Chapter 86: The Kingdom Project XXII (part 1)

Bahamut didn’t have much knowledge of combat.

In some situations, he was good at reading the flow by using his head and extracting his own gains. But, he wasn’t very talented when it came to wielding a sword or using mana.

However, even Bahamut was very clear about the current situation. The battle in front of him was quite unfavorable for Ophelia.

Elios, who was focused only on defense without counterattacking, and Ophelia, was only focusing on fiercely attacking. However, at the moment, the appearances of the two were completely opposite of what one would expect it to be.




Ophelia brandished her sword with a nervous expression.

Elios, on the other hand, was laughing and blocking her opponent’s tremendous blows with ease. She was acting as if it wasn’t a life-and-death battle at all, and more like a girl playing with a fun toy.

‘The difference is just that big…as expected, it is impossible to defeat that White Dragon Princess with our current strength.’

Bahamut had hoped that Ophelia would be able to make the Princess feel a bit pressured, but now he had no choice but to give up on that matter.

‘Aside from mana condensation and body strengthening, she’s not even using any other techniques right now. How could a person be so overpowered? At this rate, I will have to mobilize all the hidden adventurers.’

Concluding that fact, Bahamut continued to observe the confrontation unfolding in front of his eyes, waiting for the right time to intervene.

‘At this rate, nothing good would come of further stimulating the princess.’



Karl’s Greatsword and Dual swords collided with a sharp sound.

It wasn’t just the sound of swords colliding, it was the result of a collision between mana rotating at super high speed.

To give an analogy, it was like using a chainsaw for fighting rather than a sword, and the impact began to be transmitted to the two people holding the sword as well.


A frown appeared on Ophelia face. Being a warrior, her hands were already full of calluses but at the moment, the skin on her palms was starting to tear, to the point that blood was flowing out.

‘Never…I can’t lose…never…’

However, despite that, Ophelia clenched her teeth, and continued to endure the pain.

The enemy in front of her eyes was not someone simple, but an existence that intended to harm her master. Even if she were to die here, se had to stop the enemy.



The next moment, Ophelia squeezed out all her strength and pressed down on the sword she was facing.

The sudden increase of power began to push the opponent back.

In response, her opponent, Ellios’ face turned serious for the first time.

“Hmmph Do you think it will go your way?”


The next moment, Elios pushed Ophelia’s sword back as well.

As the impact was immense, as Ophelia’s body, along with the sword, was pushed back and rolled on the floor.


Fortunately, Ophelia was able to correct her posture, but she still struggled to get up.

Ellios showed a cold smile, and at the same time, her body began to rush toward Ophelia.

Facing the incoming attack, Ophelia tried to take a defensive stance.

Right at that moment…

“Enough, both of you!”

A loud shout was heard.



As a result, the eyes of the two people unknowingly turned to the direction of the voice.

Standing there was Bahamut, and…the adventurers, who were currently holding the people in black robes.

“What…how did you defeat them?”

Elios finally removed the smile on her face.

Seeing this expression of her face, Bahamut forcibly suppressed a slight smile on his lips.

“The battle ends here. Next, I would like to have a negotiation that might seem a little boring for the Princess, but you would have to forgive me for that…”


After a brief thought, Elios clicked her tongue and put the swords back in their sheaths.

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