Chapter 87: The Kingdom Project XXIII (part 1)

The Great Hall of the Royal Castle. 

It was the place where the King and his subjects discussed state affairs.

However, at the moment, numerous people were gathered there in an anxious mood.

“Damn…what the hell is going on?”

“Is there any way to find out the situation outside?”

“How long do I have to stay like this…if only I could hear about the circumstances… ”

At the moment, the battle for the fate of their motherland was taking place outside the castle. Depending on the outcome, the fate of those in this place would also be decided.

If Hangury were to be victorious in this war, there would be no problem, and rather, it would be an opportunity to once again spread its prestige throughout the continent. In addition, the nobles and the royal family who invested in this war would also get a satisfactory return.

However, if defeated, those present here could only wait to be captured or killed.

“If we lose this war…”

“At that time, I would have no choice but to end my life resolutely.”

“It’s better that way than to suffer disgrace as a noble of the kingdom.”

Hangurian aristocrats awaited eagerly for the news from the outside while resolving themselves in their own way. 

And, among those nobles, a boy was sitting in his seat.

The boy was remarkably young compared to other nobles, but nevertheless maintained a resolute appearance even in such an uneasy atmosphere. 

He was the son of King Mohichi of Hangury. 

He was the Crown Prince, who was designated as the next successor to the kingdom, Prince Robert.

He was usually accompanied by escorts, but he had sent all of them out on a mission by his own judgment.

The Crown Prince thought that it would be better to protect everyone outside the gate than to protect himself.

As a result, he was now alone, contemplating the current situation while sitting in a suitable corner similar to the other nobles.

‘It’s not yet time to despair. There’s no way this country will collapse so easily.’

The little prince was now only in his early teens. However, even so, he never lost hope about the current situation.

Although he still couldn’t clearly see anything, he still believed that his homeland and the country he had sworn to lead wouldn’t collapse like this. However, there was also a feeling of uneasiness in the back of his mind, and

gradually it began to take effect on the young prince’s face.

At that moment…


He heard the voice of a girl from the side. 


In response, Crown Prince Robert turned his head in the direction of the voice.

Standing there was a girl he had never seen before. She was the same age as him, and honestly, he thought her appearance wasn’t that pretty. However, there was one characteristic that made her stand out from the rest. Unlike the others her face didn’t contain the slightest hint of tension.

‘Perhaps…she is a noble lady, but with a fairly fearless personality.’

Making that assessment from the girl’s attire, Prince Robert asked her politely.

“Yes? Did you have something to say?”

“Yeah, since I’m bored, let’s play together.”

“What…I beg your pardon?”

Crown Prince Robert showed an embarrassed expression at the girl’s unexpected words.

Seeing his reaction, the girl blinked and asked him, “You are the only one my age here. Honestly, aren’t you bored too? Everyone is making serious faces and talking about troublesome things for over an hour.”

“Of course…even at this moment, a war is going on outside that is about to decide the fate of this country, so that much should be expected right?”

Thinking that the girl had not yet grasped the situation, Crown Prince Robert said with a hit of displeasure. He thought that such an attitude was not something a nobleman of the kingdom should have, no matter how young she was.

And, while looking at Crown Prince Robert reaction, the girl still spoke in a calm tone.

“Ans so? If we keep worrying about it, will the result change?”


At the unexpected question, the young Crown Prince felt puzzled, and the girl continued to speak without hesitation.

“No, think about it, no matter how worried and anxious children like us become, the number of the Black Legion would not increase, and the number of Sakiel Knights would not decrease, right? The die was cast anyway, and all that’s left is to wait. No matter how much we worry, nothing will change.”

“That is…correct, but…”

Crown Prince Robert couldn’t find any words to refute the girl’s logic.

And seeing his reaction, the girl said to him with a wide smile on her lips.

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