshu hadn’t pressed her breasts by chance, it would have been difficult to tell her gender.

But now that he knew she was a woman, Song Qingshu finally noticed something else after looking at her again. 

This woman was extremely tall, and what was even more eye-catching was her exaggeratedly long legs. He would be considered blind if he didn’t recognize this woman.

‘Wait a minute, why do these legs look familiar?’ Song Qingshu suddenly realized, ‘Isn’t this the beautiful swordsman Yelu Nanxian from the Liao Empire?’

‘Miss, your long legs are just like Liu Yan’s exaggerated breasts. Even if your face is covered, others can still recognize them.’ 

Song Qingshu really wanted to break the awkward silence by saying that, but after thinking about it, he decided not to. After all, he had just taken advantage of her, so it would be a bit embarrassing to do such a thing. So, he decided that he might as well pretend not to recognize her and take advantage of the situation in silence.

Yelu Nanxian was born with a golden spoon and had extraordinary talents since she was a child. She was an unparalleled martial arts prodigy among the royal family of the Liao Empire. She became the number one expert in the royal family at a young age. So none of the dandy boys from the Liao Empire had ever dared to offend her. She had never been touched by a man.

Who knew that today her breasts would be grabbed by this stranger? 

She was so embarrassed and angry that she was about to draw her sword and chop the culprit into pieces. But she was shocked to find that person was Song Qingshu.

She had been in contact with Song Qingshu several times, and she still had a good impression of this man with strong martial arts skills. However, it was one thing to have a good impression, but it was another thing to be taken advantage of by the other party. She couldn’t just let it go after she suffered such a big loss.

‘But I can’t beat him…’ Yelu Nanxian was extremely depressed. 

Last time on the Mystic Dragon Island, she was no match for him. Not long ago, she met him again at the inn and found that his martial arts had made a qualitative leap again! 

Not to mention a few Mongolian master-level experts, even Xiao Feng, the king of the South couldn’t beat him.

Then she thought about the palm strike just now. She had clearly felt the surging palm force from his palm. So she thought that she was going to die today, but she didn’t expect that he would withdraw the palm force as soon as he touched her body. 

His precise control over his Qi was simply astonishing, and his internal strength had probably reached the level of being able to move at will, which countless martial arts practitioners only dream of.

The two of them stared at each other in silence. 

Song Qingshu felt that he couldn’t remain silent like this, so he quickly changed the subject and stared at the person who had just faced him, without saying anything. 

“Fellow Practitioner, you are quite skilled. I just lost my concentration for a moment and you discovered me.”

Surprisingly, that man also had his face covered, but Song Qingshu had fought against Xiao Banhe before, so he easily recognized his true identity.

In the middle of the night, he was dressed like a thief in his own yard. He obviously had an ulterior motive. Now that he had discovered it, it would be difficult for him to leave today. 

Thinking to that point, Song Qingshu suddenly had a headache.

Who would have thought that Xiao Banhe would suddenly take a defensive posture, and speak up with a smile, “It turns out to be Young Master Song. Everything is a misunderstanding. Young Master, you can leave if you wish.”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment: “You are just letting me go?”

He had come to find out Xiao Banhe’s secrets. Although he was exposed, he still managed to find out that Yelu Nanxian was here, and he could guess that the other person was probably Yelu Qi. Thinking about Xiao Banhe’s surname, and the people around him, Song Qingshu could easily guess his identity as well.

Who knew that the majestic Hero of Jinyang would turn out to be a Khitan, and a descendant of the Xiao family. If he leaked that information, Xiao Banhe’s decades of hard work would be immediately destroyed. 

Song Qingshu thought there would be a hard battle today, but he didn’t expect the other party would let him go like this.

Xiao Banhe took off his scarf and revealed his true face, and calmly said, “Young Master is a smart man, so he naturally understands that telling some things is not good for everyone.”

“How are you so sure that I won’t tell anyone?” Song Qingshu asked curiously.

Xiao Banhe shook his head and said with a mysterious expression, “Young Master will understand in the future that we have never been enemies.”

“Really?” Song Qingshu sneered, “You wanted my life that time in Shengjing.”

Xiao Banhe didn’t deny it and said nonchalantly, “Some things didn’t happen at that time, so naturally we were not friends.”

“Then we are friends now?” Song Qingshu was confused.

“Anyway, in my heart, I already regard the Young Master as a friend. As for the Young Master…when you understand everything in the future, you will definitely recognize me as your friend.” Xiao Banhe replied gently.

“Then I can really leave?” Song Qingshu was completely confused, but Xiao Banhe didn’t show any hostility, which made him even more confused. 

Let’s not talk about other things, just that the two of them would have to compete the next day, was more than enough to be considered a motive. If he took advantage of such a good opportunity today to injure him, then wouldn’t it benefit him tomorrow?

When passing by Yelu Nanxian, Song Qingshu paused. He noticed that the other party’s figure was trembling slightly. She was obviously hesitating in her heart. 

Song Qingshu suddenly showed a naughty smile and said something that was only audible to the two, “It felt good.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure disappeared more than ten feet away, leaving only a string of proud laughter.

Watching Song Qingshu leave, Xiao Banhe suddenly said, “Xian’er, Qi’er, there was too much movement just now, and it could be exposed. You should go back first.”

“Yes!” Both of them bent down to salute.

Yelu Nanxian thought of Song Qingshu’s hateful smile when he left, and felt resentful in her heart, ‘What a basta*d!’

After everyone left the yard, Xiao Banhe walked back to the courtyard, looked at the woman coming out of the room and said, “It seems you couldn’t bear to meet him. Have you finally made a decision?”

If Song Qingshu was still there, he would’ve been extremely surprised, because this charming woman was none other than Su Quan, the former wife of the leader of the Mystic Dragon Cult!

Su Quan nodded and said expressionlessly, “Yes, I will go back with you to become the empress.”

A stone fell to the ground from Xiao Banhe’s heart, and he finally laughed happily, “You are right to think so. Just look at the women around Song Qingshu, one is the head of Emei which is as famous as Shaolin Wudang, one is a Princess, and the other has the entire Golden Snake Camp as a dowry…what can you give him? The Mystic Dragon Cult is already in his pocket. The only thing left is your beautiful body, but which of those women is not stunningly beautiful? Moreover, as Hong Antong’s widow, what will your status be among the many women in Song Qingshu’s harem in the future?”

“And will it be different if I become the empress?” Su Quan asked coldly.

“Of course!” Xiao Banhe’s face showed a trace of fanatical light, “There are so many stunning beauties in the world, buy why can some women win the title of the most beautiful woman in the world, while other women with good looks can only remain unknown? The key is all about identity!

You can’t imagine how much identity adds to a woman’s charm. Not to mention that you have the Soul Catching Art, so you will be able to maintain your purity even in the palace. If you really become the empress, you will become the mother of a country. After that, when you go to Song Qingshu, he will never be able to refuse you!”

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