Chapter 460: Soft Touch

“Brother Song, after seeing all the candidates taking action today, who do you think is the most difficult to deal with?” Ah Jiu asked curiously after returning to their residence at the Wangwu Sect.

“Of course it’s that Ah Qing.” Zhou Zhiruo looked worried. She had seen Ah Qing take action with her own eyes, and even Ming Zun was easily defeated by her. She really couldn’t imagine what Song Qingshu could do to deal with her.

“He will only face Ah Qing in the finals. The opponents in the two rounds before entering the finals are also not easy to deal with.”

Thinking of Xiao Banhe, Ah Jiu couldn’t help but frown. She recognized Xiao Banhe. He was the one who attacked Song Qingshu in Shengjing City and seriously injured her. His palm strike almost took her life. Looking back on it now, she still had lingering fears from that experience.

The people in the other group, whether it was the Fourth Lady Yang Miaozhen or the young man named Shi Potian, were not paper soldiers either. Not to mention Yang Miaozhen’s reputation as the ‘Invincible Pear Blossom Spear’, Shi Potian’s internal strength was quite astonishing, and his defense made his almost completely invulnerable. If Shi Potian’s offense turned out to be of the same level, he will definitely be a formidable opponent.

Seeing the worried looks of the two women, Song Qingshu smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, the final winner of this assembly will definitely be me.”

“Why are you so confident?” Zhou Zhiruo asked curiously. Although Song Qingshu’s martial arts was high, there were several people in the competition whose martial arts were obviously not inferior to him. 

Who would win and who would lose was only a 50-50 chance. Not to mention Ah Qing, whose martial arts was even better than Song Qingshu’s.

Song Qingshu gave an enigmatic smile, “Buddha said, don’t say, don’t say!”

Seeing Zhou Zhiruo’s eyebrows rising, Song Qing quickly changed the subject and said, “I plan to go to Xiao Banhe’s place to investigate. Qingqing will come back later, so tell her about the situation.”

“Should I go with you?” Ah Jiu said eagerly, knowing that if it hadn’t been for Xiao Banhe’s attack, she would not have been taken advantage of by Song Qingshu.

As a young maiden, Ah Jiu had many fantasies about the scene where she would give herself to her lover for the first time, but none of them matched the events of what happened in Shengjing. 

Thinking of that incident, Ah Jiu felt her heart fill up with hatred. As Xiao Banhe was the culprit, Ah Jiu naturally wanted to kill him, and tear him into pieces!

Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, and finally shook his head, “There are too many masters present at the Golden Serpent Camp right now, and there are dangers hidden under the calm. Ah Jiu, you should stay in the Wangwu Sect for emergencies. I will be back soon.”

Xiao Banhe’s identity was too mysterious, and Song Qingshu was worried about the dangers of this trip. He was extremely skilled in Qinggong and could easily get away if anything happened. If he brought Ah Jiu with him, and the other party set up a trap, then she would be in danger.

“Alright.” Ah Jiu sighed in disappointment, but she was thoughtful and soon noticed Song Qingshu’s concern, so her mood immediately improved.

“Zhiruo, don’t leave tonight, just stay here to help me take care of Ah Jiu.” Song Qingshu thought that with the martial arts of Zhou Zhiruo and Ah Jiu, if they join forces, even if someone with the level of a master comes to attack them, they would be able to defend themselves.

Zhou Zhiruo misunderstood what he meant, and her face turned red. She was about to refuse, but for some reason, she felt a little reluctant in her heart, and finally she gave a soft hum.

After leaving the Wangwu Sect, Song Qingshu’s figure turned into a streak of shadow and soon landed the top of the mountain where Xiao Banhe was. Song Qingshu remained vigilant. This hilltop was Shui Jian’s territory. He didn’t know how Shui Sheng was doing now. He didn’t get to see her during the day.

Now that it was a troubled time, Song Qingshu was worried that something might happen to Shui Sheng. After a moment of hesitation, he went to her residence and was shocked to find that there was no one in her room.

At that moment, two servants happened to come to clean up the yard, and Song Qingshu learned from their chat that Shui Jian and Shui Sheng had returned to Jiangnan with Shui Dai’s coffin for burial.

“I didn’t expect that even in this world, Shui Sheng still could not escape the fate of losing her father.” Song Qing was lamenting the uncertainty of fate when he suddenly heard the two servants talking mysteriously,

“Isn’t that the residence of the Hero of Jinyang? Do you know what’s going on? People from the faction are never allowed to set foot in his yard. Even servants like us can’t enter. Is there any secret inside?”

“It is safe to know less. If you are too curious, you will be silenced.”

“Yes, yes, the boss has taught me a lesson.”

After the two servants left, Song Qingshu showed a thoughtful expression on his face, “It seems that this Hero of Jinyang has a high prestige. There are really many secrets hidden in the dark.”

Based on the information revealed by the two chatting servants just now, Song Qingshu quickly found the yard where Xiao Banhe was, and couldn’t help but be startled.

There was no light in the entire courtyard, and in the dark night only the sounds of various insects could be heard. Other than that, the entire courtyard was silent and strange, like a giant beast waiting to devour all who dared to tread inside.

Song Qingshu smiled disdainfully, “I want to see what kind of dragon pond and tiger’s den it is.” 

As a bold man, he soon slipped quietly into the yard like a fallen leaf. If anyone else saw it, they would definitely be amazed at the realm he had reached in his Qinggong.

Song Qingshu didn’t rush in recklessly, but slowly released his Qi, gradually imprinting the situation of the entire courtyard in his mind.

Suddenly his expression changed. There were four people in a room not far from his position, and they were all top-notch masters in the world. 

Song Qingshu quickly and cautiously moved over, pricked up his ears and tried to listen.

“…isn’t it too much for us to do this?”

“There is nothing wrong with being careful.”

“But King Xiao is an upright man, so it would be too much for us to do this.”

There were men and women inside, and Song Qingshu listened in silence. Then he was suddenly shocked when he heard the subject of their conversation, ‘What are the backgrounds of these people? Why do they want to harm Xiao Feng?’

Although Song Qingshu and Xiao Feng didn’t have a close friendship in this world, in his previous life, Song Qinghu used to be his fan. In Jin Yong’s novels, all the protagonists were full of all kinds of unearned gains, all kinds of lucky adventures and cheats, and all kinds of beautiful women. 

It was difficult for Song Qingshu to have a good impression of them, but there was one exception, and it was Xiao Feng.

He had a unique martial arts that he had practiced since childhood, and unlike other protagonists, Xiao Feng has great leadership skills. In the battle of Xingzilin, when faced with the rebellion of his forces, he silently eliminated a catastrophe. Falling short in the end was just a twist of fate.


Suddenly, a cold shout was heard, and an overwhelming palm force shot forward right after.

Song Qingshu hurriedly defended with a palm strike of his own, and took the opportunity to use his strength to retreat out of the courtyard. 

However, during that time, the other people in the room had already blocked his retreat. 

A long sword danced with cold light and stabbed at Song Qingshu’s back. The timing of the opponent’s sword stab was really good, as if Song Qingshu himself was leaning towards the tip of the sword, and by the time he reacted, the distance between the tip of the sword and his back was less than an inch.

Feeling the faintly emanating Sword Qi from the sword, Song Qingshu got goosebumps, and he finally decided to be serious. He turned his whole body to the side in midair, dodged the fatal sword tip at the critical moment, and took the opportunity to wave his palms, pressing it on the opponent’s chest.

The opponent was shocked that Song Qingshu could avoid their attack at such an impossible angle. Before they could react, Song Qingshu’s counterattack had already reached their chest.

Song Qingshu suddenly shouted, retreated several feet, and looked at the masked person in black not far away with a strange expression, “Are you a woman?”

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