Chapter 86: The Kingdom Project XXII (part 2)

Seeing her response, Bahamut let out a small sigh of relief.

‘As expected…no matter how merciless she is on the battlefield, she is very caring towards her subordinates. Just like how it was described in the novel…’

That being said, Bahamut was in no position to prolong the current situation for very long.

Even though he had the hostages on his side, if the White Dragon Princess got really pissed off and used her mana, everyone on his side would be swept away.

With that fact in mind, Bahamut spoke to Elios in the most polite voice he could produce.

“Thank you for responding to my request positively. I am very happy to meet the princess of the Dragona Empire in this way…”

“Stop spouting useless nonsense and get to the point. What do want to achieve by taking my subordinates hostage?” Elios spoke in a sharp voice.

Bahamut felt like his hair was standing up again due to the hostile intent contained in her words. After suppressing those emotions, he spoke while remaining as calm as possible.

“Don’t be so angry, all I want is a peaceful ending. I have no intention of making unreasonable demands from the Princess.”


“Yes, I planned for that peace from the beginning, the same peace Princess is aiming for as well.”


At Bahamut’s words, Elios showed a surprised expression while suppressing the anger in her face. Then, a smile began to form on her lips again, but there was no trace of ridicule like before.

“Indeed…you were able to notice that far, did you?”

“You brought only a small number of people during the war. In addition, your attitude so far has been very secretive, as if you didn’t want to leave a single person behind as an witness. I am guessing that you want to make it seem like the Dragona Empire has nothing to do with this incident, and everything is entirely due to the conflict between Hangury and the Sakiel Knights.”

“Ha ha ha…”

Elios started laughing at Bahamut’s words.

Seeing her reaction, Bahamut continued to speak, “No matter how powerful the Dragona Empire is, breaking an international treaty would be quite a burden, so you came here with your direct subordinates in order to maintain your image, and get the maximum benefit. You want to secretly help the Sakiel Knights annihilate the royal family and nobles of the Kingdom of Hangury.”

“Uhuhuhuh!! Ahahahahaha!! Ahahahaha!!!”

Hearing those word, Elios’s laughter intensified, it seemed as if she was mad.

Hearing her lively and terrifying laugh, the adventurers and Ophelia unknowingly frowned, but Bahamut, who actually drew out her laughter, finally began to show a faint smile.

“Haah…good.. good..really good. What a funny guy. I didn’t know that there could be such an interesting guy among human men.”

With those words, Eleos slowly withdrew the smile from her lips, and asked Bahamut with a serious expression on her face.

“And so? What do you want me to do specifically?”

“It’s simple. First, as soon as the negotiations are over, give up your plans about Hangury and return. The second is to immediately stop all interference and support for the Sakiel Knights. And the last one…”


The first two were quite obvious, but right after hearing the third condition from Bahamut’s mouth, Elios’ expression slightly collapsed again.

“How the hell…did you know that?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s difficult to tell you about that part because it’s a trade secret. Anyway, now that I have stated all of my conditions, I would like to hear your answer.”


Ellios pondered for a while. However, it didn’t take that long for her to give a response.

“I get it. You may have her. I had no intention of accepting that traitor anyway.”

“Thank you very much for saying that, Princess.”

Right after that conclusion was reached, Elios once again clearly imprinted the image of Bahamut in her memory, and then began to slowly walk forward.

‘He’s a really funny guy. To the extent that I want to make him mine, not my mother’s…’

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