Chapter 87: The Kingdom Project XXIII (part 2)

“Right? That’s why you don’t have to have such a serious expression. At times like this, we little kids just need to have fun in moderation so as not to disturb the adults. There is absolutely no need to be nervous like you

are right now.”

“Ha…but no matter how much it is… ”

The Prince suddenly thought that the girl was somewhat right, but he also thought that he should maintain his image as the Crown Prince.

However, regardless of Prince Robert’s thoughts, the girl took his hand and said, “If you’re worried about people staring at you, you can just hide and play. There is a small room behind the curtain, and we can play there.”


Hearing the girl’s words, Prince Robert thought in his heart that he shouldn’t do such a thing, but he was still dragged to a corner at the back of the Great Hall.

“Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t asked for your name yet. My name is Yuria Sweets. what’s your name?”

“You mean my name…that’s…”

At the girl’s question, Prince Robert cautiously opened his mouth, noticing that she didn’t know that he was the Crown Prince.

“My name is…Robben…Robben Schurt.”

Prince Robert gave an appropriately made-up name.

He didn’t want to reveal his identity to this girl for now. It was because it seemed that this girl would react awkwardly if he revealed his identity after what she had done.

Suddenly, he wondered why he even cared about what the girl felt, but Robert nevertheless introduced himself as a simple nobleman and went along with the girl named Yuria in front of him.


There was one person who was unusually calm in the midst of anxious and nervous noblemen in the Great Hall. The person was already aware of the fate of those around her, and furthermore, was convinced that her own fate would be completely different from theirs.

Princess Leira Matani was feeling nervous for a completely different reason.

‘Ah, perhaps by now she has entered this royal castle, right? I want to meet her soon. my dear Princess Elios.’

What would happen when she arrived at this place? 

The outcome was already very clear to Leira.

The White Dragon Princess and her subordinates would annihilate the guards and there would be a literal b1oody massacre happening in this place.

The nobles who were determined to act brave, and the foolish royalty who had been ignoring her all this time would lose their lives. And, even that foolish and pitiful younger brother of hers would be sent to the land of the dead. 

Leira laughed as she watched her brother disappear somewhere while chatting excitedly with a girl, unaware of his encroaching doom.

Overjoyed at the fact that sooner or later everyone would be ki1led, and in return she would obtain the freedom she had longed for so long, Princess Leira was seized with intense anticipation and excitement.

‘My dear Elios, come. Please come here and send all these fools to the land of the dead and take this me to your world!’

Leira shouted in her heart.

And at that moment…


The door, which had been firmly closed until now, finally opened, and at the same time, all eyes, including those of Princess Leira, turned towards it.



“What… what is this?”

Then, without hesitation, three people entered the room.

Two of them wore black robes, and the other one wore a striking white robe to hide their identity.

But at that moment, Princess was able to Leira see it.

The figure in the white robe had silver hair peeking out from the inside of their robe.

‘You’re here, finally!’

Just as Leila smiled with hope in her heart, the person in the white robe raised her hand and sent a signal.



“This…you people…you dare…”

The next moment, people in black robes threatened the nobles with their swords.

Then, the person in the white robe walked along the path the two before had created.


“… ?!”

The next moment, the person stood right in front of Leira.

Then, she lightly gestured towards Leira, and Leira started following them without any resistance.


“Princess…where are you going…”

The members of the royal family, and the nobles all expressed their bewilderment in an unexpected situation.

However, at their question, Princess Leira left the room with a smile on her face, along with the person in the white robe, and the remaining ones in black robes raised their weapons and slowly approached the nobles.

Clearly, it was a situation where something terrible was about to happen.

As a result, the faces of the nobles gradually began to show fear.


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