Chapter 459: Huang Rong’s Curiosity

“But based on the strength demonstrated by the previous participants, it might be difficult for Linghu Chong to win…however, his swordsmanship is indeed very exquisite.” Ah Jiu admired while watching the battle.

“This is the Nine Swords of Dugu.” Song Qingshu explained Linghu Chong’s moves to the two girls while watching. Although Song Qingshu had never learned the Nine Swords of Dugu, he knew the principles and general composition of the Nine Swords of Dugu from the film and television works from his previous life, and coupled with his current attainments in the sword, it was not difficult for him to see through Linghu Chong’s Nine Swords of Dugu, which was still lacking in proficiency.

Huang Rong, who had been paying attention to them, couldn’t help but be shocked. Song Qingshu’s every evaluation was extremely accurate. The man could even tell in advance how Linghu Chong would attack next, how Duan Yanqing would parry it, and then what Linghu Chong would do next.

His predictions were all accurate. All the movements of Linghu Chong and Duan Yanqing seemed to be following Song Qingshu’s instructions!

Huang Rong was suddenly full of curiosity about this young man. What kind of person he was, and why he could reach such a realm at such a young age. When her Brother Jing was this age, his martial arts skills were far inferior to Song Qingshu. 

‘No wonder there are so many beautiful women willing to serve him at the same time…’ Huang Rong’s face suddenly turned red, and she couldn’t help but secretly curse at herself, ‘Bah…what an I thinking about…’

Song Qingshu on the other side naturally didn’t know that he was being compared to Guo Jing by Huang Rong in her mind. His own mind was now preoccupied another thought, ‘This Linghu Chong is indeed a martial arts prodigy. Although he didn’t have much exposure to the Nine Swords of Dugu, he is already able to figure out its essence. In another 4 to 5 year’s time, his realm might surpass that of Feng Qingyang.’ 

Song Qingshu sighed with emotion. If Linghu Chong hadn’t been worried about Duan Yanqing’s One Yang Finger’s power and chose to play it safe, he would have already won the fight.

Duan Yanqing, who was on the stage, also smiled bitterly in his heart. After seeing the incredible combat power shown by the previous masters, he already knew in his heart that he would probably have no success in  this Golden Serpent Assembly, but years of suffering had already tempered him to the limit. He was a persevering character who never gives up until absolutely necessary.

It was just that he didn’t expect that the first opponent he faced would make his so miserable. In addition to Duan Yanqing’s One Yang Finger, he was also quite accomplished in swordsmanship. After all, the Duan Family’s swordsmanship was also quite famous in the martial arts community, but after seeing Linghu Chong’s sword skills, he understood that there were heavens beyond the heavens.

Linghu Chong’s sword moves were ever-changing, and each change was something he had never seen before. Duan Yanqing was relying on his rich experience and profound understanding of martial arts to parry them one by one. However, after more than forty moves, he felt a little sluggish in his movements. He slowly transferred his inner Qi to his iron staff, intending to end the fight with one move.

Duan Yanqing knew that he had lost in terms of martial art technique, so he used his Qi to make up for that weaknesses. Duan Yanqing was burdened with a great blood feud. In the past few decades, except for that one night of passion with his “Goddess of Mercy” under the Bodhi tree in Dali, he had never been close to a woman. And in the following decades, he devoted himself to practicing internal Qi. Now his internal strength was so vast that except for some famous master-level figures in the world, he wouldn’t lose to anyone…except of course it was someone freakish like Song Qingshu.

Duan Yanqing saw that Linghu Chong’s swordsmanship until now had been very light, subtle, and slightly lacking in strength. Therefore, he quickly guessed that Linghu Chong’s internal strength might be his weakness. At his age, how many years could he have to amass his Qi?

What’s more, his opponent was favored by the Sainess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, and he had long heard that Saintess Ren of the Sun Moon Holy Cult was a stunning beauty. No man would be able to keep their hands off of such a woman. And that would result in the expenditure of Yang Qi.

So Duan Yanqing came to a conclusion that it would be impossible for his opponent to have Qi greater than his own. However, he would probably be mad to death if he knew about how Song Qingshu amassed his Qi.

After several clashes of weapons, Linghu Chong was shocked to the point of numbness. He soon understood Duan Yanqing’s plan. With a thought in his heart, he used the Cosmic Absorbing Power and swung his sword to meet Duan Yanqing’s iron staff.

Not long after he took the advantageous position a few times at the beginning, Duan Yanqing’s expression suddenly changed, because every time their weapons met, he found that the Qi on his iron staff was like a drop of water entering the sea, disappearing without a trace! 

At first, he didn’t take it seriously, and just thought that the other party was using some exquisite technique to dissolve the internal Qi of his weapon.

Unexpectedly, after fighting for more than a dozen moves, he noticed that the internal Qi in his Dantian was somewhat going out of control, and Duan Yanqing’s expression changed drastically, “Cosmic Absorbing Power!”

His first thought was that it was some kind of poison technique from Ding Chunqiu, so he tried to dissolve it with his Qi. Then he thought that considering his relationship with Ding Chunqiu as acquaintances, that guy might have nothing to do with Linghu Chong at all. Moreover, he had never heard about Ding Chunqiu passing on the secrets of his martial art to anyone, so naturally it could only be the Cosmic Absorbing Power practiced by Cult Master Ren Woxing.

Unexpectedly, that old demon actually passed on his special martial art to this young man! 

Duan Yanqing smiled bitterly and quickly used the next three moves to jump out of the battle circle while Linghu Chong still focused on defense. He waved his hand and said, “No need to fight, I admit defeat.”

Although Duan Yanqing was tenacious, he wasn’t a fool. He couldn’t fight with his technique, nor could he use his internal strength. If he continued to fight, the Qi he had worked hard to cultivate all his life might be lost. So Duan Yanqing made a quick decision and quickly admitted defeat.

“You are too kin…!” With Linghu Chong’s humble temperament, he wanted to say a few polite words to save some face for his senior, but when he thought of Duan Yanqing’s reputation as a villain, he felt unhappy and swallowed his words of comfort.

“Brother Chong, you are so awesome!” When Linghu Chong returned to his seat, Ren Yingying couldn’t help but smile.

“Yingying, I will definitely get the position of the Golden Serpent King for you.” Looking at Ren Yingying’s eyes, Linghu Chong knew that she was happy from the bottom of her heart, and he couldn’t help but feel happy as well.

He didn’t know what happened, but Ren Yingying always had a melancholy and bitter feeling in her eyes. 

Linghu Chong asked her several times, but she just simply shook her head and said nothing. If he tried to push for an answer, Ren Yingying would even start to cry.

Linghu Chong knew that Ren Yingying was very emotional and it wouldn’t be good to push her too hastily, so he didn’t continue to ask. He subconsciously thought that it was due to the Sun Moon Holy Cult being taken over by the Ming Cult. So he kept helping Ren Woxing and his daughter in this regard. 

Ren Yingying saw it and knew that he had misunderstood, but she could never reveal the real reason to Linghu Chong.

Since Ren Yingying didn’t say anything, no matter how imaginative Linghu Chong was, he could never imagine that the Saintess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, who made countless people in the world jump up in fright, was actually bullied by a man in her bath!

After the fight between Linghu Chong and Duan Yanqing, the sky had gradually darkened. 

Huang Rong stepped onto the stage again and announced that the second round of competition would be held early next morning. Then she confirmed the opponent for the second round of competition. When she read Song Qingshu’s name, her tone got a bit unnatural for some unknown reason.

Ouyang Feng, who was watching her from a distance, noticed that fact, and a strange smile appeared on his time-worn face.

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